LIFE: Two Days With Nike & The Worlds Most Influential Folks – Knicks Vs. Nets – Darrelle Revis, John Geiger, Virgil Abloh, 40oz. Van & More! (12.10.12-12.11.12)

Nike always does an excellent job of bringing many different kinds of influential folks together! I didn’t know what to expect from the two day excursion, but when I received an email from Nike inviting me to a New York vs. New York Basketball Game – I replied instantaneously!

DAY 1: We all gathered at the Mondrian Hotel. There were a lot of people I knew and then a lot of people I didn’t. It was nice to meet some new folks from around the world. After settling in, we were then escorted to some fancy party buses. Next stop, Brooklyn!

Heading to Brooklyn…

Party Hardy Bus.

Oh, this place.

I carved my name into the floor when no one was looking…just kidding…but that would have been rad.

Suddenly we were thrust into playing basketball games. I’m a non-athlete as you know and I had no idea what they were. I made a fool of myself in front of my peers while playing a game called “Horse”.

Florencia, Heron Preston & Yara Flinn (Nomia NYC)

My friend Todd Jordan was on site taking flicks!


DAY 2: We met again at the Mondrian, again. This time the group was a bit smaller as we ventured on the train to head to the Barclays. A lot of the Native New Yorkers there laughed, as many of them stated that they hadn’t taken “public transportation” in years. I guess it was a very cool experience for our friends who aren’t based in New York City though…

You can’t really tell, but this thing is a box that was set up outside the Barclay’s Center. We were all brought in to take portraits that were projected on the exterior of the box. Pretty sick.

Young Scoozle was in the building repping the right team. #JustSaying

40 oz Crew & Mayor

Florencia & Virgil Abloh

Paris, London and Amsterdam were in the hiz-ouse!

In another suite were the homies Darrelle Revis and John Geiger…

Enough said.


Thanks again to Nike for always keeping me in mind for incredible events like this! It was an honor to not only attend a Knicks vs. Nets Game, but to also spend time with like-minded and interesting people from around the world!

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