LIFE: Vashtie’s 10 New Years Resolutions For 2013

It’s that time of year when gifts are given, food is overeaten and we’re all very ready for the next year to begin. We all have things we want to work on, promises that we make to ourselves in order to live out our best life. A new year is so fantastic. It’s another year to start all over again – the way you want.

I think it’s important to stick to your goals. What’s worse than making a promise to yourself and not keeping it?! If we can’t trust ourselves to do right by ourselves, then how can we expect others to? How can we trust other peoples word or how can they trust ours when we let our own commitments down? Sorry to get all deep, but…I wholeheartedly believe in committing to personal promises. If you can’t, maybe you’re not trying hard enough or maybe you’re setting the bar too high. I mean, how can you promise to run a marathon when you’re not a runner? Or commit to losing weight if you don’t start working out?

So many terrible things happen in the world and so many people are robbed of their lives, why not live as fully and best as we can, while we still have it?!

As I do every year – below is my list of resolutions for 2013. By all means, use some of mine or share what yours are below. I also suggest writing them down, I believe it helps to cement these promises that way!


It important to be fit and feel comfortable in your own skin – rather than focus on some number. Good health is your best asset, no matter what! Do not take it for granted. Do something physical everyday. Take a walk, run an extra mile or stretch. Your body will thank you.

I AIM TO: Continue my regimen and add Yoga and other fun classes to the mix!


I think I am a hard worker, but sometimes I hit creative ruts and I find myself standing still. I sometimes have to remind myself about the struggles of my parents and the unbelievable opportunities that have come my way to ever sit idly.

I AIM TO: Stop getting caught in idle or creative rut moments and do something, anything!

Portrait of my family before I was born. Peep my ashy sister and brother. It runs in the family.


On the other hand, it’s important to spend time having fun and enjoying yourself with the people you love. I can become a hermit from time to time, feeling guilty if I’m not “working on something” and I miss a lot of friend hangout time. I have to definitely work on spending more time with the crew…

I AIM TO: Spend time with a friend or group of friends once a week.


Its a fact. I find myself writing video concepts that are not commissioned or working on clothing designs just for the hell of it. It’s important to perfect your craft at any point of the game – whether you are a beginner or a pro, keep busy by your craft. You never know when it might help you along the way. After all, I got my first big look by directing a video that was not commissioned just because I loved the song and had an idea for it…

I AIM TO: Create when not working on a job.


Not to dangerously live on the edge, but to step outside of my comfort zone. As a true Taurus, I like to stay in if I’m not working.

I AIM TO: Do something out of my ordinary, once a week!



I have this immigrant guilt inadvertently bestowed upon me by my parents about work ethic. I always feel lazy if I’m not working or cleaning. Vacation? Only if I can wiggle work into it, or possible work. I haven’t taken a vacation in years. It’s long overdue and I need to make 2013, the year!

I AIM TO: Travel to at least 3 places in 2013!


I wouldn’t be making film or designing if it wasn’t for my background in fine arts like drawing. It’s the source of where my creative expression comes from and I the fact that I’ve been so far from it for so long really makes me sad. I need to get back!

I AIM TO: Drawing in my sketchbook everyday and making one new piece of art a month!



Easier said than done, but I’ve really understood now why it’s important to stay positive. In times of stress, it’s easy for me to jump the gun and throw myself overboard. But, work never gets done that way and I only end up poisoning my system that way. I also think I can be kinder. It’s true, whatever you put out there comes back to you…hey karma!


Again, I can’t re-iterate anymore what a lazy sloth of a Taurus I am. Dressing up and putting forth effort into my wardrobe is exhausting for me…it’s a fight against every instinct in my body when you see me dressed up. BUT – there’s nothing wrong with getting into looks and showing that you have a care for your appearance. I will aim to not wear the same thing over and over again, but look I can’t make any promises.


No matter what it is, be helpful! If someone drops something without realizing, pick it up. If there are no seats on the train and an old lady comes on, give her your seat. Find an organization that is committed to helping a cause that you believe in…whether that is donating money to abolishing horse-drawn carriages or donating warm clothes to a local shelter…GET INVOLVED!

I AIM TO: Do one thing everyday to help others!


Share below what your New Years Resolutions for 2013 are! Maybe I can add to my list…

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