Listen to Ciara’s Self love anthem, “Melanin” with Lupita Nyong’o and City Girls

As we live in a world that does not favor dark skin tones and especially dark skin women, in the process, it damages their confidence and bringing insecurity. Black women who have darker tones are taught that to feel beautiful is to have lighter skin or to be white. Colorism along with racism takes a stride with this nation and the world.

Ciara returns with a black girl anthem titled “Melanin,” the Atlanta songstress calls in City Girls, Lala, Ester Dean & Lupita Nyong’o to put together a record to speak about their pride of being dark-skinned women. It’s an empowering record to embrace dark skin tones and other shades. “Melanin” is served to uplift these black women and embrace themselves. To teach that their blackness is beautiful.

“This is ultimately an anthem of self-love, which is a journey I’ve been on since my Beauty Marks album,” says Ciara.

“It celebrates the beautiful shades of culture that comprise the inner and outer beauty of everyone. Embracing the unique nature of our skin tones threads together the tapestry of humankind.”

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