miami beach, curry chicken and hammocks

i swear, i might just blow this popsicle stand and live on a remote island, sleep in a hammock all day and make curry chicken. on a recent trip to miami beach, i had the chance to re-up.

*”will work for curry chicken”. homemade food is the cats pajamas! 

*you ain’t know, i was PIGGY in “LORD OF THE FLIES”

*fancy pants.


*whilst laying in a hammock, i saw and kitty and got excited until it started digging in the sand and took a dump. not as scenic, but definitely entertaining.

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downtowns sweetheart

  • you shatter me. 💔🔨💔🔨💔🔨 your grip on me, a hold on me, so dull it kills.
    about 2 hours ago
  • ...much closer.
    about 1 day ago
  • I wonder how much of my time is wasted spent searching for the perfect most creative emoji 😩💬🆘⏲
    about 1 day ago


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