#MOTIVATIONALMONDAYS – Three Books To Add To Your Fall Reading List

Let’s be honest; when is the last time you picked up a book? No, reading Twitter and Instagram comments don’t count, but hard copies of literature do. In a time where social media use is at a peak, its important to keep track of your own mental state. We can admit that social media can be time-consuming and sometimes negative, so we’ve compiled a list of books that betters your mental and emotional. Heres a list of books that help promote self-awareness to better your personal life no matter your career.

1. The Four Agreements by Don Juan Ruiz

Published in 2001, Ruiz gives four basic instructions on how to rid yourself emotional chains. The Four Agreements presents the world and its faults and how we don’t have to succumb to negative influence.  He speaks on humans having to relive our mistakes through self-doubt and mental poison. The four agreements are simple actions to apply to everyday situations.

2. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Colemen

While Emotional Intelligence seems easy on paper, Daniel Colemen dives deep into its true meaning and provides understanding. By citing the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience, Colemen shares how our “two minds” shape our destine. Emotional Intelligence speaks on social skills and ways to expand your relationships to their fullest potential, making it a great read.


3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

In order to obtain your professional and personal goals a great deal of consistency is needed. Covey describes cycles and mental routines to help you excel. By forming the use of You to We Taking your thoughts to actions and then your actions to habits you find your destiny.

Reading anything new this fall? Let us know if you’re picking these favorites up or what we should add to our list on twitter @VashtieDotCom

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