Even if some ladies aren’t aware of how epic her style was back in the day (and I don’t know how you couldn’t since she’s a Tumblr favorite), they are still subconsciously being inspired by her right now (including me). Her ethnic/hippie kits had us gagging as kids. Every boy I know had the ultimate crush “Denise Huxtable”, from “The Cosby Show” & “A Different World” and every girl wanted to be her…or at least just dig in her closet. Her pop style which transitioned into a bohemian look was perfection – hoop nose ring, Lennon sunglasses, vintage signature pieces and more. And her hair! She experimented with short cuts, curly tresses and ultimately her signature of waist-length locks.

Here’s to a gorgeous beaute who has literally aged like a fine wine. She also spits out beautiful babes.

Check her out (and River Phoenix!!!) on a 1990 episode of Phil Donahue discussing Veganism, Vegetarianism, Breastfeeding, Vaccinations, Ecology, Rain Forests and more!

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