NEWS: A Tribe Called Quest Member, Rapper Phife Dawg Passes Away. 5 Facts To Know

Waking up, yet again, to sad news. Being an adult can be the worst, not only from seeing what the world can be – but also at times like this, when pieces of your childhood are just obliterated by the loss of a legend. Today we mourn the loss of Malik Isaac Taylor, aka Phife Dawg. Not only just a rapper who had fire verses, but Phife also represented our foundation as a people and also as a major block within the movement of Hip Hop. He was one of the first and most prolific rappers whose style of rapping pioneered “play on words” and with a literal “LOL” sense of humor.


“If my mom don’t approve, then I’ll just elope
Let me save the little man from inside the boat
Let me hit it from the back, girl I won’t catch a hernia
Bust off on your couch, now you got Seaman’s Furniture”

-This verse alone is bomb. The references are just beyond and if you don’t know who the little man in the boat is – then maybe you’re not old enough or savvy enough to be reading this. Just do your googles…


My heart is deeply saddened. As much as I feel like “we” lost him, I can’t imagine what his friends and family are feeling right now. My thoughts and condolences go out to them.


Here are some facts that if you don’t know about Phife Dawg, now you know…

1. Rapper nicknamed “Five Foot Assassin” known for his work as part of the influential American hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. His first solo album Ventilation: Da LP was released in 2000.

2. Phife Dawg was an avid sports fan, so much so that he had been featured on various radio shows and sports programming on ESPN. He was also a playable character in the video game NBA 2K7 and NBA 2K9.


3. Phife was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May 1990. He mentioned being a “funky diabetic” in the single “Oh My God” from the group’s third album, Midnight Marauders, confirming that he did indeed have diabetes. He received a kidney transplant in 2008 after being on the waiting list for two years.

4. He voiced a newborn baby in the 1998 Nickelodeon film The Rugrats Movie.

5. He was on Trinidadian decent,born and raised Queens New York November 20, 1970.

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