NEWS: The Violette Funbags Shirt is Biz-ack! In “Itty Bitty” & “Super Size”! On Sale Now!

We first launched this shirt back in 2010, and due to popular demand (literally) mostly by friends and Violette Customers – we have decided to bring it back for a limited time only!

Modeled by Dee & Ricky, the Funbags Shirt is offered in the original 2 options; “Itty Bitty” (small) and “Super Size” (large).

This special shirt was designed especially for the ladies (and brave fellas). Some of us girls are never happy with what we’ve been blessed with (especially when it comes to our ta-ta’s, titties, breasts, love muffins, congas, sweater puppies, funbags, boobies, chesticles…whatever you want to call them). I guess it could be appropriately called “BREAST ENVY”; girls with small boobs wanting big ones and girls with big boobs wanting small ones. We always want what we don’t have!

VIOLETTE is all about your right to choose…have “biggin’s” one day and “littlin’s” another.

Available now for $45! Or buy both in the same size for $80!

COP A FEEL, before it’s too late!

V I O L E T T E  N E W Y O R K . C O M



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