One Year Later: VICELAND Has The Best Shows Ever

Just one year ago, a new channel created to target millennials popped up on cable television called VICELAND. This Spike Jonez, Vice Media and A+E Network joint venture resulted in an eclectic medium which offers what television has been missing all along, a grass roots approach to today’s societal issues. There is nothing on this channel that you will see on another channel, however, its rotation includes occasional classic indie movies such as Pulp Fiction or Beasts of the Southern Wild.

VICELAND catches more than just your attention. The network makes an effort to capture your soul with shows like Hate Thy Neighbor, Woman, Black MarketGaycation and Balls Deep. The shows are rich with information you can’t find in your average publication or documentary. VICELAND’s approach to these things are, what I call, the millennial form of journalism. It’s more than just documenting the big issues of society, it also sheds light on lesser known issues -which are not discussed thoroughly on our average daily programming.

Besides the societal reality check, there are also really fun shows such as Huang’s World, King of the Road, both of Action Bronson’s shows and the new Desus and Mero nightly show. Always keeping culture in mind, these shows are more entertaining in a comical and witty sense, which is needed after watching some of the heavier content.

VICELAND is a super fresh approach to everything liberal, sane, out right crazy and everything in between. Watching this channel, I’ve learned a lot that I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to learn, such as an in depth look at the marijuana business that Weediquette displays.

Not everyone accepts the channel’s different approach, as demonstrated on their confessional commercials. What I’ve learned is that VICELAND is an experience you either get or you don’t. Personally, I’m glad it’s around today.

What are some of your favorite shows on VICELAND? These were hard decisions but check out my Top 5 favorite shows and let us know what yours are!

Check out the full list and descriptions of VICELAND’s full roster of shows here!

Desus And Mero – This show is the perfect type of daily recap I like to hear. Our Bodega Boys, Desus and Mero, landed a spot on on VICELAND to hilariously discuss all the ridiculous things you came across either on the news, Facebook, or by word of mouth. We are also granted with daily guests, one of them being our very own, Vashtie!

Noisey – Hosted by Zach Goldbaum, this show digs deep into the different genres, sub-genres and international landmarks that influence the music we listen to today. We get to see cultures that have inspired artists, how it all started, as well as the grit of their grind with featured artists like Major Lazer, Kendrick Lamar, Migos and Popcaan.

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia – I have to admit, I didn’t know where this show was going. I was definitely caught off guard. A show about the history and use of recreational and non-recreational drugs? What?! But it’s so interesting! You learn more than what the drug is and how it effects you. But you also learn how these drugs are used as medicine, as ancient healing methods to different people in society and even how drugs may turn into a commodity and why. Worth the watch!

F*ck, That’s Delicious – Action Bronson is a character in general. To see him on a show with his friends touring, exploring, and trying out the best foods around is a pleasure to watch. I always feel like I’m right there with them. What makes it even more pleasurable and entertaining is they always bring total New York attitude with them where ever they go.

Hate Thy Neighbor – Although this is a new show, this show has stolen my attention with the concept of a black man inserting himself in clearly unsafe and uncomfortable societal situations just to try to make sense of it and learn more about it from the inside. Throughout the show, he’s seen telling his story and approaching hate groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, and seriously trying to understand why they do the things they do. This ballsy approach to finding a way to make peace keeps me intrigued even if I’m watching a rerun.

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