LIFE: 4 Days in London x International Familia Dinner & Wah Nails Party at Casa Negra (Day 3 & 4)

It was my 3rd and 4th day in London and already the trip was speeding by! Although it was cold and rainy (a combination I utterly hate), I was enjoying my time there exploring the city and hanging out with friends. For a life-time, I’ve never been interested in travel. Mainly because I just have a terrible memory and a great imagination, so I forget the places I have seen and I can imagine being anywhere to perfection. I also think the process of travel is so archaic and cumbersome…taxi’s to the airport, delays, the class system (I hate that). It’s also 2013 and we can do just about anything, but we’re still flying and not teleporting or something like that? I digress. All I’m saying is that, travel was not my thing and this past trip got me stoked on other places in the world. I’m happy that international work is picking up! I hope it continues.

My beautiful bags by Janvier London, gifted to me by Elle. They are SO BEAUTIFUL, like little gifts on your shoulder. So sweet and amazing.vashtie_london_10_201302

Hey there!vashtie_london_10_201303

Tom Brunet and Yoan Prat came to pick up their American friend. Both of these Parisians hadn’t been to London in a long time. One of the facts that I learned about Londoners and Parisians; despite being only 2.5 hours away from each other, they rarely visit each others city.vashtie_london_10_201304

I had so many friends to see and meet, but had no time…SO…a dinner was organized. It was amazing. So many friends from around the world. Mykki Blanco and BoyChild representing “The States”, Gee from Patta repping Amsterdam, Sharmadean, Carri Munden, Grace, Rav from Cloth Surgeon repping London, Tom & Yoan repping Paris. It was beautiful!vashtie_london_10_201305

Finding a good vegan meal in Europe has become my life goal. Thankfully, Casa Negra made a special vegan meal just for me!vashtie_london_10_201306

The food was incroyable. I have to say, my international friends showed me something I don’t see that often in “The States”…an open-ness and friendliness that was natural. It’s hard to describe, but people are just open willing to help in ways I haven’t seen in a long time. I think it’s just how other people around the world function, because my father was very much this way. We always had play cousins and aunts and uncles and they would stay with us on visits to Albany. I think it’s what made me so friendly and…you know…”downtowns sweetheart”! Haha.

New York is a competitive place and although I think its a less superficial city than LA, it doesn’t have that warmth that I felt on my recent London and Paris trip. Of course, it could be just my experience, but I have been inspired by this candidness and hope to start a trend in “The States”. vashtie_london_10_201307

Rav (Cloth Surgeon), Yoan Prat and Tom Brunetvashtie_london_10_201308

Sharmadean Reid, Tia Ward & Parvinder Lotavashtie_london_10_201309

Carri Munden (Casette Playa), Mykki Blanco, Boy Childvashtie_london_10_201310

Guest, Gee (Patta/Amsterdam), Tremaine Emory, Guestvashtie_london_10_201311

British Babes. Their style is so good and individualistic. Half the things I see them wear, I would never think would make sense together and it does…in a very cool way!vashtie_london_10_201312



Sharmadean making a sweet speech.vashtie_london_10_201315

Mykki and Me!vashtie_london_10_201316

Parvinder, Me and Tia Wardvashtie_london_10_201317

Rav and Mevashtie_london_10_201318

Tom and Yoan…with someone pouring it up for them and not-Mos Def behind them!vashtie_london_10_201319

Melo-X and Jasmine Solano were in tour for their Electric Punanny Tour!vashtie_london_10_201320

Boy Child and Mevashtie_london_10_201321

Angelo Baque and the London Supreme Boys!vashtie_london_10_201322

Angelo, Tremaine and Hadarrah! NYC represent!vashtie_london_10_201323

Guest, Jenny, Heron Preston, Me and Alex Sossah!vashtie_london_10_201324 vashtie_london_10_201325

A-ron The Don! vashtie_london_10_201326

Adorable Blondie!

Angelo and Me. Mr. Wrong and Mr. Wrong.vashtie_london_10_201328

Tremaine Emory and Hadarrah Moore.vashtie_london_10_201329

Lucien Clarkevashtie_london_10_201330

Solomon, Angelo Baque, Lucien Clarke and Blondie vashtie_london_10_201331

The morning after. I had some English Breakfast Tea after many suggestions. I really wanted to have a proper British Tea (despite never having liked Earl Grey), but had zero time so ordered it via room service. It was good with copious amounts of lemon and honey! Me likey.vashtie_london_10_201332These raw and vegan snacks saved my for the duration of my trip. Literally!!! Last time I went to Paris I lost 4 lbs and I was only there for 3 days! Thanks to Katie Lau for this. She is very thoughtful!

LIFE: 4 Days in London x Lunch at Pizza East x Supreme London Visit with Grace Ladoja & Friends (Day 1 & 2 of 4)

I still can’t believe it has been 10 years since I was last in London. Actually, I can believe it because I only travel for work – which is something I hope to change, but as a Taurus I can’t promise anything. When I first traveled to Europe, London was my least favorite place of all…and I’ll explain why. Growing up in “The States”, I had grand daydreams of Europe being so foreign and different. When I first came to London I had expectations of it being so different and weird, but it felt like New York. So – it wasn’t that I disliked it for any reason…I just had expectations of it being super foreign. Although it feels like New York, it also feels very different. This time around I really got to take in the culture, even though I was only there for 4 days. Here is a portion of my first 2 days…London_10_201301



The Smiths, Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Sade and King Krule were on HEAVY ROTATION!London_10_201303

Oh nice, look at death in living form. #EffConcealerLondon_10_201304

On the plane, I watched a FASCINATING documentary on David Bowie. There was SO much I didn’t know about him. For example, he took on a different character every time he came out with a new album and they were all different from each other. I also saw that when he recorded “Young Americans”, one of his backup singers as a young and darling Luther Vandross. I love me some Luther.London_10_201305



Business Class on an International Flight is incoryable! I laid flat and slept the whole way. The guy next to me was a bit weird, but I was not studdin’ him. Also, I had a really sweet flight attendant.London_10_201307

Thas Me!London_10_201308

My hotel room was not ready, so I took some jet-laggy self portraits.London_10_201309




Lonely Hotel Rooms are fun and then lonely…and in Europe they are always too cold for me. I waited around to meet up with my New York friends Shaniqwa and Angelo who also planned a trip to London and Paris – the same dates I was there! What luck…or bad luck if you know what trouble we are as a threesome.




The taxi’s are old school like they are in those old British movies. It felt like Harry Potter or something…even though I’ve never seen one Harry Potter film.London_10_201314

Lunch at Pizza East with Angelo and Shaniqwa’s Lovely Friends!London_10_201315





Angelo teaching this adorable lad naughty hand gestures.London_10_201319







Grace Ladoja! I missed this babe!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.58.05 AM

Young Americans (in London) via my INSTAGRAMLondon_10_201325

Supreme Employee. He looks like a British gentleman version of the boys we have at the New York shop  London_10_201326

Supreme London – Mark Gonzalez ArtworkLondon_10_201327



Vegan & Raw Snacks? Yes please! London_10_201329

Room Service, vegan style!London_10_201330

Solomon, Blondie and TremaineLondon_10_201332

Oooh, and a live drag queen show with the windows wide open so I can peer through. I am so nosey!London_10_201331I’ll share the rest of my London trip tomorrow you wankers.

INTERVIEW: 1 Minute With Vashtie x King Krule (Yes…King Krule!)



Birthday Card by B. Denise in 2011 (you be knowing me, B. Denise ;)

This is dedicated to all my readers who know how much this meeting means to me. I may have joked HERE and THERE  about kidnapping and other innocent things in jest, but on a serious note –  it was really refreshing to meet such an incredible artist like Archy! He blew me away and I hope you enjoy this episode! ALL THANKS goes to his highness JOSH MADDEN for not only introducing Zoo Kid’s (aka King Krule) music to me, but for eventually introducing King Krule aka Archy to me…IN REAL LIFE.


SPECIAL DELIVERY: Surface To Air – Fall 2013 Collection – Photographed by Amanda Lopez

Special thanks to my Parisian friends Valentina and the rest of the Surface To Air crew for hooking their New York Sister up.

I hate the Fall, yes I hate it. I only like Summer and warm weather, but these cozy S2A items will make it less dreadful!

Photographed by Amanda Lopez_MG_3334

Boxy Cardigan, Regular Super Skinny – Blue Black V6


Lexia Cardigan V1, Boxy Cardigan, Regular Super Skinny – Blue Black V6


Lexia Cardigan V1, Boxy Cardigan, Regular Super Skinny – Blue Black V6, Pandora Platforms V1


Trust Jacket

Crater Print Super Skinny Jean V2


Lexia Cardigan V2_MG_3327

SPECIAL DELIVERY: PlayCloths x “Everything Is Pusha-T” T-Shirt

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 12.10.04 PM

Woop Woop! So excited about this shirt and even more excited for my dear old friend Pusha-T for continually killing the game and evolving more and more into the rapping beast he is! I love him and I am extremely happy for all his success!!! Go cop that album and this shirt at PLAYCLOTHS.COM. Thanks Pusha-T and Playcloths



I LOVE THE PACKAGING!!! Looked like an illegal brick when I got it delivered. 




LIFE: #LoveForLeni Silent Art Auction Benefit at Reed Space NYC (10.8.13)

On Tuesday night, we all gathered at Reed Space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to raise money for 5 month old Baby Leni. Baby Leni was born with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AML-M7), a rare form of pediatric bone marrow cancer.  It represents approximately 1% of all leukemias during childhood & has an incidence of 0.5% per million per year. I’ve known her amazing and lovely young parents Jerry and Amanda for over 10 years now and watched them grow as a loving couple (adorably nicknamed “Jemanda”) into a trio when their first daughter Mae was born and now into a quartet with Miss Leni.



Me and Elle, Reed Space NYC 10.8.13

The news is heartbreaking, yes…BUT…you can help. If you remember a few years back I blogged about Jasmina who was also battling a rare form of bone marrow cancer. I went to a drive, got my inner cheek swabbed and now I am in the database for anyone that matches me and needs a bone marrow donor. Voila. Easy! Unfortunately, Jasmina never found a match and at 6 years old she passed.

So, I encourage you to please check LOVEFORLENI.COM and SWABACHEEK.ORG to find how you might be able to help Leni or another person who needs your help. You could save a life! How amazing would that be?! I’ll keep everyone posted on the happenings for Leni here on the East Coast, so hopefully you can come out and support.

vashtie_loveforleni1Jerry, Amanda and Mae.

vashtie_loveforleni2There was lots of good art that all kinds of artists (including me) donated so that the proceeds would go to Leni and an upcoming surgery she needs.


vashtie_loveforleni4DJ Huggy Bear was spinning!


vashtie_loveforleni6Jeff Staple and Kimou Meyer

vashtie_loveforleni_1I bid on this piece, but I know I lost it :(

THROWBACK: TLC – “Red Light Special”

Oh man. This song was everything. I remember as a kid thinking this video was so racy but super rad because they were the dominant types and the men were the strippers.

<iframe width=”960″ height=”720″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

INVITE: WAH Presents ” Downtown Girls Worldwide” x Vashtie & The Wah Crew x London October 15th

Bloody hell! Here I come, London! You ready?


NEWS: Oi! After 10 Years, I’m Coming Back To London (And Paris For The 3rd Time This Year!)


Hey  Boo’s and Babes.

So, in the last few posts – you may have read that last year I put it into the universe that I wanted to travel more and here it is.

As you know, I’ve already been to Paris twice this year and soon it will be thrice…right after I hit London!!!


Yes…London!!! I haven’t been to London in 10 years and the first time I went was a Blur (like the British Band).

For all my British mates, I will be in LONDON from October 13th – 16th for some super secret work.

My homegirl Sharmadean Reid (Wah Nails) and I – plan on doing a party on the 15th and it would be bloody amazing to meet any of you guys while I’m there.

Then it’s back to PARIS from October 16th – 18th

I’ll keep you guys posted on anything I do that is open to the public so we can meet and take ‘grams!

Also, let me know what I should see and what I should do while I’m in both cities!


PS: Did I mention that my friends Angelo Baque and Shaniqwa Jarvis just also happen to be in London the same days I am and are heading to Paris the same day I am?! Totally unplanned and purely coincidental, but I can only take it as fate…a dangerous, fun-filled fate!

FOTO: Vashtie As “Mr. Wrong” Photographed By Angelo Baque

Earlier this year my friend Angelo Baque (who has been shooting me since I was 18) asked to do a shoot with me in a suit. You know me, any excuse to get in drag and I was bout it bout it. My friends Karl Justin Styled and Tai Lotson was on Hair and Makeup – it felt more like a cozy hang session than anything else. As you can see, the photos were taken when I was about 15lbs heavier…shortly after the shoot (as some of you may know) I got the flu and lost quite a bit of weight (and I still look like skeletor today).vash_1a vash_2 vash_3 vash_4