THROWBACK: “Sock It 2 Me” By Missy Elliot & Da Brat

Some Facts About MISSY ELLIOT:

- Missy Elliot is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

- Missy Elliot and her childhood friend, Timbaland, first found success through songwriting and producing projects  with Aaliyah, Total, SWV, and 702.

- In the early 1990′s, Elliot formed an R&B Group called Fayze with friends La’Shawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman, and Radiah Scott.

- She is the only female rapper to have six albums certified “Platinum” by the Recording Industry Association of America.



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LIFE: Secret VIP ASAP Ferg Performance at Up&Down (5.10.14)

My boo Alex Sossah told me and Jay Smith about the super secret and VIP performance that ASAP Ferg was having the night before and we couldn’t miss that. I was with Elle all day and we met Jay outside UP&DOWN (formerly The Darby) for a good time. Sydney Reising was also holding down the cool people invites, so you know all the right people were there.
vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201401 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201402 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201403 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201404Trinidad!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201405 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201406 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201407 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201408 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201409Like I said, Jay Smith takes photos too close for comfort!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201410 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201411 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201412Me and Ferg! Awwww, he is a sweetie. And he’s Trinidadian, like me!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201413We wiled out, just a little.

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201414 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201415 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201416Then a lot…

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201417 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201418 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201419Bobby and his babe of a boo, post wedding.


Me and Elle went home for a tipsy night of a vegan feast. We stopped at my favorite 24 hour deli that has vegan options and we went in.vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201421I also forced her to make her fruit compote ver almond milk ice cream because I had strawberries in my fridge.

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LIFE: Birthday Dinner at Jack’s Wife Freda with Int’l Friends; Black Rainbow, Alex Sossah, Jonny Shipes & More! (5.9.14)


So, yes…my birthday was April 23rd and no…I’m not one of those people that makes their birthday a month long celebration. I do, however, work a lot and travel (lately) so I have to break up birthday dinners with friends over time. SO…last Friday I had a lovely dinner with my friends that were in town from Paris, London and Boson at Jack’s Wife Freda…including the dudes from BLACK RAINBOW and my management team – Jonny Shipes, Druha and Noha. It was a really great time.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201401Jack’s Wife Freda has a super special place in my heart!




Jay Smith of Black Rainbowvashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201405Druha and Noha, these guys hold me down on the daily!

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201406 vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201407Don’t let Jay Smith take your picture or he will snap too close of a photo, always.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201408The Greek salad sans the feta, my favorite!



vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201411Yassine and Greg! I love them!

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201412Jay Smith, me and Julian


Later that night we went to see my boo thang, Alex Sossah, who was also in town for a blip. It happened to be at a gay club, but hey – I’m not complaining. I think I was a gay man in my past life.vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201415Alex Sossah and Vashtie.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201416These guys weren’t too happy to be there, but we didn’t stay long anyways…





After, we got a cab and went to the Bowery Hotel where we were told it was closed to non-guests of the hotel – but, my friend works there and we got on. A lot of people think you have to be well-known or super cool to get into nice places, but really – it’s all about who you know and sometimes who you know are just regular cool ass people that work in super chic places. Just some advice.


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NEWS: 5 Things – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.30.58 AM


Moncler 2014 Summer Backpack Collection. (HYPEBEAST)




10 Educators Who Went Above & Beyond For Their Students. (BUZZFEED)

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.37.30 AM


Supreme x Vans 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. (HYPEBEAST)




Akomplice x Originals Kids Capsule Collection. (HIGHSNOBIETY)

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.35.40 AM

Tommy Hilfiger Discusses Hip-Hop’s Influence on the Brand. (HYPEBEAST)


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LIFE: 1992 The Party x House Party x Webster Hall – Jourdan Dunn & DJ Clark Kent (5.8.14)


I always describe my weekly 1992 Party at Webster Hall as “an exciting nightmare”…because it is. 19 years old and up added with 2,000 – 3,000 entries a night mixed in with 4 different parties throughout the club makes for a hot, fun sweaty mess. Every week is exciting despite it all because I get to meet new people and get more experience DJ’ing…which I absolutely love!!!

Last night was nothing less than Guess…it was great. If you live in New York or close, come. If not, schedule your overdue New York trip and hang!!!


DJ Clark Kent came in with his legendary self and I screamed seeing him next to me as I DJ’ed. He told me that I shouldn’t let his presence make me nervous and he told me that he was very proud of me for DJ’ing on turntables. Yay.vashtie_1992WH_58142My friend Maurice came in with a tall beautiful girl that I thought was Jourdan Dunn, but wasn’t too sure. I stood there having small talk with Maurice and then asked her what her name was again and she said “Jourdan” with a cute British accent and then I was like “Oh, Jourdan Dunn…yes. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.”

vashtie_1992WH_58143Stopped by Electric Punnany’s Rooom and it was amazing. I danced to some ill reggae jams, I could dance to reggae anywhere…in Church, at a gas station…I love it.

Then I peeped this…

vashtie_1992WH_58144 vashtie_1992WH_58145 vashtie_1992WH_58146

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