THROWBACK: “You’re Makin’ Me High” By Toni Braxton


Some Facts About TONI BRAXTON:

- Toni Braxton was born on October 7th, 1967.

- She has won six Grammy Awards.

- She is often known as the “Queen of R&B” and has sold over 66 million records worldwide.

- Braxton has four sisters, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar who all performed together as “The Braxtons” in the late 1980′s and were signed to Arista Records.


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PEEP: Ray-Ban Remix x Vashtie x Jeanette Hayes



Me and Jeanette Hayes hanging out in our cute custom @RayBan’s that we made at RAYBAN.COM #raybanremix



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PEEP: Ray-Ban Remix x Vashtie



Looking statuesque in our custom @rayban that we made at #raybanremix

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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 3 – DJ’ing at Favela Chic with DJ Reach (4.24.14)

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY311The night before I got a little out of hand, but can you blame me? It was my birthday for goodness sake. I woke up at 3pm the next day and had no time but to eat, practice my set and then head to the clix-ub. This time around it was Elle that had all the fun. Before we headed out, we went to visit my friend Alex Sossah who was also staying at our hotel…Hotel Amour. 

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY301He’s a smoker…

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY302I got him some sweets from Rose Bakery

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY303DJ Reach gave me some cool stickers!


vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY305DJ Reach and Babes

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY306In the zone

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY307Too cool, LC

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY308Jean Paul Paula came through to support!

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY309Elle C. and LC

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY310 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY311Jean Paul Paula, Me and Elle Clay

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY312 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY313 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY314LC, Mehdi and Me

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY315 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY316Thanks to a tipsy Elle Clay for taking this…

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY317Her lemon pound cake from Rose Bakery was her late night snack for after the club

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY319I gave her a wedgie to get her back! Hahaha.

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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 5 & 6 – Party at Nano – Charaf, Stephane Ashpool, Tremaine, Hadarrah (4.26.14)

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201402Elle and I woke up super late after a terribly fun and hilarious night/early morning in our hotel rom. We stopped by the Nike x Pigalle Exhibit where I met a photographer who wanted to take my portrait. He was funny and sweet…

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201403Elle’s White on White.


vashtie_parisbirthday_4201404We took a nap, we were so tired. Between the jet lag and the partying, we were beat…

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201405We met Charaf for drinks and dessert…


vashtie_parisbirthday_4201420On the skreets.



Later, at Club Nano – we celebrated me and Stephane’s birthday! It was a teeny tiny club and there was a super fun/gay party happening there called House of Drama. 

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201415Stephane Ashpool & Vashtie

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201411Tremaine and Stephane


vashtie_parisbirthday_4201413I showed up to DJ and they didn’t have any equipment I could use at all. I was bummed and almost decided to call it a night. One of the dancers we met was so sweet and loved that me and Elle (Americans) were there. He tried to help me figure out the system and introduced me to the owner…Christophe Arak. He was a super sweetheart and decided to teach me how to DJ using a USB stick, since he couldn’t accommodate the system I needed.

It was exciting, frightening and amazing all in once – learning a new DJ system on the fly in front of people who wanted to dance. Christophe was so patient and positive, I am forever thankful for him and that night. Glad I decided to roll with the punches and try something new – rather than call it quits.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201409The face of me learning.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201414This guy!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201408House of Drama performance.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201410Hadarrah More.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201419Me and Elle hadn’t eaten all day and found a late night spot, called Clichy’s Tavern. It was good. I had the Moules Frites (minus the Frites) and Elle had the Cheeseburger. 


Our last day in Paris was a quiet Sunday. Elle slept in while I had an Americano with my friend Alex Sossah. We had a nice chat about the Orient Express, Cannes and taking long overdue breaks.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY5&64Later – Elle and I ran into Tremaine and Hadarrah checking out of the hotel and we had a nice little lunch with them. Tremaine ordered the Bagel Burger,which we were all amazed with – s0 much that I forgot to take a photo of the crew before we all departed.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY5&65 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY5&66

Oh, Paris! You were good to me as usual. Je t’aime!!!

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