what the eff: The Blanket with Sleeves!

this commercial makes me giggle. peep the whole family rocking the SNUGGIE at a football game. my friend CHRIS PISS said, “that family wouldn’t make it out of that game without beer being poured all over them”. no shade, it looks really warm and comfortable!


i discovered in ELLIOTT in 99′. his albums XO and FIGURE 8 got me through some rough times! it’s great how music does that…



muse: TINA FEY

i don’t know what else to say about miss TINA FEY, but she is amazing. from SNL, to MEAN GIRLS, to 30 ROCK – she’s super talented and hilarious.

here is a clip from last night’s 2009 GOLDEN GLOBES where she tells her internet critics to SUCK IT! (everyone is a critic and no one likes a critic – it’s so puzzling)

*30 ROCK QUOTES: BEST OF LIZ LEMON (kind of long, but well worth the laughs)


it happens every single friday in NYC at SANTOS. Q TIP and RICH MEDINA on the decks with surprise guest DJ’s like; DJ SCRATCH, GRAND MASTER FLASH, FUNKMASTER FLEX, BEVERLY BOND, DJ SPINNA and more. seriously, this is the best party since 1992 ;) NO DRESS CODE, NO VIP, NO JUDGEMENTS. just great music and fun times!

this past friday was extra special because my number one homegirl and assistant ELLE CLAY celebrated the big 2-4! i couldn’t be luckier to have a friend like her in my life…she’s the best! also, we had special guests LL COOL J, FAITH EVANS, JADAKISS, ROSIE PEREZ and DON.C in the place to be!



*CHARLES WADE…he has a great fashion blog called MODAMOUTH.

*OSCAR (1992).

*Q TIP on the decks.

*CHARLES, ELLE and JAE is in a band called BANJEE KANE! ha…



*YOUNG SCOOZLE and the fellas.


*looks like the DJ booth had a visit from GOD.

*ELLE and JAE…besties for life.



*ooooh, excuse me!



*CUDI and Q TIP.

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOE-STACKS! welcome to your mid-twenties, it ain’t that bad!

what the eff: GERMAN LOVERBIRDS – AGE 6 & 5 – try to elope to Africa!

yes, i re-read this story over and over again to make sure i was awake. apparently these two little German lovebirds, Mika and Anna-Bell, decided to get married in Africa. they packed luggage on New Years Eve and brought a witness, Mika’s sister Anna-Lena. i think it’s absolutely romantic and ridiculous!

as if the story alone wasn’t hilarious enough, the detail of what they were wearing when the police found them had me rolling…“Donning sunglasses, swimming armbands and dragging a pink blow-up lilo and suitcases on wheels packed with summer clothes, cuddly toys and a few provisions”.

hahaha…True Love isn’t dead afterall. 

check the full story from GUARDIAN.CO.UK:


Anna-Bell, Anna-Lena and Mika at the police post at the main railway station in Hanover, central Germany, after being caught heading for the airport so Anna-Bell and Mika could ‘get married in Africa’. Photograph: /AFP/Getty Images

It is a dream that has been shared by lovers across the centuries – the chance to elope to exotic lands. But few would have been as bold and spontaneous as six-year-old Mika and his five-year-old sweetheart Anna-Bell who, after mulling over their options in secret, packed their suitcases on New Year’s Eve and set off from the German city of Hanover to tie the knot under the heat of the African sun.

The children left their homes at dawn while their unwitting parents were apparently sleeping, and took along Mika’s seven-year-old sister, Anna-Lena, as a witness to the wedding.

Donning sunglasses, swimming armbands and dragging a pink blow-up lilo and suitcases on wheels packed with summer clothes, cuddly toys and a few provisions, they walked a kilometre up the road, boarded a tram to Hanover train station and got as far as the express train that would take them to the airport before a suspicious station guard alerted police.

“What struck us was that the little ones were completely on their own and that they had lots of swimming gear with them,” said Holger Jureczko, a police spokesman. He described Mika and Anna-Bell as “sweethearts” who had “decided to get married in Africa where it is warm, taking with them as a witness Mika’s sister”.

Anna-Bell told the German television station RTL: “We wanted to get married and so we just thought: ‘Let’s go there.’ ”

Mika said: “We wanted to take the train to the airport, then we wanted to get on a plane and when we arrived we wanted to unpack the summer things and then we wanted to go for a bit of a stroll in the sun.”

Mika and Anna-Lena’s mother, who was not identified, said she had known nothing of her children’s plan. “I’m still in a state of shock. I thought ‘I’m playing a part in a bad movie.’ When we realised the kids were missing we went looking for them.” But only when the police called did they realise what had happened.

Asked why they failed to let their parents know, the children said they thought they would not be gone for long.

Mika told police he instigated the plan having been inspired by a winter holiday with his family in Italy. “Based on this the children began to make plans for the future,” Jureczko said.

To allay their disappointment at being caught, Hanover police gave them a tour of the police headquarters. Jureczko said: “They’ll have the chance to put their plan into action at a later date”.

party| Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Release at Bowery Ballroom + Debbie Harry and Kid Cudi performance!

last night was the release party for LOUIS VUITTON’s re-release of the STEPHEN SPROUSE collaboration. the afterparty took place at BOWERY BALLROOM, and there was a frenzy to get in. we were greeted with a security man and before the PR people had a chance to hassle us, the kind security gentleman asked if i was the “nice girl” who walked by everyday (when i lived near BOWERY) and i said yes and he quickly let us in – bypassing the lists and checks. sometimes being nice is all you need on your resume!

the place was filled with older fashiony types. the kind that looked like they partied super hard in the 70′s and 80′s and now have a lot of money so they dress a bit sophisticated, but are still wild when they want to be.

i came decked out in what i always wear, my homeless man kit; denim cutoffs, leggings, boots, flannel, hoody but -i accented it with a LOUIS bag. i wanted to support MARC and a French family i don’t know. most of the women attended the party in CHANEL, which i thought was a little uncalled for.

*TREMAINE and FERRIS…Ferris has a cool blog called FLUXURYB

then, guess who we bumped into…quite literally on our way to the bathroom! KID CUDI!

*ok, this was THE BEST OUFIT i have seen all year! 

UPDATE!!! this kid happens to be STEPHEN SPROUSES nephew! wearing an original robot piece designed by his amazing uncle STEPHEN! thanks to HERON PRESTONS BLOG and PETE’s parent, JANDY SPROUSE, for keeping me in the know :) his name is PETE KERBY MILLER and he’s adorable!

*photo and name credit by STYLE.COM

*super congrats to my good friends ELIZABETH and LOIC! i better be an usher or something!

*CUDI’s stunntin’ ass Jesus piece! i think it’s funny because he has blonde hair and blood coming down his face. when i become a rapper i’m going to get a chain with the entire last supper scene, table and Apostles and all!

*DEBBIE HARRY was there performing!!! she is legend! but not like Will Smith…

Debbie Harry performs at the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Afterparty! from va$htie on Vimeo.



later, there was an impromptu performance by KID CUDI with JUS SKE on the decks…


special thanks to CURTAINS for having me apart of his show, it’s really dope and plays a lot of great tracks. he asked me questions regarding art and fashion, i rambled so much i forgot what the questions at hand were…i think in pictures, what can i say? he went on to ask me if the rumors about KID CUDI and i were true…which made me giggle. click below to hear it!

by the way…i know i sound like a “white girl”, but got damn – i sound like a nasaly surfer at that! “hang ten dude”!

click to hear! CURTAINS RADIO SHOW “REBEL RADIO” – interview with VASHTIE
*also included, interviews with MICKEY FACTZ and other great peeps.


if you don’t know about who CURTAINS is, you should! if not, it’s okay homey- this is what i’m here for. he’s a very talented young man and i just love his voice – check below for one of his videos.

happy birthday: DAVE RUSINOVICH

awww, my good friend DAVE from albany turned 30. i can’t believe how time flies. i’ve known him for 15 years or more and he’s always been a good friend. he was the only white kid in our all-black hood, which is why he’s been nicknamed GHETTO DAVE. we’ve come a long way, from hanging out in WASHINGTON PARK and him crashing in my tiny ass dorm room at SVA (it was so small he slept next to the bathroom door on the floor). 

*a great DAVE quote:

“i’m naming my son ‘JAMAAL, so everyone will know who is. When they talk about him they’ll be like ‘you know, that white kid named Jamaal”.

*photo taken for me at WALMART by CHRIS, TOMMY and DAVE in 1999.

*about 10 years later…

*my favorite DAVE memory:

one night as he and a friend left a movie, we were met with a terrential downpour. we waited in cold rain, looking for a cab. when we found one, the cab pulled over on our side. just then, some random white girl from a block above us decided to run down to OUR CAB, hop in through the other side as i was trying to get in. you can imagine the anger that boiled inside as after waiting for 45 minutes in soaking rain. we told her she needed to leave because it was our cab, and she declined. suddenly, DAVE’s body heaved…making the sound of collecting phlegm from your chest – he opened his mouth and spit a nasty mess of something in her face and slammed the door shut! end of story.

*clever tatty.




hmmm. everyone has an opinion about this, as do i…but, to be fair to both sides we won’t go into that. i will say, my sympathy goes out to everyone over there – it’s very sad. for now, here is a trailer for a film called “WEST BANK STORY” a funny spoof on “WEST SIDE STORY” that involves an Israeli man falling in love with a Palestinian girl.


ROXANNE SHANTE is soooooooo dope. i was once told that BIG DADDY KANE wrote her rhymes and even if it’s true, she executed it well! “straight razor”!