Simple + Classy Dinner for New Years in NYC!

NYE is not my thing. too many people, extreme chaos…mixed with alcohol and whatever stimulant you prefer and you’ll find yourself amidst a circus. i like to spend the holiday with as many friends as possible and in a safe space, like not searching for random clubs or parties. this year it was a fancy dinner at a swanky place. very nice, adult-like and fun. i only have a few pictures because i went home early like a loser:(

*oysters looks so nasty, but they are pretty damn good.

*NICO was there, he’s the best…

*music by Q TIP and RICH MEDINA, ha. that’s really YOUNG SCOOZLE and HARRY.

*ELLE’S pilgrim New Years hat.


while searcing for the video “Shorty Swing My Way” by KP and ENVYI, i instead found another version done by some talented young girls in high school. it’s cute and hilarious. it brought back memories of my friends and i in the early 90′s, remaking videos and pretending we were TLC! they’ve even done a remake for Rihanna’s “Disturbia” video. while their work provided entertainment, i was super impressed by these gals. i mean, they’re young and i see the progress they’re making. i can appreciate people who set out and do what they want. nothing is flawless in the beginning, you perfect it along the way…

i sent them a message via full of praises and best wishes. shoutout to SHAYLA SPANN, the director of these videos.

Va$htie Reel

rad video (and song): RES – “Golden Boys” written by the legendary SANTI WHITE!

thanks hyun for this one! the stuff i usually post are oldies, as this is another good one. this before SANTI was SANTOGOLD! (woodrow, is that you?)

“Golden Boys”

Why are you selling dreams of who you wish you could be
A prince in all of the magazines
They’d have no words for the man I’ve seen
Talk real fast ‘fore they see your face

And would they love you if they knew all the things we know
We’ve got these images
We need them to be true
Not ready to believe we’re no more insecure than you

But then there’re girls like me who sit appauled by what we’ve seen
We know the truth about you
Now you’re the prince of all the magazines
That is a dangerous thing

But would they love you if they knew all the things that we know
Those Golden Boys
All a fraud don’t believe their show
Would they love you if they knew all the things that we know

Golden Boy life ain’t a video

Place you in these robes and tell you you’re the greatest man
And you believe and play your cards
Got dealt a winning hand
Don’t you get tired of the show
The kissin’ ass of all the people that you wanna know

When I was young I thought you had it won
I saw you on T.V. you made life look fun
But then years go by and people grow
I realize it’s all a freak show


Girls like me don’t need no bubblin’ mindstate thrown in my face
The way you goin’ ain’t gonna be no stroll in the sunshine
Can’t turn it back now baby you gone and past that line
So give it on up now
What you gonna do


rad video: (and song) SHERYL CROW – “My Favorite Mistake”

it’s supposedly about her relationship with ERIC CLAPTON. it’s so amazing. the video is by SAMUEL BAYER. he did the famous “Bee Girl” video for Blind Melon (“No Rain). videos back then look so soft and cinematic.

this might very much ruin your day…

as i get older i’m trying to do all the adult-things i should; like taking care of my health, planning for the future, etc. it’s a bit depressing, but it’s very necessary. recently, i’ve been taking my finances and credit very seriously. i’ve been reading a lot and watching SUZE ORMAN’s show, which covers how to get your finances on track. i know, the very thought is painful for some of us (if not, most), but i suggest you work it out now so it’s less of a mess in the future. even a couple of late payments can hugely impact your score.

if you’re looking to check your *credit score and *FICO score, see below. it will cost you a small fee, but it’s worth it. you may have debts that you forgot about and you can see what’s actually effecting your credit.

check AND (as suggested by SUZE ORMAN)

*A credit score is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person’s credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of that person. A credit score is primarily based on credit report information, typically sourced from credit bureaus

POP CHAMPAGNE! it’s time to shine in ’09…

hmmm? “it’s time to shine in ’09?” we need a good tagline for the new year, (like BIG DADDY KANE “it’s ’88, time to set it straight”).

-be kind in ’09?

-it’s time to bump and grind in ’09?

-do crime and time in ’09?

-drink veryfine for ’09?

okay, i could go on all day being silly. if you guys think of some new taglines for the new year please feel free to add.

also, any NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS? i’d love to hear ‘em.

mine are the usual…
*stay fit and healthy
*work harder
*spend more time with the people i love
*make more art

if i don’t hear from you guys. have a safe and fun holiday! remember, everyday is a new day to start fresh and new!


this a throwback for real. who remembers this? for all you youngin’s, this short film and animation variety show came out when MTV was still cool and influential. a time when they played real music videos and not ridiculous reality tv and gameshows.

*SOAP OPERA; with soap

*DOG BOY; this was always really weird to me.


*BILL PLYMPTON had some shorts there too…

JUMPOFF TV x ME interview…

super geek. interview done while directing, so i look even more like a scatterbrain.


thanks to my japanese distributor HIROSHI at ESSENSE for this one. check out DJ HICO in NYLON JP rocking a VIOLETTE tee!!! very KA-WA-EE!