ALBANY | i put on for my city (part 2)!

next up…NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM! in downtown ALBANY. it had everything from a ROCKWELL KENT exhibit to the history of NEW YORK, from the ice ages to present day. it was exhausting, hence the post might put you to sleep.

*SAVIE and the michelin man.

*MASTODON found in ALBANY over 200 years ago.

*the wax part of the museum is SCARY! this showed found skulls of old Albanians and what they ate and how they died.

*logging was a big thing back in the day upstate.

*Iriquois, native to New York State.

*hunter/ gatherers.


*did not know that…

*barrels they made rum in.

*questions asked at ELLIS ISLAND.

*LES. i remember looking at this photo in school and being stunned at how small the apartments were for one family…

*the actual size, laid out right here.

*BROOKLYN we go hard.


*old school A TRAIN.

*you can sit on it and everything.

after the museum we were exhausted. it was so huge and i didn’t remember all the exhibits it holds. we started from the ice age and went into the museum of 9-11. mixed in were, birds of the northeast and cool jazz quilt art.

we ended the night with some fiyah CURRY CHICKEN my mom made and left for us. grocery stores closed early so we couldn’t make rice to eat with it, instead we tried it over PENNE!!! and it was actually amazing!

ALBANY| i put on for my city (part 1)!

the capital of NEW YORK is where i was born and bred. it might seem confusing why my Fathers brother came from Trinidad to settle down in the Bronx in the late 70′s and why my Father didn’t follow his path. if you ask him why he immigrated to Albany and not to one of the typical boroughs he’ll tell you “the city was dirty”. fair enough. i’m also sure the city and Gun Hill Road, Bx wasn’t the most appealing place back in the day.

i always wanted to grow up in The Big Apple, but Albany made me!

some great images of ALBANY:

my stay in the capital was short and sweet. here’s how some of it went!

*my friends from highschool, SUZY and MAGGIE, drove up. i met them at their place and as i got into a cold car found a frozen soda.

*first stop, my sister SAVIE’s place. then, off to meet CHRIS PISS…my good friend. he had this old map up in his dope apartment.

*celebrating my sisters belated birthday at EL MARIACHI.

*cheers with some sweet drinks.


*sombrero on SAVIE. she was surprised by the flan and giant sombrero.

*cinnamon flan.

next stop was LARK TAVERN located off LARK STREET, where some friends from high school would be reuniting.

SAVIE and SUZY. i got a scholarship in 8th grade to attend the prestigious ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES, which was a full-paid gig out of the hood. it was all white and all girls, something extremely new to me especially since my hood and school was all black.

SUZY, her twin FARRELL and ASHLEY befriended me first and taught me about a lot of things i knew nothing about. we had some really good times.


*BRIAN ANDERSON had a huge impact on my life also. as one of my brothers bestest friends, i hung out with him a lot. he’s the reason i would become vegetarian at 12 (which would last for 12 years) and got into skateboarding heavy.

ho! ho! ho! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

i’m going to spend some time with the fam in ALBANY! 5-1-8, eff what ya heard! New Yorks capital is gully ;) pictures and posts to come!!! i want to wish everyone a very special holiday. have fun and be safe!

throwback picture from 2003 of PETE and ME. i’m holding OSCAR’s corona as he takes the pic and PETE has not one, but 2 flasks! this was one of the first monday night RETAIL MAFIA parties at JACK RABBIT SLIMS, PRE-SWAY! the beginning years of that party was epic!

Last Monday at MR.WEST

i swear, it looks like i party everyday…but i really don’t. last week, SABEL and OSCAR invited me to hang at CHRISTIAN ALEXANDERS soiree on the west side. since i NEVER get to hang with them i went…earplugs in hand.

CEEE-LO and JUS SKE were in the building. here’s how it went!

*CHRISTIAN was a great host.

*ME and O.

*MR.WEST ceiling decor.

*fellow trini, FERRIS BUELLER and his cute lady friend.


*EBONY WILDCAT and friends.


*dynamic dancing duo!

THE AGYTATORS x ME interview…

TRILLS TV x ME interview…

NIKE TECHPACK x ME interview…

this is an old one. um…um…um…


a couple weeks ago fellow PAPER NIGHTLIFE AWARD winners, TUBWAY/MR.BLACK, asked 1992 to host one of their saturday night parties…and we agreed with glee! this would be the after-after party to PEPSI and NIKE. OSCAR and I were so beat, but we had to go! i forgot my camera, but luckily JENNY from POWERHOUSEBOOKS let me borrow her phenomonal LEICA camera (and we were complete strangers!) special thanks to her!

*i’m trying something new with the red. when i wear any kind of makeup, i think i look silly…like a little girl who went into her moms makeup.


*SHAYNE voguing down!

*ONE HALF NELSON. gag, bitch!

*OSCAR and AN.

*this picture of JENNY is so ill, she looks like a socialight partying hard and fashionably!

oh and it was a gay party. did i have to mention that? it’s 2008 and it’s NYC, if you don’t like it then teleport yourself back to the stone ages! (where they still had gay people :) )

NIKE Casette Player Party + PEPSI afterparty!

at 7pm, the PEPSI retail event ended but would resume at 9 for the afterparty. there was also a NIKE event happening for the release of the CASSETTE PLAYER kicks release. i was exhausted, but knew i had to shake babies and kiss hands.

my girl GRACE LADOJA from london email introduced CARRI from (Cassette Player) and I, so i definitely wanted to support her event.

*DEMETRIA and JOSH, whats up with some kicks. you guys been slackin’ on your mackin’! :)

*CARRIE was super sweet. not to mention, her kicks were RETARDED! seriously.

*what did i tell you?!


our stay at NIKE was super brief. we headed to PEPSI, to check out the NORE performance.

*TAKE 1 (thanks OSCAR)

*there we go! COOL CHRIS and SABELITA.


dancing machines OSCAR WILD and SABEL from va$htie on Vimeo.
*OSCAR and SABEL having some fun.