SATURDAY was freezing cold, but lots of fun. not only was i featured among some really amazing brands, but i also had a chance to meet customers face to face :) ELLE and I were running on 3 hours sleep, the aftermath of my friday night party and then having to be up at 8am. eesh.

*OSCAR came through with the special made VIOLETTE zines.

*MAX manning the SSUR booth.

*ABSURD booth!

*SAMANTHA and CHRIS all the way from FRUITION in LAS VEGAS. they were by far, the best dresed couple there. they looked like a the coolest couple from highschool in the early 90′s.

i have no pictures of the other brands; like STAPLE (thanks for the stickers), ORCHARD STREET (thanks for the pizza), HELLZ BELLZ (thanks LANIE for the tee), COMMONWEALTH and CUBANNIE LINKS. everyone was super cool!

friends stopped by…


*NICK and YOUNG SCOOZLE (taking a break from their PEGLEG sale around the corner)


*towards the end we popped champagne.

*ELLE and ANGELO had a dance off.

*little miss LUNA made some origami with lighting fast speed…

*a flower! and also…

*a mini crane!


*she repped for VIOLETTE hard!

*SKY on the decks.

*me, SAMANTHA and WENDY from NITROLICIOUS. if she’s in the building you know it’s fashionable and cool!

*it was a reunion of sorts. PETE and CHRIS GIBBS were in the building. since they moved to LA years ago, i never see much of them :(


*LEAH MTTM with cute baby KIER.

*these cute customers from GERMANY, FRANCESCA and ANNA, came in and bought a lot of pieces. Anna told me she reads my blog and i got so geeked i had to take their picture. shout out to them and to my German peeps, i need to go back and visit soon!

SPECIAL THANKS to: OSCAR WILD, ELLE CLAY, COLTRANE CURTIS and LISA, SKY, LANIE, SAMANTHA and CHRIS, and all the people who came out to support!

COLD CHILLIN’…for real

i haven’t ventured outside yet. i’m in my apartment wearing warm slippers and keeping myself cozy, as i watch this insane snow fall. here are some other things that are keeping me warm in these cold times…

*coffee or tea, something warm. i’ve been addicted to fresh ginger tea, just boil some ginger root in water…add honey and ta-da! i drink it in a hand made mug i got the last time was in amsterdam.

*my god-daugher, AMAYA! she’s so amazing and she’s getting so big. i can’t wait to squeeze her.

also, i’m blasting some DEEE-LITE. so good. LADY MISS KIER is a god.

stay warm friends!!!

PEGLEG super sale!!! this weekend

this one is all weekend, SATURDAY and SUNDAY. ladies, come get something special for the fellas in your life and cop something cute for yourself at the same time. super great prices!!!

and only a couple blocks away, you can find VIOLETTE on sale (SATURDAY only)

best of 2008 viral videos!

photos by KEVIN AMATO


hey guys.

PEPSI is doing a POPUP shop for one day, featuring a lot of cool brands like VIOLETTE (yes), ABSURD, FRUITION, COMMONWEALTH, SSUR, STAPLE AND MORE!!!

it will be like a trade show with booths and what not. come check out our VIOLETTE booth and say hello to your favorite characters. or feel free to email blast and blog about it (thanks :)

there will be shirts at super discount prices and other goodies and treats. also, there are some legendary DJ’s…NEIL ARMSTRONG, DJ ELI, ELEVEN, MICK BOOGIE and JUS SKE! there will be a fun afterparty.

BLACK BALLOON by greg kadel

MARTIN: classic comedy!

ELLE put me on to this episode with legendary NOTORIOUS BIG. in this episode, BIGGIE comes looking for a backup singer and everyone auditions on the low. soooooo funny…




ROSCOE – The Kid




BON QUI QUI: bequeathed to me!

last night OSCAR and RAUL were over. we were ki-ki-ing and searching for good reggae riddims when they asked if i had experinced BON QUI QUI and yet, i had never. when i saw this i died! this girl reminds me of a lot of the younger kids that work in places that command 5% of customer service, but act like you are a burden for walking into their place of work and giving them business (ya’all know what i’m talking about).

please watch this, if you haven’t already. the girl who is playing the part, ANJELAH JOHNSON is so dead on!

catch ANJELAH JOHNSON here doing some standup. might be a little controversial, but when is standup ever really PG?