livechat features are awesome…

have you noticed, one some major brand websites they offer you LIVECHAT? it’s basically instant messaging with a sales rep! yes. no calling or interrupting your web surfing! straight non human contact, which i love!!! (i’m such a social misfit). i was trying to order pillows and towels on OVERSTOCK.COM and had to do some livechat and wanted to share with you, the awe that it is :)


check it out at VIOLETTENEWYORK.COM !!! browse or shop, or whatever!!! -xo, v$


Violette Fall Winter 2008 Lookbook Shoot : ELYSE and MARYAM from va$htie on Vimeo.


my daughter will be as cool as TROY “LADYBUG” CARMICHAEL – or else.

(for real, i’m not birthing a silly princess obsessed girl). this is one of my favorite movies of all-time. spike lee, always gets it right. the star of this film is such an inspiration to me…LADYBUG! she reminds me of myself – being a little girl in the hood and having to be tough all the time. even her brothers in the movie were true to form…man, my brother must have mushed me in the head a million times. where is she now?!

i used her as inspiration for this VIOLETTE commercial:

my friend: DAWN LANDES

she’s the most adorable thing ever. she’s a folk singer, but don’t be afraid…it’s not as old people as it sounds. check out her cover for “YOUNG FOLKS” with the cutest bluegrass band.

*and this video directed by our friend, the talented BEN DICKINSON

inspired: “Heartless” and Waking Life

KANYE once again makes a great video via HYPE. although, “Heartless” looks like it was inspired by “Waking Life” (2001), a movie done completely through rotoscoping. “A Scanner Darkly” is the most recent movie done with this style. check it herre!

*”WAKING LIFE” scene about existentialism.

*”WAKING LIFE” scene about lucid dreams.

*”Destiny” by Zero 7, which came out the same year.

happy thanksgiving…

or how the pilgrims would have said it to the native americans, “thanks…now gimme!”. it was a cute story while it lasted; native americans and pilgrim puritans breaking bread together. if only it had been that easy.

*so cute. this is an accurate depiction of a native american and a puritan sharing orange juice. 

ok, enough of my preaching.

as we enjoy our meals and time with friends and family, let us give thanks for all the good things in our lives. i hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

THANK YOU! i am CRUNCH memberfied

yes! i so appreciate your advice and responses to the ‘working out’ blog i posted a few days ago. it helped me decide and i am now memberfied to CRUNCH! which means, your favorite fatty will soon have pecs of steel! and i will crush walnuts on them and shower the world with walnuts. ok, that joke went too far. anyways, thanks again!

for now, i have been given a gift to bestow upon others (until 11/30): sign up for CRUNCH with JARED on 12th street (or wherever) and tell em i sent you! you will get 25% off your membership!!! see below :)

thanks friends and family.


rich kid rastafarianism: Ras Trent

haha, SNL shorts are really amazing (such as “D*CK IN A BOX”). check this hilarious music video:

rad video: THE WHITE STRIPES – “Just don’t know what to do…”

come on. who doesn’t love a barenaked KATE MOSS doing a striptease? ok, maybe a few people. this was directed by SOFIA COPPOLA.


and also “SEVEN NATION ARMY”, damn they have a catalog of amazing videos.

my hometown of downtown ALBANY…

it’s funny to me when people sometimes assume that i’m from some kind of gated community or suburb because of the way i speak or the things i’m into. they hear “Albany” and think because it’s upstate that it’s some sort of farmland. here’s a clip of the news, shot a couple of streets from where i actually grew up. and had i not gotten a scholarship to ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES, i would have been at ALBANY HIGH with these tom fooleries. (blogs of visiting my hometown coming soon)