a date with RAUL: dinner (SCHILLERS) and a show (MAXWELL).

i’m sure some of you may know about my amazing friend RAUL. he’s one half of the duo HOOD BY AIR and also a very very good friend. he just celebrated his birthday and what he asked for as a gift was to see MAXWELL perform live in NYC. so, i took him on a romantical evening…dinner at SCHILLERS (ugh, one of my favorites) and a show to be remembered!

*romantic setting of SCHILLERS.


*i made RAUL a card and surprised him with the tickets…


*complimentary dessert from CAM and SCHILLERS, thanks :)

*outside the venue…

*thanks for the tickets MAX :)

*this place looked like a cathedral in europe.

*MAX came out and everyone went nuts. it was pretty crazy. he looked very dapper as you can see.

*he performed the class “This Womans Work” and i think my eardrums busted after every woman screamed like banshees. it was beautiful…

*the couple in front of us at the show were getting it in and i’m sure they’ll be expecting a baby in 9 monthes.

*congrats to MAX on all of his success and the great music he continues to make. he’s seriously the nicest and most sincere gent you’ll ever meet and that’s rare these days :)

808′s and Heartbreak…

go cop that. i’m really digging it. it’s about time the mold is broken. it features your favorite friend, KID CUDI! he’s super talented and really about to show the world whats up :)

or in VIMEO…

in the studio with KID CUDI “Welcome to Heartbreak” from va$htie on Vimeo.

Christian the Lion…

ok, the music is a little silly…but this is a really sweet video. at first i thought dude was going to be eaten alive…turned out to be a different ending (thanks hyun).

Jumpofftv.com interview


MISS x violette interview

the lovely ladies of MISS asked for an interview and i was more than excited to do it. these girls are seriously doing their thing :) check the interview HERE!

saved by zero KILLS!

i’m not the only one aware of this strange infectious craze.

baby: ethan laughing at ripping paper.

any cuter and i could seriously take a bite out of this kids face. he laughs (almost drunkenly) at the action of ripping paper. can everything else be just as simple.

Museum Day with Lupe.

hadn’t been to the MOMA in a long time. going to museums is always fun, frustrating and inspiring.

JUST A TIP: most of them are “suggested admission”. i learned that in art school when our teachers made it mandatory to attend them as part of homework. you can seriously go to the MET and “suggest” 5 cents as your admission. i’ve done it before…and they can’t tell you nothing!

*bouquet of lollies via bank of america.


*LEE KRASNER is so ill. her hubby (JACKSON POLLACK) gained more fame, but she is so rad.

*JACKSON POLLACK. sorry for the cliche’d “Pollack” pics as if thats the only art worth photographing…i just really forgot that i had a camera in my pocket. 

*thanks friend!


oh my god you guys! the video premiered on 106 and PARK with SLIM making his guest appearance. i was so geeked. finally, one of my videos was on (american) TV!!! i didn’t get to tell friends, but CHUCK INGLISH gave me a call to congratulate me since he had been watching it on TV in AUSTIN. i even had an extra laugh since they spelled my name wrong “VA$HITE”. hahaha.

Slim: “Good Lovin” feat. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous