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designed by STEVE KING (a fellow upstate kid) and the amazing guys at FISHBUCKET! they’re also working on something super secret of mine, soon to be revealed! looking real good guys :) Common is also now blogging. 


nitro:licious: Let’s Get Intimate With…


nitrolicious x violette interview

thanks to WENDY for the interview on her amazing blog NITROLICIOUS!  check it out :)


last night was so cold i swore i saw my soul leave my body. elle and i braved the weather and went to a NIKE party at NIKE TOWN on 57th street. we met up with KID CUDI and made our way to 1 OAK. this is how it went…


*cool regulars.

*thanks to WILL PERKINS who let us design some kicks. and shoutout to IZZY and PERICLES (sp) for all the help. although my i.D. days are over i still miss the crew :)

NIKE iD for TASTEMAKERS PT2: designing kicks with KID CUDI and ELLE. from va$htie on Vimeo.

*(seriously, i just have to say how annoyed i am that everyone wears these geek glasses with no prescription. mine are prescription…because i’m so blind i could set fires with my frames. i’ve had them for years and now i just look like i’m fulfilling a trend. great…)



*leaving on the ele-lator.

NEXT STOP…1 OAK. it was my first time and exactly what i had imagined…catalog models and celebrities. we definitely did not fit in, but thats ok.

*everyone passed my glasses around for laughs. it was fine with me…

*it was PLAIN PATRICKS idea. thanks.

*CHAUNCEY MCFALLON  aka CUDI showed up and tried my glasses on too. it made me visibly uncomfortable.

*some photos by ELLE CLAY.

directing: SOLANGE “T.O.N.Y”

finally, the video i did for SOLANGE is out!i added my friend KID CUDI to the video story. CEE LO also made a cameo.

working out?

i know, you take one look at me and think…”whoa, pecs and abs of steel”. but no, i don’t work out and thanks for assuming (haha).

i’ve worked out here and there in my lifetime, but would lose interest and drive. see, the thing with me is that i get obsessed with (things) and find myself in the gym at 6am for a 2 hour workout. i’m just an “all or nothing” kind of gal. although, i know i should have some sort of routine and being a computer jock isn’t doing much for my figure. i also don’t like the idea committing to something and it being a lifelong situation. you know, relying on working out to keep me in shape. can’t i just be like a french woman who can eat baguettes and cheese and be waif-like?

do you guys work out? any advice, thoughts or stories? do the benefits of working out, out-weigh not working out? i googled “why should i work out”, but would love to know what ya’all think :)

Solange: “T.O.N.Y.”

douchebag is the funniest word ever…one of my all time favorites.

hey, i didn’t make the rules.


that gave me goosebumps.

behind the scenes video: SLIM “GOOD LOVIN” feat. Ryan Leslie and Fabolous

i served coffee on this set. shoutout to Q and JoJo who were lots of fun on set. there were also a million people there, which will account for all the cameos in the behind the scenes. the video should be aired THURSDAY on BET’s 106 and PARK with SLIM walking it on to set…he’s the sweetest southern gent out there!

another behind the scenes from REAL TALK NY.