LIFE: Last Night of Mexican Morrissey at Lit Lounge (soon to be RIP)

It’s sad when anything comes to a close, but I’m a firm believer that you need to live it up until the wheels fall off in honor of whatever that ending might be – within reason, of course! When I learned that the famed Mexican Morrissey was coming to an end, I shed some of my saved up tears (#sadgirl). It was my therapy. Morrissey Fans would unite under one roof, dancing and singing and maybe crying a little. Then I learned that hot spot and grungey dive bar Lit Lounge was closing and I could feel my heart break. Dear god, do not let an ATM lobby or chain store spring up in it’s place. Anyways, thanks for the memories Mex Moz and Lit Lounge.mexmoz_92714_vashtie01Angelo and Me, pre-gaming…once again!

mexmoz_92714_vashtie02Ade, Rocky and ASAP Nast came to dine with us.

mexmoz_92714_vashtie03ASAP Nast and Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie04Familia Photo

mexmoz_92714_vashtie05Yury Shats pouring out drama and crazy into glasses.

mexmoz_92714_vashtie06Rafael Rios, Jassine, Soohong

mexmoz_92714_vashtie07Elle Clay and Vashtie

mexmoz_92714_vashtie08Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie09John Paul, King Fool, Elle Clay and Rafael Rios

mexmoz_92714_vashtie10Beau Wollens

mexmoz_92714_vashtie11My frenemy!

mexmoz_92714_vashtie12Tupac sipping

mexmoz_92714_vashtie13 mexmoz_92714_vashtie14Me and my brother, Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie15Evie Bear & Elle 

mexmoz_92714_vashtie16Elle Clay & Dylan Macnamara

mexmoz_92714_vashtie17Vashtie & Lucien Clark

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LIFE: Palace x Adidas Launch Party & After-Party (9.26.14)


This past Friday night was the launch party for the Palace Skateboard Crew and their collaboration with Adidas! Me and Angelo met up for a little dinner before venturing out for what ended up being a super fun night!





Lucien Clark, Rafael Rios, Jassine, Angelo, Blondie McCoypalaceskate_92614_vashtie04

palaceskate_92614_vashtie05J. Scott & Friends


Soyoung & Ferris Buellerpalaceskate_92614_vashtie07Neal Santos and Arthur

palaceskate_92614_vashtie08Nugget DJ’ing with real records. Safe for that!

palaceskate_92614_vashtie09Rafael Rios, Arthur, Angelo Baque, Neal Santos and A-Ron

palaceskate_92614_vashtie10Photo by Evie Bear ;)

palaceskate_92614_vashtie11Shawn Powers


palaceskate_92614_vashtie13Kelly, Angelo, Minya and Michael Rappaport.


palaceskate_92614_vashtie15Sage Elsesser and Me.

palaceskate_92614_vashtie16Michael told us he had the perfect arm reach for a selfie and this is what happened. Hahaha. It was a nice attempt.

palaceskate_92614_vashtie17Much better!

palaceskate_92614_vashtie18Shots of Jamesons? Eh, okay…






palaceskate_92614_vashtie24Evie Bear & Lucien



palaceskate_92614_vashtie27Paloma having a good old time.


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WATCH: The Controversial ‘Daily Show’ Redskins Segment with Real Native Americans

So happy that Jon Stewart and the Daily Show made this segment where staunch supporters and fans of the Washington Redskins name were brought face to face with real Native Americans. It’s genius. Don’t believe me, just watch…

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VASHTIE TV: Behind The Scenes of Vashtie’s Feature in Nylon Magazine’s October ’14 “It Girl Issue”


Over the Summer, Nylon Magazine asked me to be apart of their upcoming October “It Girl” Issue. Of course I was down, I mean – who would say no? And actually, I think this was my second or third time being featured – pretty amazing! Check out the issue, on stands now – featuring other amazing babes like Kilo Kish, Chloe Norgaard and cover girl (and my favorite) Tavi Gevinson.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.53.40 PM

AUGUST 13TH, 2014

Check the Behind The Scenes of my Nylon Magazine Shoot, for their October 2014 “It Girl Issue”

Featured among many other talented and amazing women, the cover is graced by Tavi Gevinson.

Out on stands now!



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NEWS: Violette Drops “N.Y. State Of Mind” Collection, Featuring Designs by Baron Von Fancy, Kunle Martins and Bowery Bob!


INDIE 184 for Violette

Special drop for 9/11, Violette has debuted a line of New York inspired tees and hoodies…featuring art work by my friends Kunle Martins (Earsnot), Baron Von Fancy and Bowery Bob of Two One Two.  The lookbook, shot by Amanda Alborano of Basis NY, features notable New Yorkers like Sophia Chang, Bobbito Garcia and Indie 184.

100% of proceeds from the special 9/11 Hoody designed by Bowery Bob/Two One Two will be donated to 911Memorial.Org




More from the Lookbook!

**retouch_vashtieVA$HTIE (duh)

violette_angelo_001ANGELO BAQUE for Violette

violette_baron_002BARON VON FANCY in design of his own for Violette

violette_bobbito_001BOBBITO GARCIA for Violette

violette_kunle_002KUNLE MARTINS in design of his own for Violette

violette_mordechai_001MORDECHAI RUBENSTEIN aka MISTER MORT for Violette.

violette_passuntino_007SABRINA & GREG PASSUNTINO for Violette

violette_sophia_003SOPHIA CHANG for Violette

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