LIFE: Day 4/5 – LFW14 – Dinner at Casa Negra & The Executive Committee Dinner at Hoi Polloi

The 4th day was nice. I met up with Grace, Acyde, Tattoo Artist BJ Betts and more for dinner Casa Negra. The food was on point and the complimentary margaritas were de-lish.






Day 5, I met with Mack to have a drink right before dinner with Grace and friends at Hoi Polloi of the Ace Hotel.

DSC02103Rob “Mack” McCormack

DSC02108Grace Ladoja, Kyle Demers, Vashtie & Carrie Munden






LIFE: Day 3 – LFW14 – “12 Years A Slave” BAFTA Afterparty at Edition Hotel London (2.16.14)


This was my 3rd time in London and I really started to like London. My first time there years ago was a bit of a let down…ONLY because growing up in the States, you think Europe is so foreign and different. When I got to London, I was unimpressed only because it felt like New York…which is why I like it now. In general, I’ve come to appreciate it for the rad city that it is. Oi.LFW 2014My sweet room at the Ace Hotel. It felt like a cozy camp. 

DSC02039The artwork scared me though…

DSC02041Hahaha, this scene was so ridiculous.

DSC02042Tea at the Ace Hotel. Delicious.

DSC02043The “12 Years A Slave” Party was much more than I anticipated. Grace and I were urged by our friend Irene that it was a dressy affair and made sure that we got the picture and that we didn’t arrive dressed as homeless tomboys. Well, we got the picture and we came correct. We got there early and took one lap around the party…only to realize halfway around that we walked past Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, chatting with their table mates.


DSC02046Dressed up.

DSC02056Grey Goose Cocktails.

DSC02058Vegan Option.

DSC02059Grace LaDoja & Tinie Tempah

DSC02063Irene and Grace


DSC02085Ben Pundole & Vashtie

DSC02086The End! BUT – check my Instagram for my Naomi Campbell story. It’s EPIC!

LIFE: Day 2 – LFW14 – Art Film Screening at ICA – Notion Magazine Party – House of Holland After-Party at Edition (1.15.14)


Saturday, I met up with Grace and friends at the ICA to watch an incredible Cheryl Dunn Documentary about street photographers in New York City. It made me long for home, but it was cool to be watching it in London. Although I was terribly jetlagged, I tried to keep my eyes open…



LFW (2.2014)




We had a nice lunch at Mildred’s afterwards…DSC02007

Later I attended the Notion Magazine Party…DSC02008

Vana Tallinn was a liqueur that Grace urged me to try. Apparently, it’s Estonian and in Russia people drink it straight to stay warm. Hey, why not. It had a sort of licorice flavor, but not in that gross way. It was cool.DSC02010





We had dinner at Casa Negra with the girls. Sharmadean Reid, Grace Ladoja, Coco and Me.DSC02024

Grace, Tremaine and Sharmadean.DSC02025

Later, we stopped by Edition Hotels for the House of Holland Afterparty.DSC02028

Vanna, Vashtie & Sharma.DSC02032

Rude Gyals.London FW 2014

RIP: Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana during MTV Live and Loud: Nirvana Performs Live - December 1993 at Pier 28 in Seattle, Washington, United States. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)


Happy 47th Birthday to an icon and one of my personal idols, the late Nirvana rocker, Kurt Donald Cobain. Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington is celebrating his birthday and legacy today by declaring February 20th as “Kurt Cobain Day.” This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death and Nirvana’s introduction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Kurt Cobain’s sign was a strong Pisces, Neptune. His water sign suggested “enormous wells of sensitivity, creativity, and longing to belong.”

May his creative spirit rest easy and continue to inspire many.

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana live at the Astoria in London, 1991.  (Photo by Denis O'Regan/Getty Images)


American rock group Nirvana, Belfast, 1992. From front: singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain (1967 - 1994), drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic. (Photo by Steve Pyke/Getty Images)


Thanks to Josh Madden for sending this out:




INVITE: Che Kothari & Wan Luv x Vashtie x 1992 x Toronto (2.21.14)



To all my Toronto peeps, I will be there this Friday for a 1992 Function featuring Vashtie x Huggy Bear x DJ Mensa x Lissa Monet. Get your TICKETS HERE.

LIFE: Day 1 – LFW14 – 24 Hours of a Travel Nightmare – Drinks & Party with Irene and Jon (2.14.14)

On Thursday morning as I reluctantly woke up for an early flight, I was greeted by the anticipated blizzard that meteorologists had predicted. I thought for sure, my flight would be canceled since countless others were…but it wasn’t. I literally couldn’t believe it and was prepared for anything…but clearly not prepared for what the day would bring. 24 hours of hellish travel for one London flight, Oy vey.vashtie_lfw14_day101

Car service to JFK.vashtie_lfw14_day102

Admiral’s Club Lounge for Business Class and First Class flyers. It’s so insane and stock with free food and drinks, I always have to hold back from stuffing my poor kid face.vashtie_lfw14_day103

Seriously. There is snow and ice on this thing.vashtie_lfw14_day104

I got bumped to First Class and it was amazing. Like sleeping in your own bed on a plane. The only problem here was that my flight was delayed. The plane tried to take off at its declared time of 9am, but had to come back to the gate to be “de-iced”. Yeah, that does not sound good whatsoever. Then we tried to take off again and the runway was busy…basically around 12pm we tried to take off again and then we were told if we don’t depart by 12:20pm we won’t make Heathrow Airport’s stupid curfew. We ended up not making it and my flight was cancelled. It took me over an hour to claim my checked luggage and then I got booked on a 6pm flight out of Newark…as in New Jersey. I had to run there, starving and tired. Finally, when I did get there they couldn’t locate my ticket number, then security dug through all my bags. At this point, I found it all so terrible that it was funny…vashtie_lfw14_day105

I went to the cliz-ub and got a vegan meal and a drank…organic wine.vashtie_lfw14_day106

Finally landed. So tired after en route for 24 hours. My car service could not be located after 30 minutes of searching. I was so tired I called an uber and then when he finally arrived I was sobbing. I was a hot mess.vashtie_lfw14_day107

After I settled into my lonely hotel room on Valentines Day (of all days) I went out to meet my friend Irene at the London Edition Hotel. The winds were INSANE. Like, so insane. 3 people died from it that night. It was like some sort of Harry Potter spell or something.vashtie_lfw14_day108

I was so over it, I ended up drinking Macallan’s neat like a sad old man.vashtie_lfw14_day110

My über had a rose for me! How sweet. Me, Irene and Jon headed to the Livin Proof x Work It Party. It was fun.vashtie_lfw14_day111 vashtie_lfw14_day112 vashtie_lfw14_day113 vashtie_lfw14_day114Jon, Vashtie & Irene

NEWS: 5 Things – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.19.36 AM

Check out The Supreme 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook and keep an eye out for the February 20th drop. (HYPEBEAST)


This homeless man wins the lottery jackpot with his final few coins and vows to use it on addicts and abused women. (BUZZFEED)


Take a look at some of the “Best Immune-Boosting Foods” for a Flu-Free Winter & Spring. (REFINERY29)

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.20.57 AM


Mickey Mouse never gets old, especially with the release of JAM HOME MADE & Number (N)INE ‘s Spring/Summer special-edition Mickey Mouse watches. (HYPEBEAST)

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.35.30 AM

20 Things you didn’t and should know about Shepard Fairey. (COMPLEX)

LIFE: Nylon Guys Magazine Dinner at Manon – Norman Reedus, Josh Madden, G-Eazy & More (1.10.14)

NYLON Guys February/March Issue Event, Hosted By Norman Reedus

With all this running around during New York Fashion Week, it can be hard to find time to sit down for a proper meal. So, when my brother Josh Madden asked me to be at a dinner for Nylon Guys Magazine, I was more than down. Free food and friends? Duh!

A select few of 30 sat down at Manon for a nice and cozy dinner. This is how it went!


Josh Madden, Elle, & Christian


Raw fish? Yes please!


Jayne (Stop It Right Now) and Vashtie.

I Finally met the #MCM of my dreams. I am totally and utterly obsessed with her and her style. If you love me, then I know you will love her! Follow her and you will not regret it! She has a great sense of fashion and humor!


Mr. Mort. Eiknarf, Josh Madden, G-Eazy & William Yan.


After dinner, I rolled with 10 of the fellas to the Galore Magazine party down the street – which was off the hook! I miraculously got me and 10 of these guys through the door, which NEVER happens…no matter who you are!


Asian Dan, Josh Madden, Mister Mort, Eli Reed, Lyz Olko


G-Eazy and Vashtie

LIFE: NYFW – Telfar Fall 2014 Runway Show – Boychild, Jeanette Hayes, Mike The Ruler & More! (1.10.14)


Jeanette Hayes, Vashtie & Mike The Ruler

This past Monday I got to attend the Telfar Runway Presentation at The New Museum. Like Shayne of Hood By Air and Raul of Luar Zepol, Telfar has been the homie for about 10-12 years already. I’m stoked to see my friends winning.

 The show was filled with multi-pocket detailing, reversible tops, detachable bottoms, and lots more to fulfill my “inner tomboy” and “inner hippy”.



Okay, Telfar. I see you.DSC01934


Boychild, Jeanette Hayes, and Vashtie


Mike The Ruler interviewing Boychild for V FilesDSC01945




LIFE: NYFW – Hood By Air x DKNY x Third Floor Fall 2014 (2.9.14)


Sunday was a crazy (and cold) day packed with all types of shows and presentations. I first stopped by Hood By Air then made my way to the DKNY show and lastly, Third Floor’s Presentation. I always tell my friends that NYFW is like having another full-time job, but it’s always a fun-packed week!

DSC01863On the way x ATL Twins being interviewed by Dazed & Confused Magazine



Eli Reed, Me & Josh MaddenDSC01872

DSC01875Ruth Gruca at Hood By Air

DSC01884Kyleigh Kuhn and Vashtie at DKNY.



DSC01892Brandee Brown at DKNY, the show featured real New York residents!



Deidre, Guest, Paul Cupo & ZacDSC01896

Then it was off to DJ for Third Floor’s Presentation. Here is Ian doing what he does best, styling!DSC01900




Look at young Scoozle doing his best Blue Steele.DSC01908

Deidre, Erin & Legendary Damon.DSC01909




Sure Shot & Radio RoseDSC01925



J Boogie & Oscar 1992DSC01927

This nerd.