LIFE: Art Basel 2013 – Hanging With Revolt TV & Party At The Frank 151/Pigalle/Stussy Mansion (12.6/12.7)

About a month or so ago I got a phone call…and not an ordinary phone call – it was a phone call from  Sean Combs aka “Puff” aka “Diddy” aka “You Pick Up The Damn Phone When This Man Calls”. I’ve known him for a few years now…you know work related and what not. Some of you may remember that I reached out to him about interviewing him for Supreme Magazine in 2009 – which he was 100% down for (and this was pre-explosion of the brand to the masses). He just always knows what’s up. Seriously, he is “the man”.



Puff, Vashtie, Terry Richardson 2009

So, he called and informed of his new network REVOLT TV – and said that I needed to be apart of it. I was open, although I’m not much of an on-air personality. Yes, I can do it from time to time, but on-air personalities are masters in their craft. I explained that I was open and voiced my concerns and he reassured me that me being me was what people want to see. So, I took a meeting with the network in LA (when I was there for my Chloe trip) and was blown away by an entire company of folks making cool things for the channel. I’m a recovering Time Warner victim who now has Fios (I thank the tech gods for this everyday), so I haven’t seen the channel…yet. Needless to say, I was blown away and excited about the possibilities. They were open to my ideas…

Art Basel was on the plate and they asked me to attend. I landed on Friday and stayed until Sunday. I got to meet the team and host, Hannah Rad, who is 100% the raddest. Rahman Dukes, the man in charge, made sure I was comfortable and prepared. I felt out of my element until I decided that I wanted to interview my friends at the Frank 151/Pigalle/Stussy Mansion. The Revolt Team was into what I was into, making me feel at ease…here’s how it went!



A 6am flight might as well be a damn 2am flight. You get no sleep the night before and head to the airport at 4am. Eek.

I still get stoked for this!vashtie_artbasel_201303


Fueled up with my favorite…a hearty salad!vashtie_artbasel_201305

At the Miami Convention Center with the Revolt Team…

Dana, Hannah Rad, Mike & Jorge.

Look at this idiot on the right.


Hannah and I toasted to me being the latest addition to the Revolt Team. Thanks for the champy!vashtie_artbasel_201311

We stopped by the Perrier x Faile Arcade which was lots of fun! I am also obsessed with Perrier!vashtie_artbasel_201307 vashtie_artbasel_201308 vashtie_artbasel_201309 vashtie_artbasel_201310vashtie_artbasel_201312 vashtie_artbasel_201313

I met up with my friend Julian Consuegra of Stray Rats. Here he is with his homie Edgar Rojas at SweetWater.


tumblr_mxg34jJ8eT1qahewbo1_500 vashtie_artbasel_201315

We got some Mediterranean Food at Sultan. I was so hungry! Sidenote: Mediterranean Food is a Vegan Paradise.vashtie_artbasel_201316

Afterwards, we went to the Basel Paradise Party headed by my friends Dan Solomito and Nomie. Unfortunately a terrible fight broke out, which ended the party and ruined my good vibes for the entire night. A drunk and crazed local fought my New York friends and everyone just watched…for like a good 4 minutes. No one stopped it and everyone watched like it was an entertaining reality show. It was morbid and I’m still feeling weird about it.


SATURDAY 12.7vashtie_artbasel_201317

Brad Clark & Miranda Maxwell (DJ Mirandom)

These two had to unfortunately fight this crazed lunatic the night before. 


I stopped by the DKNY gifting suite to see my friend Soyoung Park. I forgot to snap a picture of her, but I got her incredible Murakami Nails! Check it out vashtie_artbasel_201319 vashtie_artbasel_201320

The view from the Mondrian. Friends With You did the pool toys and art.vashtie_artbasel_201321

We met up with Susan Morgan from Epiphany and headed to the Colette Alchemist Drive Thru.vashtie_artbasel_201322 vashtie_artbasel_201323

I ran into my other friends, Liz Olko (Obesity & Speed) and Carlos.

We decided to head to the Frank 151/Pigalle/Stussy Mansion together.vashtie_artbasel_201324

My friend Alice from Colette gave me a cute goodie bag!


After spending forever to find a cab, we headed out to a recluse location for the party. vashtie_artbasel_201325

Me, Ericka Malbon and Tabatha McGurr

The Pool!vashtie_artbasel_201327

Shayne (Hood By Air) and Zac (V Files)vashtie_artbasel_201328

Ericka, Hannah, Chelsea and Me.vashtie_artbasel_201329 vashtie_artbasel_201330

Shayne feeling the music. It was like a reunion…so many great friends at an amazing house party!vashtie_artbasel_201331

Theophilus, Alex Sossah and Vashtievashtie_artbasel_201332 vashtie_artbasel_201333

Telfar Clemons (Telfar), Vashtie and Ian Bradleyvashtie_artbasel_201334

Lucas Walters, Ben Detrick, Felipe Delerme and Guest.vashtie_artbasel_201335 vashtie_artbasel_201336

Me and Shayne Oliver, perched.vashtie_artbasel_201337

Mykki Blanco and Shayne getting into throwback Lil’ Kimvashtie_artbasel_201338

Raekwon & Hannah Rad

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 4.20.09 PM

Raekwon & Vashtie via my Instagramvashtie_artbasel_201339

Jasmine Solano and Vashtievashtie_artbasel_201340 vashtie_artbasel_201341

The great Kevin Lyons. I was stoked to meet this incredible artist. He gave me a SLICK RICK ruler and I lost it. I am so bummed.vashtie_artbasel_201342

Hami Delimi and Vashtie.

I have not seen Hami since 2007, when Oscar and I went to Paris after he and his Pain O’Chokolat crew flew us out to party in 1992 style. 5 years later, I finally get to see him in Miami. It’s been TOO long my friend.


Hami Delimi and Me with Oscar and Paris crew in 2007

vashtie_artbasel_201343 vashtie_artbasel_201344

Alice (Colette), Vashtie and Alex Sossahvashtie_artbasel_201345Charaf Tajer (Le Pom Pon) and Vashtie



Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 4.22.22 PM

Available for sale at STARYRATS.COM (via Tumblr)

Miami it was fun, despite the fact that Art Basel makes it a crazy place. Special thanks to everyone for everything. Somehow I am very excited to be back home in New York in the cold grossness that is an east coast winter wonderland. What can I say, New York – I love you, you dirtbag!

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WATCH: Sky Ferreira – “You’re Not The One”

I am obsessed with this song and video. I just love Sky’s style and music! Word up.

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HOW TO: My Constant Obsession & Need To Stay Organized – How To Balance Being Analog & Digital


My entire life, I’ve taken notes and kept a journal. I have journals dating back from when I was about 11 years old, filled with moody pointless poetry and details of my crushes. I have notebooks and planners from junior high; dissecting work and my to-do’s. My desire to save memories and stay organized has been consistent throughout my life, but in this digital age – I’m finding it as difficult as solving the meaning of life.

Last week, I had a mental meltdown. It was not the first of its kind, I must add. From time to time, work piles up and my current process of recording it has usually failed me. Not to mention, because my work varies – my system of what I take to a meeting always changes…and as a routine loving Taurus this enrages me. It creates tension and anxiety in my already stressed out brain. Although, my obsession with being organized has been with me since day one – this recent breakdown has urged me to find a solution, especially since some of you have asked me for suggestions.

So…how does one stay organized in 2013?  Let’s begin with what I like, need, have and use…







The ability to cross off a completed task from my TO-DO LISTS brings literally makes my mouth water, but in 2013…it’s hard to jot everything down. Especially CALENDAR DATES, etc. Sometimes I’ll write something down in my lux Louis Vuitton Planner which stays on my desk because it weighs a ton, but it will make me forget an important meeting if it wasn’t saved in iCal. Or sometimes I’ll make a note in my notebook for work I need to do and I might forget about it because I don’t get an electronic reminder.

I like writing things down and seeing them in real life. Digital notes and calendar dates are important, but it’s hard for me to visualize everything when it’s not analog.





I have a management team that orchestrates my work and other things, so it’s important that they know where I am throughout the day so they can schedule me accordingly. If I schedule something on paper or verbally and not on my iCAL, I risk being overbooked or worse – forgetting I have a meeting in the first place.





photo 1





(USAGE: Always)

-Taking Notes In All Meetings.
-Making Notes For Future Work.
-Writing Out To-Do Lists & Appointments.

-Prefer That It Could Be Segmented Per Category For Every Different Job.

photo 3


2. iPHONE 

(USAGE: Always)

-Absolutely Necessary For Scheduling Appointments By Myself & Management.
-Absolutely Necessary For Adding Due Dates For Work By Myself or Management.

-Unable To Take Sufficient Notes.



(USAGE: Sometimes)

-Writing Out To-Do Lists & Appointments.
-Hand-writing & Crossing Off Completed Tasks.
-Super Nice (it was a gift a few years back)

-Unable To Take Sufficient Notes.

photo 4



(USAGE: Rarely)

-Easy Access to iCal.
-Potential to Take Notes (Evernote, etc)
-Professional, Sleek & Light Weight.

-Not Sure I Need It

photo 2

My ipad’s name is “Vashtie’s Max -iPad”. You love it.



The past month has been dedicated to doing hours and hours of ridiculous research. Reading what other bloggers use and what other people have to keep their lives in order is beyond exhausting…it’s mind-numbing and absolutely insane, I do no recommend it but – I did it for you…so you technically owe me (you do).

What I’ve found is that, people are either more:

1. ANALOG (Paper & Pen)

2. DIGITAL (SmartPhones, Pads, etc)

Nothing I found in my researched showed people using both…but, I am both ANALOG & DIGITAL. Paper Planners satisfy my urge to use my hands and Digital Devices keep me and my management team on track.

Although some people find Paper Planners to be ancient – it was relieving to find countless others like me who need tangible paper and pens to be and feel organized.

SIDENOTE: I watched many videos of how people used Paper Planners and they all seemed to be the same kind of girl; high pitched voices (so high that I thought some of them were pre-teens), super girly and obsessed with details and decorating with stickers. I had to ask myself, am I this same kind of girl on the low? Maybe…just minus the high pitched voice and need to put cute stickers of on everything.



It’s double duty the work, but it will be worth the try if I can feel organized and accomplished! If you are like me: ANALOG & (RELUCTANTLY) DIGITAL then maybe try this with me. Or you can just wait and see how it works out for me, I will keep you posted.

As soon as I get an appointment to add (that has not been added by my management team), I will immediately add on my iPhone or Computer via Google Calendar.

Taking lead from Digital Devices, my Paper Planner will be updated accordingly. As much as I love my Louis Vuitton Planner, it just doesn’t seem logical or useful for my day to day – based on how heavy it is to travel with me. I’m not sure I need my paper planner to travel with me or to stay on my desk, but I have opted to test out a new Paper Planner called Planner Pads. Out of competing brands like Day-Timer, etc…this Planner seems to be most logical, despite the fact that I had no visual attraction to it. It’s so business and boring, but maybe that’s what I need to focus. Anyways – it got a lot of good reviews from other bloggers.

It has 3 rows for filling in…ROW 1 is for Categories of things you need to accomplish. ROW 2 is for Things To Do to accomplish those Categories. ROW 3 is for Scheduling and Hard Appointments. We’ll see how this goes – if all else fails, I’m going back to my dude Louis.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Making sure nothing has been missed.

Before leaving my desk or shutting down for the night, I will review my iCal and make sure appointments have been added to my Paper Planner. I will also review Notes from the day taken during meetings and make sure correlating due dates have been added to my Analog & Digital.

Let me know what you guys think. Do you have a great system for organization? Share your tips and thoughts! Thanks, Vashtie <3

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INVITE: The Space at Katz’s Delicatessen x Vashtie & Violette Tees x Art By Ricky Powell, Dee & Ricky and More!!! (TONIGHT)

Looking to do something in the freezing cold rain? Then, pop on by The Space at Katz’s Delicatessen…located directing next door to the famous and 100 year old Katz’s. The store launch is tonight (where I will be), but will run until December 15th.



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LIFE: #Riquickulous Brand Jordan Party x Music by DJ Wonder, Vashtie & Surprise Performance by Pusha T (11.25.13)



Photography by Dorothy Hong

Over the weekend, Brand Jordan took over the massive basement of club Good Units (which is nestled below the Hudson Hotel on 58th Street) and turned it into a Hoop Dream…come to life. They created a full basketball court and had two days of basketball activities; morning sessions for influencers and afternoon sessions for students. I was invited to Saturday’s 10am session and I still have no idea why I accepted…I am the worst athlete known to man and I hate waking up early. Elle and Young Scoozle got invited to the same session and you know they are hoop nuts…which I’m still not sure was reason for me to attend or avoid. Anyways, I enjoyed the drills and the workout, but not the sport…because I’m terrible.



Look at this hilarious photo! I look so scared…because I was.IMG-0440

Still scared…



Already accessing the damage I will not do.IMG-0531 IMG-0626

There were games too…IMG-0751


After the weekend was over, Monday night rolled around and there was a POST EXPERIENCE (aka AFTER PARTY) for #RIQUICKULOUS. By the way, #RICQUICKULOUS refers to the Brand Jordan CP3 kicks…which we are all wearing on our feet at the basketball jammy jam. Anyways…I was asked to DJ alongside the incredible DJ WONDER before our special performer, PUSHA T, arrived. ADRIAN MILES from JORDAN hooked me up with some fresh new kicks and I took the JORDAN T-Shirt they gave me at the basketball sesh’ and customized it since I had no good JORDAN gear.


This is not photoshop, I am actually hanging from this hoop after I dunked…


Early in the evening.


DJ WONDER the conductor! Check out his music! You will not be sorry.IMG-4654

This is actually real. I am almost as fast as Michael Jordan…IMG-4716

Fresco and Lucian


Thanks for the kicks Adrian!IMG-4751 IMG-4769

Selecting…IMG-4770 IMG-4779

Nike and Jordan Fam-a-lam!IMG-4797



I’m taking a photo with a lovely lady in the background…IMG-4882 IMG-4891IMG-5126


I met these foxes as I was talking to PUSHA, they approached me and not him for a photo!!! I was floored. These babes were the sweetest! Hopefully they see this post and see this great photo! We all look like sisters from the same mister!





LORI STEWART & SUSAN MORGAN getting diz-own!IMG-5264

DAN SOLOMITO and a gang of babes! Literally. They are in a gang called “GANG OF BABES”, which is led by JANE KIM on the very far left! Hahaha, just kidding.IMG-5273


Get it girl.


MARIA & NECTIC REBELIMG-5411MICHAEL B. JORDAN! He’s the best. We are social media friends via Twitter and Instagram and we just met last night. He’s super sweet and incredibly talented! Go see FRUITVALE STATION if you haven’t already and support!

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WATCH: “Sunrise, Sunset: King Krule” – Concrete Confessions from the Rising Singer-Songwriter (via NOWNESS.COM)

My heart simultaneously broke and regenerated while watching this. Can he be any more imperfectly perfect? Damn, was I even as close to being as deep as him when I was that age?

Sunrise, Sunset: King Krule on

“He was climbing on rail cars and drinking,” says Yours Truly’s Babak Khoshnoud of South London’s King Krule, who he filmed at the closing of a dusty Los Angeles day for the second installment of NOWNESS’ series Sunrise, Sunset. “As he’s underage, we feared the worst.” The rough-edged croon and soulful Rhodes piano of featured track “Cementality” is a highlight of the 19-year-old artist’s acclaimed debut album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, and its urban essence was repatriated to the now-abandoned Lincoln Heights Jail, LA’s oldest authority building of its kind. Though Krule—aka Archy Marshall—and co were swamped by members of the LAPD mid set, they came away unscathed. “Archy is a cool customer,” says the San Franciscan music film collective’s co-founder Khoshnoud. “He somehow made the beer disappear, gave the fuzz a fake name and escaped with a stern warning. Easy.”

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PRESS: FootWear News (Cover Story) – “Kick Starters” featuring Vashtie, DJ Clark Kent, Bobbito, Ronnie Fieg and Jeff Staple – Written by Gerald Flores


Special thanks to Gerald Flores and FootWear News for giving me the honor of gracing their cover with legends; DJ Clark Kent, Bobbito, Ronnie Fieg and Jeff Staple. So far, it’s the top story on WWD.Com…please Margiela or Alexander Wang don’t make any announcements or debuts today – hahaha.

This is my second cover (but, this is the first I’ve shared so far), the first being a solo cover shot on the cover of Maco’s (a Trinidadian magazine) September issue.


Here are some behind the scenes shots of the shoot. It was pretty funny. At first, they staged me on the floor – laying on my side like a Vogue cover. It was a nice idea, but it was so not me…and amongst the guys, it made me look silly.

vashtie_footwearnews_11_20131 vashtie_footwearnews_11_20133


This is me probably voicing my concern that I look like a bird, laying on the ground…DJ Clark Kent totally said the same thing and voiced his opinion for me!vashtie_footwearnews_11_20135 vashtie_footwearnews_11_20136

Finally, the photographer asked me to get to the top of the ladder and voila! Here it is. Shooting with these legends (and also friends) was amazing…and hilarious.


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WATCH: VashtieMade x Theophilus London “Flying Overseas” Visual (Circa 2010)

I made this video in April 2010 for my friend Theophilus London’s performance at my birthday party.

I just realized now that I never put this out…

xo, va$htie.

vashtiemade: “FLYING OVE-ROUGE” for THEOPHILUS LONDON from va$htie on Vimeo.

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LIFE: Mexican Morrissey Night at Lit Lounge x DJ’ing with Angelo, Jeremiah and Fernando! (11.6.13)


Ever since Sway Lounge ended its long-running and  legendary Morrissey Night, Mexican Morrissey has been the answer to our prayers…specifically us ethnic kids and our prayers! It’s amazing to know that you’re not the only brown or ethnic kid who cries on the inside (and sometimes outside) to a British man’s problems.

For those of you who don’t know, Morrissey and The Smiths have a die hard fan base…and if you don’t know that, then you don’t know me very well…because I am obsessed!

This bi-monthly or monthly party happens at Lit Lounge and is sprinkled with the usual crew, but also gets packed with fans we’ve never met before. It all makes for an amazing night; singing along with strangers and dancing with your best buds. #sadsongs for #sadboys. It’s like Drake, if Drake were British, white, popular in the 80′s, made songs about unrequited love and loneliness instead of being a baller who is sad because he gets girls, makes more money than you’ll ever see and drinks champagne all day.


Angelo and Me.

I played lots of Depeche Mode, The Smiths and some Selena. Hey, it’s Mexican Morrissey!vashtie_mexmoz_1120132

This is the photo Rafael Rios takes of himself when you make the mistake of asking him to take a photo of you and Angelo. #Creepvashtie_mexmoz_1120133

Babes out dancing! Hey Anoma!vashtie_mexmoz_1120134

Rafael and Jassine!vashtie_mexmoz_1120135

Neal Santos and Tyvashtie_mexmoz_1120136


Angelo aka BabyFace, Ty and Me. I promise my hair was cuter than this, but my Beats By Dre Headphones don’t maintain a cute pulled back hairdo.vashtie_mexmoz_1120138

Hey Boo’s!vashtie_mexmoz_1120139

Weirdo Dave and Weirdo Vash.


See you next time at Mexican Morrissey Night! Until then, I’ll save some tears for you!

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WATCH: Bevy Smith “Fashion Queens” on Bravo (Because If You’re Not, What Are You Doing With Your Life?!)


For those of you who love fashion and a good kee-kee, you MUST tune into “Fashion Queens“. It is hosted by my lovely and incredibly talented friend Bevy Smith and stars equally charming and quick witted co-hosts, Derek J. and Miss Lawrence.

I love when people are honest and these three keep it really real.

A lot of you reading this have commented on my posts letting me know that I inspire you (thank you, you beautiful babes), but Bevy Smith is someone who has long inspired myself. She is an entrepreneur, a woman about town, a social butterfly who could make intriguing conversation with ANYONE! Some of my long-time readers may know that although I appear to be social, social events mortify me – but, watching Bevy glide effortlessly through a room full of strangers, making them laugh and glow in her presence (no exaggeration)…has inspired me to try (because I have not mastered it) and do the same.

Check this incredible write-up by Ebony on Miss Bevy Smith

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WATCH: CASIO Baby-G x Dir. Vashtie x Starring Brandee Brown, Jasmine Solano & Zoe Astr x “Be Strong”

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 1.47.13 PM
DOVER, NJ, October 29, 2013 — Casio Baby-G has teamed up with New York’s downtown sweetheart, Vashtie, for an off-the-rack video snapshot featuring its newest line of BA110 watches. The Baby-G video collaboration zeros in on a day in the life of Vashtie and three of her famous friends – DJ Jasmine Solano, Model/Muse Brandee Brown and Recording Artist Zoe of ASTR – wearing a watch that epitomizes the modern New York woman.

Vashtie Kola, famously known for her creative work as a Director, Filmmaker, Artist, Designer, DJ and Consultant, can now add a new hat to her fashion repertoire as a Casio contributor. With a full cache of fashion credits to her name, including partnerships with top industry leaders – in both the designer and music space – Vashtie lends prestige as a millennial tastemaker and a visionary in unique, standard-making personal style. The video follows Vashtie and three fearless women walking different paths, but all wearing a watch that can help them pilot through the day and take on the night with a fashionable entourage at their side.

“New York is my heart and my home and I wanted to truly represent the varying lifestyles of the New York City Girl – no matter who the female New Yorker is, you better believe that she is on-the-go and ready for whatever comes her way,” said Vashtie. “All of us are leading different lives with that same New York hustle and a different Baby-G on our wrist to complement our individual style.”

“We are so excited to channel the energy of such a creative person as Vashtie,” said Shigenori Itoh, Chairman & CEO of Casio America. “Our watches have been worn on the wrists of so many talented people, and the BA110 was designed with a stylishly strong, modern face like Vashtie in mind. We are looking forward to seeing the model take flight with her followers.”

The BA110 women’s watches is available at select Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Macy’s stores for an MSRP of $120. To get a glimpse of Vashtie and Baby- G at work, view their video collaboration here.

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INVITE: Mexican Morrissey x Wednesday 11/6 x Lit Lounge x Music By Vashtie, Angelo, Jeremiah and Fernando


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LIFE: DJ’ing For Chloe in LA x Cafe Gratitude Dates with Levi Maestro x Meeting My Blog Reader B.Denise


Vashtie DJ’ing for Chloe’s Rizzoli Book Release in Los Angeles, October 2013

(What is this pose? Peter Pan?)

After DJ’ing for Chloe in Paris for Vogue Paris Fashion Night Out in September of this year, I was also asked to DJ again for them in October in Sunny Los Angeles! First of all, having the opportunity to DJ for such an incredible brand like Chloe is a huge honor…but to do it (not once, not twice) three times?!…well, that is nothing short of amazing. I’m still pinching myself!

Anyways, last week I flew to LA to DJ on Tuesday and Wednesday for Chloe. The first evening was a private fashion event in a gorgeous million dollar estate and the second was a book launch party nestled in the courtyard their two LA stores share. In between, I got me eat on at my favorite place on earth…well, maybe my favorite place in LA…CAFE GRATITUDE of course!!! I also organized a quick meet-up with one of my long-time blog readers…Miss B. Denise!!! I was so excited for that!


Staying at the Mondrian.vashtie_chloe_LA_10201302

My amazing Chloe attire!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201303 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201304

Thanks to Levi Maestro for always offering to give my non-driving ass a ride from the airport. He gladly picked me up and took me to eat at my favorite place, Cafe Gratitude, despite not wanting to really eat there. Thanks friend!!!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201305

Gimme Gimme!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201306


I met Jerry and saw my friend Eddie Cruz eating there also. Great minds…


After I was done eating, I thought I’d have time to meet Reba at my hotel but was asked to be ready earlier than expected. So, we gossiped a bit in my hotel as I hustled to get ready and shaved my legs in the bathrom sink (fellas, it be like that sometimes). Then, my friends Arnaud and the Chloe Babes picked me up as we headed to the very special house!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201308

Aurelie & Marie-Cybelevashtie_chloe_LA_10201309

I was allowed to invite my own guests and had to invite my friends Phillip T. Annand and Kilo Kish, who happen to be LA locals now.vashtie_chloe_LA_10201310


Haim performed their asses off. These babes are so cool. You may remember I blogged about them a while back!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201312


Soko came through and provided lots of wild entertainment!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201314

Thanks to Kilo for always making sure I had a drink when I needed one and for being the only one dancing, reassuring me that I was playing jams!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201315

After the night was over, me and the Chloe folks had a good hang session! There were some incredible laughs and fun times!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201316


DAY 2: Cafe Gratitude (again) with Rebavashtie_chloe_LA_10201317 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201318 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201319

Reba was a breath of fresh air, as per usual. I was going through it…overwhelmed with work and absolutely losing my mind. Her calm and kind energy kept me cool and she provided some creative solutions! Thanks again Reba! vashtie_chloe_LA_10201320 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201321

Kenny Scharf Kar Bomb! So amazing!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201322

After my brief hang session with Reba, she dropped me off to meet my friend Cherub. I feel like such a pre-teen when I’m in LA, waiting to be picked up and dropped off by friends…maybe this is why I don’t like LA. Eh, who knows…vashtie_chloe_LA_10201326

It was great to see Cherub, although I didn’t get to see her beautiful son Hunter. She was as cozy as ever and in a great place! So happy for her!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201323

This was what she ate. I was so excited to watch her eat it. My metabolism would die if I even attempted to have a few bites of this…but maybe I should, I could use the l-b’s.


While I met with Cherub, a special friend met with us also.

The day before, I tweeted that I would be in LA and B.Denise (one of my oldest blog readers and supporters) tweeted back and mentioned maybe she should come down. I immediately responded and said that she should!

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 11.12.02 PM

Well…she did!

She drove in from San Diego! I was so so so excited to meet this little talented gal who has been majorly supporting me and making me special art since 2008! It was weird, because meeting someone you don’t know in real life and only know from the internet seems like it could be strange…but, I felt like I already knew her. I can’t say enough, it was amazing to meet her…I mean you, since you will be reading this B.Denise!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201324

A handmade birthday card made by B.Denise. One of my favorite things to receive!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201325



I didn’t have much time to hang and hustled to the Chloe store to get dressed for the night. I knew the evening would be beautiful, I just had to provide the right sounds. 

vashtie_chloe_LA_10201327 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201328

Beautiful Chloe Team!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201334

The Chloe book is an epic catalog of their exquisite heritage! Seriously a beautiful book, cop it if you have the chance! I got mine signed by Marc Ascoli!
vashtie_chloe_LA_10201335 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201336 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201337 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201338 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201339 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201340 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201341 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201342 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201343

Arnaud and Me! He is the sweetest! Now that he has moved to New York City, we will be hanging a lot!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201344

After the event, I got changed and had my luggage tucked away so that I could be on my way. I hopped in a car service and headed to LAX, back home on the red-eye flight. I landed at 7am and immediately went into hustle mode for the Art/T-Shirt Collaboration Party I did with David Alexander Flinn. Exhausted? Yes. Time to think about that? No. 


Special thanks to The Chloe Team. Seriously, the most hospitable and wonderful team I could have asked for. They went above and beyond to create wonderful events and did the same to make sure myself and their guests were  taken care of. Oh, and they gifted me all the clothes!!! I am overwhelmed and overstoked (yes, I just made that up)!

I love them!


Thanks also to my friends Levi Maestro, Reba, Cherub, Phillip T. Annand and Kilo Kish! Hope to you see you LA peeps next time!

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LIFE: Naleye’s Birthday Party at The Box x Illuminati AMS, DJ Huggy Bear, Domo Genesis, Mellow High & More! (10.23.13)

It was my Dutch friend Naleye’s birthday and he asked me to come through to The Box and play some tunes. I was definitely down and honestly had no idea that venue was still around because I haven’t been there since about 2009. Being back there again reminded me of how much I loved it (seedy performance art, weird crowd…all my favorites). It was a nice night to celebrate Naleye’s birthday and I DJ’ed alongside his DJ/Music Producing partner – DJ Jaziah. They are sweethearts and I had a good time. DJ Huggy Bear came with and played some jams also! Check it out!vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201301

DJ Jaziahvashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201302

Party People in the place to be…vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201303

Naleye and Jaziah…but they are missing their third link…Miss Niangavashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201304

Bottle service…vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201305 vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201306

Looky who was there! The Mellow Hype Boys and Domo Genesis! Awww!vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201307

Me and Domo Genesis.vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201308

DJ Huggy Bearvashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201310Some strange performance art of naked angels attacking or worshipping a guy in the crowd.

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Kenzo Faux Fur Coat x LaGarconne.Com

In Spring of this year, I went out to Paris to DJ for the official Kenzo afterparty! They dressed me for the their runway show and the big party. One item I wore that I ansolutely adored was their oversized faux fur coat in navy. In my jetlagged haze, I slept on getting it and thought it was lost forever. While I was in Paris this last time I saw my friend Mykki Blanco wearing the coat in powder blue and I thought to myself – I’m going to find it and make it mine. Thanks to LaGarconne.Com I was reunited with my crush and here he is.


vashtie_lagarconne_1 vashtie_lagarconne_2 vashtie_lagarconne1 vashtie_lagarconne2 vashtie_lagarconne3 vashtie_lagarconne4 vashtie_lagarconne5 vashtie_lagarconne6

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LIFE: 3 Days In Paris x EuroStar Train from London to Paris x DJ’ing at Silencio Theatre & Wanderlust x Tourist Sightseeing

After my short and beloved trip to London, Sharmadean and I hopped on the EuroStar Train and headed to Paris. Can I just exclaim how utterly amazing it is that people can take a train between London and Paris in 2.5 hours?!?! I mean…can you even believe that?! I might take a backpacking trip across Europe. If I take a 2.5 train from New York City I only end up in a small town in the middle of nowhere! vashtie_paris_10_201301

Sharmadean and I had some good gossip sessions on the train until we both fell asleep. Our night before at London’s Casa Negra Playroom proved to be fun-filled and exhausting. As we arrived I took this picture of Sharmadean as she said “I bloody fucking hate Paris” and I busted out laughing!

I am still so bloody amazed.vashtie_paris_10_201303 vashtie_paris_10_201304 vashtie_paris_10_201305

Tom Brunet and Yoan Prat picked us up and brought us to our hotel…vashtie_paris_10_201307

We grabbed a very quick bite to eat. Of course it was outside. I find that Europeans sit out in the cold quite often, something I’m not used to coming from “The States”. It was fine though…my hunger trumped my coldness.vashtie_paris_10_201308 vashtie_paris_10_201309

Looky! My dearest darling friends from Moet sent personalized bottles of Moet Nectar Rose to my room!!! Ugh, so sweet.


They even invited me to their champagne making cave and you better believe I will be there and I will film and photograph whatever they allow me to so I can share it with you babes!vashtie_paris_10_201310

Inside Silencio Theatre and although we weren’t allowed to take pictures (clearly I thought that was open for interpretation), I took some.vashtie_paris_10_201311

DJ’ing on stage…vashtie_paris_10_201312


This place is gorgeous and it was designed by David Lynch. vashtie_paris_10_201315

My favoritest, JeanPaul Paula (right) with his adorable boo (left)vashtie_paris_10_201316

DJ Supavashtie_paris_10_201317

Yoan and Tom


DAY 2vashtie_paris_10_201320


I found a juice bar and I was in heaven. For about a year now, my diet has been 80% raw with a lot of green juices and every time I go to Europe I find myself in a difficult place. This time, I was so relieved to find fruits and vegetables in liquified form.vashtie_paris_10_201322

I went to the Eiffel Tower, but didn’t go up because the lines to get in were OD. vashtie_paris_10_201323

vashtie_paris_10_201324 vashtie_paris_10_201325 vashtie_paris_10_201326 vashtie_paris_10_201327

I stopped by to see my dear friend Stephane from Pigalle (Pain O Chokolat). He showed me his Duperre Basketball Court, in person. Seeing it online was incredible, but in real life it was amazing. So cool to see things being made for the community.vashtie_paris_10_201328


Stephane and basketball friends.


Stephane and Me 2013


Stephane and Me 2007vashtie_paris_10_201331

Awww <3


Later that night I did an interview on a show called Aline Au Pays De Marveilles for France O. It comes out in November and I wish I could see it, but chances are I won’t. Will my French friends record it for me and we can watch it when I’m back? Cimer! Bisous! 


They asked me hilarious questions and then took random screenshots from my social media and asked me to explain it to them. It was pretty funny. You sometimes forget what you post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter…vashtie_paris_10_201333vashtie_paris_10_201335 vashtie_paris_10_201336 vashtie_paris_10_201337

Afterwards, I was really hungry and my driver took me to 3 places I was told had Vegan food and they were closed (ugh, I hate that). Then he asked me what I wanted to eat and I told him Vegan/Vegetarian food and he asked if Lebanese would be fine. He said he was Lebanese and knew of a great spot. That man could have lured me into an alley to steal my kidneys and I still would have followed him. I was so hungry and the thought of hummus and baba ganoush began to rule my fantasies.vashtie_paris_10_201338

He didn’t steal anything and was quite kind to me. He walked into the spot with me to explain to his friends that owned the place, I was a girl in need.vashtie_paris_10_201339

There’s my driver! Nice dude ;) vashtie_paris_10_201340

Oh snap. 


After I ate, I fell asleep and woke up later than I was supposed to. I also woke up with one contact lens in my eye, which totally threw me off. I was already jetlagged and exhausted, but now I was off balance and barely able to see. On top of it, I had to DJ outside (in the cold) and was only supposed to play Jay-Z and Rockafella. I did my best…but can’t really recall how the night went.


This totally made my night. I met so many cool folks and this girls translated question via iPhone was so cute.vashtie_paris_10_201342

There were some peeps from Brooklyn there, studying abroad! You go!vashtie_paris_10_201343

Jessica and Clementvashtie_paris_10_201344


DJ Baba Flex killing it!


DAY 3vashtie_paris_10_201346

I stopped at Nike Paris for a France jersey and they hooked me up with some nice thangs. It was very nice of them!



Curtis Kulig outside of Nike.vashtie_paris_10_201349

Just some foreign currency…Pounds and Euros.

When I was little and we used food stamps from time to time, I would say it was foreign money…haha. 


Until next time London and Paris! I will miss you, but I plan on seeing you sooner than you think!!!

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LIFE: 4 Days in London x International Familia Dinner & Wah Nails Party at Casa Negra (Day 3 & 4)

It was my 3rd and 4th day in London and already the trip was speeding by! Although it was cold and rainy (a combination I utterly hate), I was enjoying my time there exploring the city and hanging out with friends. For a life-time, I’ve never been interested in travel. Mainly because I just have a terrible memory and a great imagination, so I forget the places I have seen and I can imagine being anywhere to perfection. I also think the process of travel is so archaic and cumbersome…taxi’s to the airport, delays, the class system (I hate that). It’s also 2013 and we can do just about anything, but we’re still flying and not teleporting or something like that? I digress. All I’m saying is that, travel was not my thing and this past trip got me stoked on other places in the world. I’m happy that international work is picking up! I hope it continues.

My beautiful bags by Janvier London, gifted to me by Elle. They are SO BEAUTIFUL, like little gifts on your shoulder. So sweet and amazing.vashtie_london_10_201302

Hey there!vashtie_london_10_201303

Tom Brunet and Yoan Prat came to pick up their American friend. Both of these Parisians hadn’t been to London in a long time. One of the facts that I learned about Londoners and Parisians; despite being only 2.5 hours away from each other, they rarely visit each others city.vashtie_london_10_201304

I had so many friends to see and meet, but had no time…SO…a dinner was organized. It was amazing. So many friends from around the world. Mykki Blanco and BoyChild representing “The States”, Gee from Patta repping Amsterdam, Sharmadean, Carri Munden, Grace, Rav from Cloth Surgeon repping London, Tom & Yoan repping Paris. It was beautiful!vashtie_london_10_201305

Finding a good vegan meal in Europe has become my life goal. Thankfully, Casa Negra made a special vegan meal just for me!vashtie_london_10_201306

The food was incroyable. I have to say, my international friends showed me something I don’t see that often in “The States”…an open-ness and friendliness that was natural. It’s hard to describe, but people are just open willing to help in ways I haven’t seen in a long time. I think it’s just how other people around the world function, because my father was very much this way. We always had play cousins and aunts and uncles and they would stay with us on visits to Albany. I think it’s what made me so friendly and…you know…”downtowns sweetheart”! Haha.

New York is a competitive place and although I think its a less superficial city than LA, it doesn’t have that warmth that I felt on my recent London and Paris trip. Of course, it could be just my experience, but I have been inspired by this candidness and hope to start a trend in “The States”. vashtie_london_10_201307

Rav (Cloth Surgeon), Yoan Prat and Tom Brunetvashtie_london_10_201308

Sharmadean Reid, Tia Ward & Parvinder Lotavashtie_london_10_201309

Carri Munden (Casette Playa), Mykki Blanco, Boy Childvashtie_london_10_201310

Guest, Gee (Patta/Amsterdam), Tremaine Emory, Guestvashtie_london_10_201311

British Babes. Their style is so good and individualistic. Half the things I see them wear, I would never think would make sense together and it does…in a very cool way!vashtie_london_10_201312



Sharmadean making a sweet speech.vashtie_london_10_201315

Mykki and Me!vashtie_london_10_201316

Parvinder, Me and Tia Wardvashtie_london_10_201317

Rav and Mevashtie_london_10_201318

Tom and Yoan…with someone pouring it up for them and not-Mos Def behind them!vashtie_london_10_201319

Melo-X and Jasmine Solano were in tour for their Electric Punanny Tour!vashtie_london_10_201320

Boy Child and Mevashtie_london_10_201321

Angelo Baque and the London Supreme Boys!vashtie_london_10_201322

Angelo, Tremaine and Hadarrah! NYC represent!vashtie_london_10_201323

Guest, Jenny, Heron Preston, Me and Alex Sossah!vashtie_london_10_201324 vashtie_london_10_201325

A-ron The Don! vashtie_london_10_201326

Adorable Blondie!

Angelo and Me. Mr. Wrong and Mr. Wrong.vashtie_london_10_201328

Tremaine Emory and Hadarrah Moore.vashtie_london_10_201329

Lucien Clarkevashtie_london_10_201330

Solomon, Angelo Baque, Lucien Clarke and Blondie vashtie_london_10_201331

The morning after. I had some English Breakfast Tea after many suggestions. I really wanted to have a proper British Tea (despite never having liked Earl Grey), but had zero time so ordered it via room service. It was good with copious amounts of lemon and honey! Me likey.vashtie_london_10_201332These raw and vegan snacks saved my for the duration of my trip. Literally!!! Last time I went to Paris I lost 4 lbs and I was only there for 3 days! Thanks to Katie Lau for this. She is very thoughtful!

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LIFE: 4 Days in London x Lunch at Pizza East x Supreme London Visit with Grace Ladoja & Friends (Day 1 & 2 of 4)

I still can’t believe it has been 10 years since I was last in London. Actually, I can believe it because I only travel for work – which is something I hope to change, but as a Taurus I can’t promise anything. When I first traveled to Europe, London was my least favorite place of all…and I’ll explain why. Growing up in “The States”, I had grand daydreams of Europe being so foreign and different. When I first came to London I had expectations of it being so different and weird, but it felt like New York. So – it wasn’t that I disliked it for any reason…I just had expectations of it being super foreign. Although it feels like New York, it also feels very different. This time around I really got to take in the culture, even though I was only there for 4 days. Here is a portion of my first 2 days…London_10_201301



The Smiths, Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Sade and King Krule were on HEAVY ROTATION!London_10_201303

Oh nice, look at death in living form. #EffConcealerLondon_10_201304

On the plane, I watched a FASCINATING documentary on David Bowie. There was SO much I didn’t know about him. For example, he took on a different character every time he came out with a new album and they were all different from each other. I also saw that when he recorded “Young Americans”, one of his backup singers as a young and darling Luther Vandross. I love me some Luther.London_10_201305



Business Class on an International Flight is incoryable! I laid flat and slept the whole way. The guy next to me was a bit weird, but I was not studdin’ him. Also, I had a really sweet flight attendant.London_10_201307

Thas Me!London_10_201308

My hotel room was not ready, so I took some jet-laggy self portraits.London_10_201309




Lonely Hotel Rooms are fun and then lonely…and in Europe they are always too cold for me. I waited around to meet up with my New York friends Shaniqwa and Angelo who also planned a trip to London and Paris – the same dates I was there! What luck…or bad luck if you know what trouble we are as a threesome.




The taxi’s are old school like they are in those old British movies. It felt like Harry Potter or something…even though I’ve never seen one Harry Potter film.London_10_201314

Lunch at Pizza East with Angelo and Shaniqwa’s Lovely Friends!London_10_201315





Angelo teaching this adorable lad naughty hand gestures.London_10_201319







Grace Ladoja! I missed this babe!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.58.05 AM

Young Americans (in London) via my INSTAGRAMLondon_10_201325

Supreme Employee. He looks like a British gentleman version of the boys we have at the New York shop  London_10_201326

Supreme London – Mark Gonzalez ArtworkLondon_10_201327



Vegan & Raw Snacks? Yes please! London_10_201329

Room Service, vegan style!London_10_201330

Solomon, Blondie and TremaineLondon_10_201332

Oooh, and a live drag queen show with the windows wide open so I can peer through. I am so nosey!London_10_201331I’ll share the rest of my London trip tomorrow you wankers.

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INTERVIEW: 1 Minute With Vashtie x King Krule (Yes…King Krule!)



Birthday Card by B. Denise in 2011 (you be knowing me, B. Denise ;)

This is dedicated to all my readers who know how much this meeting means to me. I may have joked HERE and THERE  about kidnapping and other innocent things in jest, but on a serious note –  it was really refreshing to meet such an incredible artist like Archy! He blew me away and I hope you enjoy this episode! ALL THANKS goes to his highness JOSH MADDEN for not only introducing Zoo Kid’s (aka King Krule) music to me, but for eventually introducing King Krule aka Archy to me…IN REAL LIFE.


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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Surface To Air – Fall 2013 Collection – Photographed by Amanda Lopez

Special thanks to my Parisian friends Valentina and the rest of the Surface To Air crew for hooking their New York Sister up.

I hate the Fall, yes I hate it. I only like Summer and warm weather, but these cozy S2A items will make it less dreadful!

Photographed by Amanda Lopez_MG_3334

Boxy Cardigan, Regular Super Skinny – Blue Black V6


Lexia Cardigan V1, Boxy Cardigan, Regular Super Skinny – Blue Black V6


Lexia Cardigan V1, Boxy Cardigan, Regular Super Skinny – Blue Black V6, Pandora Platforms V1


Trust Jacket

Crater Print Super Skinny Jean V2


Lexia Cardigan V2_MG_3327

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: PlayCloths x “Everything Is Pusha-T” T-Shirt

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 12.10.04 PM

Woop Woop! So excited about this shirt and even more excited for my dear old friend Pusha-T for continually killing the game and evolving more and more into the rapping beast he is! I love him and I am extremely happy for all his success!!! Go cop that album and this shirt at PLAYCLOTHS.COM. Thanks Pusha-T and Playcloths



I LOVE THE PACKAGING!!! Looked like an illegal brick when I got it delivered. 




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LIFE: #LoveForLeni Silent Art Auction Benefit at Reed Space NYC (10.8.13)

On Tuesday night, we all gathered at Reed Space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to raise money for 5 month old Baby Leni. Baby Leni was born with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AML-M7), a rare form of pediatric bone marrow cancer.  It represents approximately 1% of all leukemias during childhood & has an incidence of 0.5% per million per year. I’ve known her amazing and lovely young parents Jerry and Amanda for over 10 years now and watched them grow as a loving couple (adorably nicknamed “Jemanda”) into a trio when their first daughter Mae was born and now into a quartet with Miss Leni.



Me and Elle, Reed Space NYC 10.8.13

The news is heartbreaking, yes…BUT…you can help. If you remember a few years back I blogged about Jasmina who was also battling a rare form of bone marrow cancer. I went to a drive, got my inner cheek swabbed and now I am in the database for anyone that matches me and needs a bone marrow donor. Voila. Easy! Unfortunately, Jasmina never found a match and at 6 years old she passed.

So, I encourage you to please check LOVEFORLENI.COM and SWABACHEEK.ORG to find how you might be able to help Leni or another person who needs your help. You could save a life! How amazing would that be?! I’ll keep everyone posted on the happenings for Leni here on the East Coast, so hopefully you can come out and support.

vashtie_loveforleni1Jerry, Amanda and Mae.

vashtie_loveforleni2There was lots of good art that all kinds of artists (including me) donated so that the proceeds would go to Leni and an upcoming surgery she needs.


vashtie_loveforleni4DJ Huggy Bear was spinning!


vashtie_loveforleni6Jeff Staple and Kimou Meyer

vashtie_loveforleni_1I bid on this piece, but I know I lost it :(

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THROWBACK: TLC – “Red Light Special”

Oh man. This song was everything. I remember as a kid thinking this video was so racy but super rad because they were the dominant types and the men were the strippers.

<iframe width=”960″ height=”720″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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INVITE: WAH Presents ” Downtown Girls Worldwide” x Vashtie & The Wah Crew x London October 15th

Bloody hell! Here I come, London! You ready?


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NEWS: Oi! After 10 Years, I’m Coming Back To London (And Paris For The 3rd Time This Year!)


Hey  Boo’s and Babes.

So, in the last few posts – you may have read that last year I put it into the universe that I wanted to travel more and here it is.

As you know, I’ve already been to Paris twice this year and soon it will be thrice…right after I hit London!!!


Yes…London!!! I haven’t been to London in 10 years and the first time I went was a Blur (like the British Band).

For all my British mates, I will be in LONDON from October 13th – 16th for some super secret work.

My homegirl Sharmadean Reid (Wah Nails) and I – plan on doing a party on the 15th and it would be bloody amazing to meet any of you guys while I’m there.

Then it’s back to PARIS from October 16th – 18th

I’ll keep you guys posted on anything I do that is open to the public so we can meet and take ‘grams!

Also, let me know what I should see and what I should do while I’m in both cities!


PS: Did I mention that my friends Angelo Baque and Shaniqwa Jarvis just also happen to be in London the same days I am and are heading to Paris the same day I am?! Totally unplanned and purely coincidental, but I can only take it as fate…a dangerous, fun-filled fate!

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FOTO: Vashtie As “Mr. Wrong” Photographed By Angelo Baque

Earlier this year my friend Angelo Baque (who has been shooting me since I was 18) asked to do a shoot with me in a suit. You know me, any excuse to get in drag and I was bout it bout it. My friends Karl Justin Styled and Tai Lotson was on Hair and Makeup – it felt more like a cozy hang session than anything else. As you can see, the photos were taken when I was about 15lbs heavier…shortly after the shoot (as some of you may know) I got the flu and lost quite a bit of weight (and I still look like skeletor today).vash_1a vash_2 vash_3 vash_4

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WATCH: 1 Minute With Vashtie feat. Dee & Ricky x NYLON TV x Ep. 1

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 7.19.53 PM

So, my friends at NYLON GUYS MAGAZINE had funny (and maybe terrible) idea of giving me my own interview show titled “1 MINUTE WITH VASHTIE”. On it, I interview friends and all kinds of interesting folks and ask them thought provoking questions in under a minute. Check the very first episode with my friends Dee & Ricky!

Tell me what you think! Who would you like to see me interview? What questions I should ask? Let me know, yo!

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LIFE: DJ’ing For The Chloe Store In Paris x Vogue’s Paris Fashion Night Out x Party At Andy Wahloo


If I had to live anywhere outside of my beloved New York City, it would undoubtedly be Paris! I first experienced and fell in love with the city in 2003 and was reunited with it again in 2007 when Oscar and I did our 1992 Party with the Pain O’Chokolat Boys (who are now the Pigalle and Le Pom Pon Boys) in Paris and Amsterdam. Check my THROWBACK POST that I just posted.

After 6 years of having no trips to Paris (mainly because I only travel for work and I don’t vacation thanks to the immigrant guilt my parents gave me of being a “lazy American child”) I was fortunate enough to be asked to DJ the Kenzo afterparty for Paris Fashion Week in March. It was incroyable. Last year I had a good conversation with my great friend Angelo Baque, who had recently come back from a Paris Trip. He urged me that I needed to go back. That there were people out there that like what I do and support me. It was then that I put it into the universe – I want to go back to Paris…and…well…as the French say, VOILA!

I went again a couple weeks ago to DJ for the Chloe store (I’m still reeling over this), during Vogue’s Paris Fashion’s Night Out. I did a little sight-seeing and DJ’ed an afterparty for my friends Alex Sossah, Tom Brunet and Tom Yoan at Andy Wahloo. It was only 3 days, but it was perfect.

And guess what? I’m going again…for work…October 17th and 18th. More to come on that!

Anyways – Here are some photos from my trip…

vashtie_paris_9201301 vashtie_paris_9201302MONDAY MORNING 9/16:

I arrived in the wee hours of the morning on a gorgeous day.

vashtie_paris_9201303On my way to the hotel and I spotted an accident. I hope those people are ok.
vashtie_paris_9201304Took a taxi to the Chloe office for my fitting.


vashtie_paris_9201306Aurelie and Arnaud

vashtie_paris_9201307 vashtie_paris_9201308 vashtie_paris_9201309vashtie_paris_9201311I met up with my friend Alex Sossah…

vashtie_paris_9201312We headed back to his office and then headed to my hotel…

We had plans to go out, but my jetlag hit me and I was too tired.

vashtie_paris_9201313 vashtie_paris_9201314 vashtie_paris_9201315 vashtie_paris_9201316The Chloe folks gifted me a gorgeous bag! It was so precious I let it sleep on the bed while I laid on the floor. 


How crazy! Right? I JUST posted about how I need a bag! I am very thankful for this!!!

vashtie_paris_9201318TUESDAY DAY 9/17:

I spent the day shopping for friends and family and doing a little work.

Like…trying on clothes at Kenzo and not buying any. I HATE (really HATE) trying on clothes, but the store clerk was so sweet and urged me to try on their newest items.

vashtie_paris_9201319I did an interview for Snatch Magazine while I was out there.

Not sure if their word for snatch is the same as ours, regardless – it wasn’t “that kind” of magazine.

One of our locations was a beautiful church in Menilmontant (The North Of Paris).

vashtie_paris_9201320 vashtie_paris_9201321

…And a Basketball Court.

vashtie_paris_9201322Tom Brunet acted as friend, tour guide and chauffeur.

vashtie_paris_9201323TUESDAY NIGHT 9/17:

My fellow DJ’s for the Chloe Party…

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.46.29 PMvia my instagram

vashtie_paris_9201324Me and Charaf!


Later that night, at Andy Wahloo. I DJ’ed also and kicked it with:

Yoan Prat, Tom Brunet, Alex Sossah and Theophilus London!


WEDNESDAY MORNING 9/18: A space heater, because every time I stay in Paris – the hotel rooms are freezing.

To me they are. I just like to be warm and cozy all the time. #COZYBOYS

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.46.42 PM

Stealing waters from Hotel Fitness Centers wherever I go (and those Green Apples)! 

via my instagramScreen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.46.52 PM

via my instagram

And I was off, back home to New York City…BUT I will be heading to London and Paris in mid-October! I can’t wait to share the trip, but better yet – it would be amazing to meet any of my readers who are out there!


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LIFE: Vashtie & Oscar In Paris & Amsterdam x 1992 & Pain O’Chokolat (October 2007)

For some of you who may remember and those of you who don’t know – I started blogging in 2006 for a community blog site called RIOTTT.COM. In about 2007 when the site became defunct, I switched over to my very own Vashtie.Com and during the switch – I lost some posts and photos. One of which, was my trip to Paris and Amsterdam with Oscar for our 1992 party. We were booked by the Pain O Chokolat Crew (who are now the Pigalle and Le Pom Pon Crew) and they couldn’t have been a better guide to all things cool in Paris. Check some of the photos, taken on our trip 6 years ago!




vashtie_paristrip_200704Our flat was supplied with French goodies.

vashtie_paristrip_200705Eating at Hotel Amour.


vashtie_paristrip_200707Stephane and Hami.


vashtie_paristrip_200709Charaf and Oscar



vashtie_paristrip_200712The meanest cat that ever existed. It lived at the flat we stayed at and it was mean and I got scratched a few times testing it’s patience.

vashtie_paristrip_200713Stephane and a nerd with a Polaroid in the club.

vashtie_paristrip_200714Visiting our friend Julien at Nike.

vashtie_paristrip_200715Party Time!


vashtie_paristrip_200717Sebo, Promise and Nemo

vashtie_paristrip_200718Nadege Winter

vashtie_paristrip_200719 vashtie_paristrip_200720 vashtie_paristrip_200721 vashtie_paristrip_200722 vashtie_paristrip_200723Mister Wix of Amsterdam

vashtie_paristrip_200724 vashtie_paristrip_200725Kesh

vashtie_paristrip_200726 vashtie_paristrip_200727 vashtie_paristrip_200728 vashtie_paristrip_200729Driving through Belgium to get to Amsterdam

vashtie_paristrip_200730KFC is just universal.

vashtie_paristrip_200731 vashtie_paristrip_200732Stephane and Me outside of the Patta store

vashtie_paristrip_200733Oscar and Gee of Patta


vashtie_paristrip_200735The best sign ever.

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RANDOM: Anyone Check This Thing Anymore? *Tapping Microphone

elephant in the room


I won’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer!

I know it…

You don’t even have to say it…

My posts have become less abundant.

Fine. There – I said it…now I can exhale.

Other than being busy and working 4-5 jobs (no lie) like a good West Indian – It feels as though this has happened because of 2 reasons (that weirdly coincide).

1. It seemed like more and more people were RAPIDLY following me on INSTAGRAM and less were checking my BLOG.

2. I subconsciously started posting less since on my BLOG and more on INSTAGRAM since it quenched an immediate and mass share in social.

Oy vey.

So – my question to you 3 people who are still reading this. Should I be posting more? Is there a demand? Or should I shut this blog down? Hahaha, just kidding – that won’t happen. I guess I’m just seeing if you guys check this still. If so, how often? Is there something you want to see more of or less of? Is there a way to connect my socials and blog cohesively? I’m thinking about an app, what ya’ll think? Let me know, yo!





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LISTEN: DJ Huggy Bear’s SoundCloud x Cantatas for Days!

Check out my friend Stephen aka Huggy Bear’s SoundCloud

which will provide you with hours of

feel good tunes…




Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 6.31.42 PM

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Supreme FW 2013 Collection x “Tomboy Supremacy” Photographed by Amanda Lopez

Special thanks to the Supreme Team for always keeping their favorite ladyboy laced (I like to believe I am their favorite). Anyways, here are some items from their FALL WINTER 2013 COLLECTION as modeled by your favorite little dude, Me, and photographed by the amazing Amanda Lopez. _MG_2477




















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LIFE: Elle’s Last Vegan Hurrah at Pure Food And Wine (8.2013)



This past Summer, Elle decided to do a “Vegan Summer”. To celebrate not only an amazing food choice, but a healthy experimentation in diet – I took her to PURE FOOD AND WINE for her last Vegan Hurrah. If you don’t know, PURE FOOD AND WINE is the mecca of RAW FOOD (organic, uncooked plant-based foods)…the Don Dada, if you will. I once took Young Scoozle there and didn’t tell him it was all RAW. After we got our Ice Cream Sundaes, I told him and he didn’t believe me. We debated for a bit until I had to call a waiter over and the waiter explained that it was, in fact, all raw! This place is just AMAZING.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH2


Organic Wines by the glass. They also serve cocktails made with freshly pressed juices. vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH3

I got the Lasagna.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH4

She got the Tamales.lastveganhurrah1


Brownie and Ice Cream! Yum.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH7

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VIDEO: Jungle – “Platoon” Feat. Terra (My Birth Crush. Yes You Read That Right!)

Oh. My. God. If I don’t give birth to a daughter this cool, can I at least meet her when I come to London in mid-October? She is exquisite and she’s giving my tom-boy heart an attack. Please watch this entire thing if you haven’t already. B-Girl Terra, you are the cat’s meow.

Jungle – Platoon from Jungle on Vimeo.

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INTERVIEW: Elle Magazine x The Coveteur x “The Influentials” (October 2013 Issue)


I’m super excited about The Covetuer’s Feature of me and other rad babes like Mia Moretti and Sarah Howard in the October issue of ELLE MAGAZINE!

You can watch my “Personal Style” Video right here and pick up the October issue on stands September 24th (Tomorrow!).

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INTERVIEW: VFILES x TMI x “Vashtie & Oscar’s Social Boundaries” (VIDEO)

So excited to finally be featured in a VFILES x TMI INTERVIEW. Peep me and Oscar discussing “Social Boundaries” and “Bikini Pics”.

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MUSIC: ASTR – “R U With Me” (NEW)

“…New York shadow duo ASTR step back into the light today with a brand new single called “R U With Me”, and our answer is a resounding YES. Picking up where they left off with the surgically precise, “Operate”, this one’s a sonic wrecking ball that finds the satellite midpoint between head and heart and stands out as their finest offering yet. “


[soundcloud url="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

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LIFE: Nike Basketball #SummerIsSerious Game in Brooklyn x Team Harden VS. Team Durant x Scott “Past Tense” Williams

When Elle and I got that news that Young Scoozle aka Scott “Past Tense” (thanks to Nike for that alias) Williams would be playing in the Nike Basketball Summer Is Serious Game, we were dead bent on attending! If you follow my blog, then you may be familiar that we like to watch Young Scooz play. The game took place in Brooklyn and was filled to the brim with folks…even mobs of people outside trying to get in.vashtie_nikebasketball_08201302





vashtie_nikebasketball_08201308This kid was hilarious. He was too cool for school and dead set on getting an autograph from Kevin Durant, which he succeeded at.






vashtie_nikebasketball_08201314Afterwards, Elle and I went out for a drink that she loves in the hood – “dark and stormy’s” but the machine was down so we settled for simple rose’ next door. Elle happened to have a mustache…you know…we roll with props 24/7.

vashtie_nikebasketball_08201315In her bag, Elle had the anonymous notes that I left on her bed every night we stayed in Old Lyme for our mini group vacation…They still make me laugh uncontrollably as I was attempting to scare her in the middle of the night at that country house…

vashtie_nikebasketball_08201316Which note would scare you or make you laugh if you found it on your pillow in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere?

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PRESS: Teen Vogue x Vashtie x “The Big Chill” (October 2013 Issue)

I’m 100 years old and I still love Teen Vogue and now I’m gracing the pages of this adorably sized publication as a grandmother! I’m stoked!!! The issue is on stands now and discusses one of my latest and greatest projects that I’ve been secretly working on since March 2013. I wanted so badly to share this with you guys and I felt like I was lying every time I never mentioned it…but here it is! As Creative Director to Ice Cream Girl I am excited to be working with my friends at BBC/Ice Cream and happy to be making clothes girls like us…TeenVogue_resize TeenVogue_resize2

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VIDEO: FKA Twigs – “Water Me” (Dir. Jesse Kanda)

I’m loving the music Miss Twigs has been making and I am obsessed with this video for “Water Me”.

It’s slightly reminiscent of a (Queen Mother) Bjork video that I love just as much…check it out! It was directed by Inez and Vinoodh.

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