NEWS: First Annual Capital Steez Day in New York City – Today 7.7.15


It’s been 3 years since we lost a kind, old soul and a legend in the making. Capital Steez, aka Courtney “Jamal” Dewar, would have been 22 years old today.

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In honor of his short lived, yet influential life – Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew have organized a major concert today in honor of Steez’s memory – simply titled “Capital Steez Day”. The event takes place at Central Park today.

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MUSE: Salt-N-Pepa

Hometown: Queens, NY

Members: Cheryl “Salt” James, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, Deidra “Spinderella” Roper


Before there was Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj, there was Salt-N-Pepa. The female trio from New York took the rap game by storm as the appeared on the scene in 1985.



The band’s debut album, Hot, Cool, & Vicious, sold 1.4 million records due to one of their most popular hits to date, “Push It”.

In the early 90’s, Salt-N-Pepa broke barriers when they rapped about sex just as gritty as their fellow rappers. In 1990, their hit “Let’s Talk About Sex” helped to push their third album, Blacks’ Magic, to gold as they sold 1.6 million albums. “Let’s Talk About Sex” helped to open the conversation about safe sex and AIDS.

With five albums and a Grammy under their belt, Salt-N-Pepa decided to take a break from the music industry in 2002. But now, the trio has come back better than ever. Not only do they continue to pursue their love of music, but the ladies of hip-hop (and their hit “Push It”) are also featured in numerous commercials!



VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ – “Paper Trail$” (Official Music Video)

Peep the latest from my Cinematic Familia, Joey Bada$$ with his video for “Paper Trails”. It will have you on the edge of your seat! Don’t forget to cop the new debut album, “B4.DA.$$”, Available Everywhere!


WATCH: Abra – “Roses”


Okay, I am obsessed with Abra and her many musical references. I stumbled upon this song a few weeks ago and have been playing it non-stop. Then, I found this gem of a video that her and Father just released. I love it and she is just adorbs! What do you think?

For some reason, it gives me 80’s freestyle vibes and reminds me of this song especially at 1:20. If this song did inspire her, I love her even more. She be knowing thangs.


WATCH: Vashtie’s Showtime Show 3AM Episode Guide – Talks Tough Childhood, Breakups, Love & More!

Have you guys been watching my SHOWTIME SHOW 3AM?! Oh wow, it is such a wild ride. Between Internet Sensation Fat Jew, Slutty Photographer Kirill, Door Man Markus, Escort Samantha and Me…it’s extremely entertaining!

In case you missed you…

I debuted on EPISODE 2…where I confront a childhood of domestic abuse in therapy! How’s that for an introduction! Exposing myself more than I ever have. Then I head to my Puma Collaboration Photoshoot, followed by DJ’ing at Webster Hall. I end the night with a great phone call from my management as I arrive home from a long day – then, I feed Vlad and work on some more projects.

I re-appear on EPISODE 4…where I debut my Puma collection through my very first Fashion Show. The night is stressful as is, but it’s even more anxiety-ridden because I invite my ex-boyfriend Scott to see it. Um, for my blog readers…it’s Scott…as in Young Scoozle. Yeah, 7.5 years and I kept it a secret from the public…even from you guys! Some of you commented via Snapchat and Twitter being in such shock that you had no idea this whole time.

Last show was EPISODE 5…I head out for a night with the girls; Elle Clay, Corinne Cater and Sabel Boo. We talk about love and relationships (both of which I’m not ready to get back into) then the girls give me a hard time that only young boys seems to gravitate towards me. Elle pops in at the right time for some advice, offering the suggestion that I need a “FREELANCE BOO”. Someone who is available, with no obligations. It’s quite funny. Then, I end up having one on one time with a handsome admirer friend – Ian Mellencamp.

Next up is EPISODE 6…the second to last episode. I head home to “confront my past” as the Network titled it. I go to Albany to hang out with my white boy crew and let loose, reminiscing on old memories.


Let’s Connect, Politic, Ditto.

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