WATCH: The Controversial ‘Daily Show’ Redskins Segment with Real Native Americans

So happy that Jon Stewart and the Daily Show made this segment where staunch supporters and fans of the Washington Redskins name were brought face to face with real Native Americans. It’s genius. Don’t believe me, just watch… The Daily

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VASHTIE TV: Behind The Scenes of Vashtie’s Feature in Nylon Magazine’s October ’14 “It Girl Issue”

Over the Summer, Nylon Magazine asked me to be apart of their upcoming October “It Girl” Issue. Of course I was down, I mean – who would say no? And actually, I think this was my second or third time

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NEWS: Violette Drops “N.Y. State Of Mind” Collection, Featuring Designs by Baron Von Fancy, Kunle Martins and Bowery Bob!

INDIE 184 for Violette Special drop for 9/11, Violette has debuted a line of New York inspired tees and hoodies…featuring art work by my friends Kunle Martins (Earsnot), Baron Von Fancy and Bowery Bob of Two One Two.  The lookbook,

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PRESS: Behind The Scenes With Vashtie at DKNY x Nylon Magazine

Nylon is the best! Check me on their home page – where they did a great video of me behind the scenes at my DKNY show. Special shoutout to my fellow island sister, Blair Waters. NYLON.COM

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INVITE: Liberty Theatre Presents Scram Jones with DJ Scratch & Vashtie + Duh Fridays With Lil Kim, Jesse Marco & Vashtie (9.5.14)

Baby, where you been at? Come see me this Friday…not once, but twice yo! Let’s hang and take grams!

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THROWBACK: Opening Ceremony 10 Year Anniversary x Fashion Week 2012 x 1992 x Webster Hall x #OC10YR (8.9.12)

Vintage Dress, Opening Ceremony Mary Ellen Shoes & Balenciaga Bag Since it’s Fashion Week in NYC, I decided to post up a throwback from 2012 – when Oscar and I were asked to have 1992 featured alongside other legendary NYC

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VIDEO: Jungle Pussy – “Nah”

If you don’t know Jungle Pussy, then I weep for you. She is a bombshell beauty hailing from Brooklyn, half Trinidadian and half Jamaican. Her look is “ovah” and her sound is heaven sent. I know I was bummed about

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RIP: Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Aaliyah was an angelic creature that mesmerized everyone in her presence while she was on earth, and continues to do so in her passing. As a young tomboy, her style inspired me and so did her sweet demeanor…as I was totally not

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MUSIC: Mick Jenkins – “The Water[s]” (Available on iTunes)

Finally on iTunes, part of my Cinematic Family… Mick Jenkins. I highly recommend it! Listen and Buy HERE

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NEWS: Vashtie, Violette & Cam’Ron – Violette Haze Collection (On Sale Tomorrow 8.19.14)

So…I did a lil collabo with legendary Cam’Ron (the man himself) and it goes on SALE tomorrow at: VIOLETTENEWYORK.COM Inspired by the very iconic (and very pink) photo of him and the fact that we share a love for al things

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INVITE: Vashtie Guest DJ for Rock Creek Social Club 4 Year Anniversary – DC – 8.12.14

I can’t wait to be back in DC, where the people are beautiful and diverse and the city is gorgeous! If you’re in the DMV area, come through. Let;s hang and take grams!I’m also super excited to DJ alongside Spinser

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WATCH: Complex TV – Vashtie Featured on “What Women Think of Sneakerheads”

I was super hesitant about doing this interview. For one, I rarely wear sneakers these days, I hate the term “sneaker head” and also because I’m no expert and who really cares what other people do…but I guess that’s not

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PRESS: Vashtie Kola – Cosmopolitan Magazine’s September Style Opener

A couple months ago I was asked by James Demolet and Shiona Turini to be the STYLE OPENER for COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE’S September Issue. I really didn’t think too much about it or really understand that it would be a whole

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VASHTIE TV: Directing A KMART Fashion Film (Ep. 24)

Guess what is biz-ack…your favorite thing on earth…VASHTIE TV! I’ve been a bit busy and my blogging and VashtieTV have been a bit behind, but I’m making a real effort to get it back on track. Hope you are well!

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MUSIC: Kali Uchis – “Real”

Check out new artist Kali Uchis. Her sounds is vintage 60’s and her look is futuristic 90’s, how can you not love it?!

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LISTEN: Elle Clay’s Debut Comedy Mixtape #306Live Feat. Jungle Pussy & Vashtie

  Elle Clay on Vashtie Kola. 2008 As you all know. My homie and my ace, Elle Clay, has been by my side for years…providing comic relief in any situation and clowning your girl along the way (see above). She’s also

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RANDOM: My Face On a Random Store in Trinidad

Hahahaha. This is the best thing to happen to me! Maybe just as good as being the first girl to design a Jordan. I swear!

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LIFE: 24 Hours in Atlanta, Hosting For #RaurFest – Blue Flame with B.o.B. and Love & Hip Hop

Last month I went to Atlanta to hang with emerging artist, Raury. He asked me to host his very first show (which happened right after his 18th Birthday) and I was more than obliged…I was stoked! I took Elle with

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INTERVIEW: Tea Hacic’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” With Vashtie (BULLETT TV)

A little while ago, while Mercury was in stupid retrograde – I got asked by miss thing, Tea Hacic, to be interviewed on her amazing show EVERYTHING IS EMBARRASSING for BULLETT TV. You know I said yes, obvs…clearly there is

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MUSIC: Princess Nokia – “Dragons”

I couldn’t be more entranced with this song and artist. Wavey Spice, now known as Princess Nokia, has quickly become my new favorite artist. This song is a beautiful love letter to her boo; Wiki of RatKing (another bomb ass

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THROWBACK: Fabolous Feat. Nate Dogg – “Can’t Deny It”

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NEWS: Vashtie on 106 & Park – Style File – Today at 6pm EST

Oh snap. When I got the request to appear LIVE on 106 AND PARK, you know I was bout it bout it! Like many, I spent years watching this show. To be apart of it is an honor. Although, I

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie and Awkwafina – Bring Back Amish Fashion | Ep 9 | Tawk

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VIDEO: Arctic Monkeys – “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” (Dir. Nabil)

This video is almost a year old, but I just found it and I am obsessed. I need to see them perform live…

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LIFE: DJ’ing in Los Angeles at The Line Hotel for Astro Gaming (June 2014)

Special thanks to my friend over at KNOW USE & ASTRO GAMING for having me DJ alongside DJ TROUBLEMAKER for their after party at the very hip and chic LINE HOTEL in K-TOWN, LA. It was a short trip, but

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LIFE: DJ’ing at La Gruta Cave, Teotihuacan – 24 Hours in Mexico City (6.27.14)

Diego Oseguera and Vashtie. La Gruta, June 2014 Special thanks to Erika Mercado of Mex In The City and Diego Oseguera of  Diageo for booking me in their hometown of Mexico City! Can I just tell you, I DJ’ed in a legit cave

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LIFE: Ben Pundole’s 40th Birthday at Indochine, Massive Party at Up & Down and Dive Bars in Greenpoint (May 2014)

Wow, I have been so behind on my postings…my bad. Anyways, a month ago or so was a big birthday celebration for what seems like everyone’s loved and admired friend Ben Pundole.  To know him is to absolutely adore him. Ben is a

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VIDEO: FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks” Dir. by Nabil

“Give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her…” I am so thankful for Twigs. Sorry, not sorry…I’m bored by pop starlets who have the right creative team/stylists/song writers/choreographers, yet have zero art. This song and video is now on repeat

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie & Vladimir for The Window at Barneys New York

Haha, yes you read that right. Me and this jobless son of mine were asked to be in a feature about fashionable people and their cats. Among some of the other amazing people featured Karen Elson, Harley Viera Newton and

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LIFE: Hooping with Black Rainbow & Friends – Terminal 23 New York City’s Jordan Gym (May 2014)

Back in May – I got asked to hoop with my Parisian Friends from Black Rainbow Agency, Jay & Greg, which was super fun. I never get asked to play with the boys, probably because the ones that live state-side

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie for Into The Gloss – The Top Shelf (6.18.14)

And another interview with your favorite bushy-browed lady boy! This one is even more amazing, because its INTO THE GLOSS which is top notch when it comes to fashion, style and beauty. Needless to say, I am stoked to be

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie on The Combat Jack Show (Audio)

Note to self…maybe never do an interview after 2 glasses of Rosé. Sometimes the perks of having a bartender friend that never lets your glass empty works against you in an interview. Ha, actually – it’s not that bad…I’m just

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THROWBACK: “You Better Work” Violette New York Look Book by Amanda Lopez (2012)

After the success of the first VIOLETTE VINTAGE COLLECTION, which focused on Sportswear – we bring to you another batch in the form of 90’s Bustiers. Inspired by 90’s Supermodels and Fashion, here is “YOU BETTER WORK” shot by AMANDA LOPEZ.

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MUSIC: Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa, a 20 year old Chi Town native and 2014 XXL Freshman, is a new age lyricist with fresh perspectives that chemically blend to retain his lone, but worldly frequencies. This legend… in the making… has expanded the subject

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RIP: Life & Times of The Great Maya Angelou

The life and times of the great literary prophet Dr. Maya Angelou has sadly come to an end. At the age of 86, the poet, essayist, novelist and actress died Wednesday morning in her Winston-Salem, North Carolina home. While this

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NEWS: New York’s Abandoned North Brother Island – BBC News

You can hear the Mr. Softie truck and other New York City sounds from this deserted island/ secret hiding place, according to photographer Christopher Payne. After being abandoned for more than 50 years, North Brother Island is now trending and

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Life: Dinner With The Creep Crew: Belated Birthday (5.12.14)

A few weeks ago, Angelo, Rafael and Elle took me to a lovely belated birthday dinner at  our favorite place. It was cozy and creepy, as usual. I love my familia! Angelo Baque and Minya…we ran int her having dinner

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THROWBACK: Sade – “By Your Side” Dir. by Sophie Muller

You all know how I feel about Sade. I mean, just look at her, do I need to explain? I love this photo of her au natural without the faux ponytail. #VERYRARE Some Facts About Sade – Sade is a singer-songwriter,

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WATCH: “Amazing Jam Session – Three Random Guys” – Jimmy Kimmel

So you guys might have seen the video of this impromptu jam session in Iriving Texas gone all the way right, which went super viral a few days ago. Basically, a street musician is just chilling and playing his guitar and singing (quite

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LIFE: 1992 The Party at Webster Hall’s House Party; Q-Tip, Andre 3000, Jay Smith & More (3.15.14)

Vashtie and DJ Huggy Bear Last week we rocked our Webster Hall Thursday residency! Our friend Jay Smith aka Oulala Jay Smith of Black Rainbow Agency was in town from Paris and DJ’ed a set. Q-Tip came through and so did

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