LIFE: DJ’ing in Vancouver at KillJoy x Love from Aritzia & F As In Frank

When Jay Swing reached out to have me spin at KillJoy in Vancouver, I was ready. Over the years I had heard such incredible things about Van City; from the Skiing and Snowboarding (although I have never done either despite being an upstate kid), the food, and the incredible natural beauty of the city. The team and I thought, let’s make it a 1992 styled party and voila – it was on. Stephen aka DJ Huggy Bear came with and it was good times.

If you’re slow like the rest of us Americans when it comes to geography, Vancouver, Canada is located close to Seattle and Portland. I haven’t been to either place, but apparently they are extremely similar.

The city is GORGEOUS. I was told it would be, but you just can’t imagine rain forest type mountains surrounding a big city. I was in awe…

As soon as I touched down I had a little meetup with the babes Leslie Bishop and Jen Irving from Aritzia. Aritzia is a women’s wear brand from Vancouver that is slowly taking on world domination. When these ladies arrived they came bearing bags and bags of amazing gifts! I was floored. It was a non-stop gift opening moment that was incredible. It was my first introduction to the awesome brand…and I immediately loved it. It’s on trend and classic, yet well made for immediate or long-term wear.

Huggy Bear was hanging in the telly…

Part of my gift from Aritzia was t-shirts that were printed just for me by Vince Chan and Brooke Wells! I was floored and so happy!

DJ Marvel and DJ Jay Swing!

DJ Huggy Bear

I spy some Violette New York gear!

Mixtape Madness courtesy of Jay Swing. You can hear it here.

vashtie_vancouver_718201315We were invited to the F As In Frank warehouse where we were showered with vintage goodies. If you are ever in the Toronto or Vancouver area check them out! If not, check them out online! They were so kind.

vashtie_vancouver_718201314I modeled some of their custom vintage stuff…

vashtie_vancouver_718201313This amazing one of one hat that was never made…thanks for nothing Michael Jordan

vashtie_vancouver_718201316I should have picked this up for my homie Tommy Hilfiger…





I looked up my friend Eerik Ilves. He is Canadian born, but spent his Junior High/High School years in Albany where I be-friended him through my extreme sporting white-boy friends from Downtown. We all had some great times together. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen him and I loved that it felt like not a day had passed by.vashtie_vancouver_718201331Here were are standing by our native upstate area code. #518


I took him to eat some vegan/raw food from Gorilla Food, which Jasmine Solano recommended. It was the bomb.


A delicious raw salad…vashtie_vancouver_718201321

…and a green raw soup. Perfect on a hot day.vashtie_vancouver_718201322Yes! desserts to go.

vashtie_vancouver_718201323We passed by the Fluevog store, Native to Vancouver.


Saw the poster for the event I was apart of in a nice shop. So cool.


Just an indoor basketball hoop that you can actually play on…no biggie.vashtie_vancouver_718201327


A very nice record shop; Beat Street Recordsvashtie_vancouver_718201329


We stopped by to see the peeps at Dipt. vashtie_vancouver_718201333


Later that evening we passed by the Vancouver Art Gallery for a massive Fuse Party that took up every single level of the Museum. There were performance artists, exhibits, live music. It was a nice Vancouver shindig…vashtie_vancouver_718201334






Overlooking the courtyard…vashtie_vancouver_718201344

DJ Marvel doing his thang.vashtie_vancouver_718201346

Me, Eerik, Huggy Bear and Bre at Charles Bar

vashtie_vancouver_718201345Art in progress…


Special thanks to Jay Wallace aka Jay Swing and The Donnelly Group for brining me out the Vancouver. DJ Marvel, DJ Seko, Bre, The Aritzia team for all the goodies, F As In Frank for all my incredible vintage finds, Dipt, Mary Rich, and all the Vancouver folks for showing me MAD LOVE. It was hard to leave you and your GORGEOUS city, but I can’t wait to come back! Next time, I’m taking my buddy Steve Nash’s suggestion of hiking Grouse Grind.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Obesity + Speed & Theory 38

I haven’t done one of these in a minute and yet all these amazing goodies that are being sent my way are just piling up. I feel terrible. I have to post my friend Lyz’s line OBESITY & SPEED. I love the name and the aesthetic is everything us tomboy girls love!

Hard Times? Honey…you know it.

Hate Racerback Tank: $65.00

Athletic Mesh Tank: $65.00

(The clothes were not wrinkled when they were sent to me, please note. They were in perfect condition until my idiot self wrinkled them.)


Theory 38 is the new athletic division of Theory, which provides fashion forward and functional workout gear! I missed their spinning class launch party during allergy season, but look at the goodies they sent me!




INVITE: I’m DJ’ing In Vancouver At Killjoy Bar x DJ Marvel & DJ Seko (7/18)

Come through if you are around! I’d love to meet my northern friends! I’ll be around until the 20th, making the rounds at all the cool locals spots! I can’t wait to see what Van City has popping. I’m bringing Stephen aka DJ HUGGY BEAR and we may be wearing matching outfits.

NEWS: Open A Civil Rights Case Against George Zimmerman (Sign & Share The Petition)

What can I say that hasn’t already been said, other than this is a terrible shame.

I don’t see this as solely a race issue, despite the fact that race has played a part…

I see this as the injustice that it is.

More than anything, a child was killed for walking down the street minding his own business.

He tried to “stand his ground” after a stranger followed him and he was killed.

If it was George Zimmerman in Trayvon’s shoes, I’d want justice for him also.

I just signed the NAACP PETITION to open a Civil Rights Case against George Zimmerman, if you would like to do the same you can click the link or CLICK THIS.


INVITE: Nike’s Mercer Stickball Classic x 21 Mercer x 6-9PM (TODAY)


Hey Guys! Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday. I have a last minute invite to all of you in the Manhattan area today…it’s Nike’s Mercer Stickball Classic Game. Some of you may remember that I played in their first stickball game in 2010 (Check HERE for that Blog Post).

Nike Stickball at 21 Mercer (2010)

We also trained at Stickball Blvd in The Bronx, where we learned the history and art of the sport from Bronx legends in the game (Check HERE for that Blog Post). It was an incredible experience and I am stoked to do it all again!

Stickball Blvd 2010


Come by if you are around today and cheer me and my team, The Manhattan Moppers, on…

Carolyn “CC” Concepcion
Chris Rodgers
DJ Soul
Eugene Tong
Felipe Delerme
Jessie Zapotechne
Jon Paul
Jonas Guerrero
Jonathan Mannion
Kevin Oberle
Lex Mestrovic
Scott Williams
Shaniqwa Jarvis

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