LIFE: Working In DC x Day Off Cookout With Amaris & Jamel x Day 2 (4.20.13)

Elle said, “post this photo on your blog and see if your readers can guess which bottle belongs to who. Starting from Right; The BBQ is Stephens, the water is yours since you’re so healthy, the ginger ale is Scott’s and the wine is mine since everyone probably thinks I’m an alcoholic”.

Day 2 of our DC trip was chill. We scooped up Amaris and she took us to the farmer’s market. Then we went to get groceries so we could have a little cookout at Jamel’s Mom’s house. Although I was exhausted beyond words, we set up shop and got to cooking. Before we knew it, the greatest team of all won the game (eh em, The Knicks) and we headed back to the hotel so my toddler self could get sleep.

The purchase of this air freshener by Huggy single-handedly ruined our trip experience and at the same time completed it. It had slipped out of its bag and was giving us all headaches, yet none of us threw it out. Every time someone got a strong whiff of it they had to say out loud “Black Ice”…and that happened a lot.

This homeless woman was just sleeping by the pool.

I was too hungry to take pictures before and during. So, as soon as I was done stuffing my mouth I took some flicks.

Young Scoozle and Jason

Amaris, DJ Huggy Bear (constantly playing chess) and Elle Clay

I rode my bike home after it was all done


We didn’t do much this day, just kicked it lazy style and before we knew it – the day was over. I was so beat, I was in bed by 8. From what I can tell DC is beautiful. We didn’t get to ightsee, then again I’m not the sightseeing kind of gal (I hate admitting that because it sounds so terrible). I was looking forward to Day 3, for the Broccoli Fest which I was hosting and DJ’ing at. Stay tuned tomorrow for that post!

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LIFE: Working In DC x DJ’ing The Howard Theatre Gala x Chaka Khan & More x Pre-Birthday Celebrations x Day 1 (4.19.13)

I was so stoked for this trip to DC for a few reasons. Mainly because I had never been before (at least I don’t think) and because I was playing selector at 3 events! I was originally booked to host and DJ at the BROCCOLI FESTIVAL on 4/21, then I was booked to host the after-party the same night with my friend Big K.R.I.T and the after-party to Howard Theatre’s Second Annual Gala Benefit on 4/19.

I made a meal for the road…you know, a little kale/tomato/cucumber/chick pea salad!

Basically, that all means I had a weekend to get to know DC. I decided to take my friends DJ Huggy Bear, Elle Clay and Young Scoozle on a road trip and we would meet our other friends Amaris and Jamel when we got to “Chocolate City” (thanks to Elle for informing me of the city’s nickname). It would be a sort of pre-birthday celebration for me…

Roy Rogers and Hot Fries


After driving in heavy traffic and a monsoon, for what seemed like 6 hours, we got to the hotel room and chilled for a little bit. We then got ready and headed out to the gala in pouring rain.

I met Chaka Khan and just look at her!!! She’s incredible and gorgeous and 60!!! She was also very sweet.

It was a very grown event and although we felt underdressed, we had a good time.

Raheem DeVaughn and Jaguar Wright

D.L. Hughley was also in the house…

There was an exquisite dessert bar…but, nothing was vegan :(

Then we headed out with our very sweet coordinator, Tiffanie Wagner, to the local club…Current (I think). It was fun, but soon we had to leave since clubs close at 2am there.

Tiffanie Wagner and Elle Clay

Haha, Elle looking at her Instagram. She posted a pretty hilarious photo of me and her…

The fellas! Young Scoozle and Huggy Bear

There was a hookah in the club. I still don’t quite understand the point of smoking from one despite having it explained to me by the  locals. I don’t know…

Afterwards we headed to The Diner for some late night food. Everyone said it’s “the spot” so we had to go. Of course I got a Greek Salad (no Feta) and steamed Brussel Sprouts and it was delicious and I was happy.

Stephen aka DJ Huggy Bear and his pancakes.


Since we got in at night and went to the hotel and to the venue, there was nothing I could report on my interpretation of the city. Everyone seemed nice and of course the architecture was incredible.

All in all, it was a fun night that had some glitches here and there. Traveling with anyone is hard, but traveling with friends while working can also cause some strain. It’s a difficult place…trying to find a balance between business and pleasure. Either way, we had some good laughs. More to come on Day 2 and Day 3 of our DC trip tomorrow and Wednesday.


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NEWS: I’m Spending The Weekend In DC! Come See Me!

Hey Peeps!

I’m doing so much great stuff this weekend in DC. Check out the flyers below and maybe I’ll see you and maybe we’ll take pictures for Instagram. Let’s do that, shall we?

And please…SUGGEST SOME THINGS! What should I see? What should I eat (vegan/raw for me and non-vegan for my friends)? Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m bringing Elle, DJ Huggy Bear and Young Scoozle. AND…my friend Big K.R.I.T. will be there! Oh yeah.


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RANDOM: My Birthday Wish List! April 23rd Is The Big Day!

Hey Boo’s & Babes.

My birthday is around the corner and just like I have done for the past few years, I have once again compiled my Birthday Wish List! Consumerism at its best! Okay, here goes and in no order of importance…

(I just realized that some of the same things that are on this list were on previous lists, so pardon the repeats).




My ladyboy style has evolved here and there into grown man steez. I drink whiskey neat from time to time and now I want a Vintage Gold Men’s Rolex. The chances that I might ever buy myself an expensive timepiece is slim to none, but hey – a tomboy can dream, can’t she?



Oh, the woes of being an adult and taking your home’s landscape seriously! I believe in buying affordable items (lord knows I own enough Ikea), but here and there adding in some fancy pieces. Enter, Starck’s Ghost Chairs. Sure, it’s just clear acrylic in the form of a simple chair – but I just love the way they look!


3. Black + Blum’s Thermo Pot: $42.00

I’m all about containers for food and beverages that are finely designed and healthy (BPA Free, etc). This little thermos is excellently put together and sleek, making bringing your lunch a fashion forward move!



Opening Ceremony can do no wrong. Everything they make is amazing and this little makeup bag is the perfect addition to my life.



This little gem has made my list every year. Great Jones is an exceptional spa for a local New York City breather. They have a water lounge that you can hang in with a sauna, hot tub, cold pool and steam room. From the moment I walk in, I forget that I am in the city and my stress melts away.



Hydration is super important, but it’s even more important not to drink from plastic water bottles…especially the ones we all mostly drink out of that has dangerous chemicals in them, just seeping out into our water. Klean Kanteen offers cute bottles made from BPA free stainless steel.



I’ve always wanted one of these bad boys, they are the best in the business. A good blender is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and the more I delve into vegan recipes, raw recipes and smoothies…I find that I definitely could use a Vitamix!



I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten this bad boy, especially being someone obsessed with cameras and Polaroids. I need to get it together!



And for the many cameras I own, having a good strap is necessary once you realize the stock ones that come with most cameras these days are dreadful.



Let’s face it people, it’s hard to stay organized with life throwing fast ones at you left and right. Between work and home, I need a good organizational system and Container Store has some really good products.


You could get me ANYTHING from this place and I would love you forever. One Lucky Duck has all the most delicious food, juices and treats that are RAW! All of my teeth are sweet teeth and eating raw desserts makes me feel less guilty about my inner fat kid.



Candles are just the bomb. They are the perfect gift and can please almost anyone. Diptyqe has long been creating classic candles that spruce up any space with a chic feel.



A good mix CD of music I don’t know, an inspiring second-hand book, a record with a nice design…something…anything fun and inspiring.



My longtime readers know my love for King Krule and his music. Formerly known as Zoo Kid, this young ginger boy stole my heart and then crushed it with his somber music – oh, how I love misery! Anyways, his site finally has fully replenished stock and I need some tees.




I told my readers a while back that I loved handmade cards and on my birthday found an inbox full of the sweetest notes I could ever have asked for…seriously! You can check out all of them HERE. Since we were just on the topic of King Krule, peep one of my favorite cards made by B. Denise.

If you feel like sending me some birthday love, email it to INFO@VASHTIE.COM!

Oh and I have to mention that I share a birthday with William Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, Michael Moore, Taio, Roy Orbinson, Dev Patel, Kal Penn, Jessica Stam, Jaime King! Yay for bull-headed Tauruses!


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SUPPORT: Third. Menswear Line : New York Fashion Week Debut (Kickstarter)

As some of my longtime readers may know – my dear friends Cedric Haughton and Anthony Hendrickson have a line called THIRD, which is “a new menswear line that is based on evolved minimalism through elevated layering.” A couple years ago I did a fashion film for them which was a fun experience. I’ve known them for years and not only are they kind and loving spirits, but they are extremely talented and trend-setting indivduals.

The world of fashion can get overwhelming and many of the brands you know and love have investors backing them. Third has (unfortunately) had to part ways with their investor and is now asking friends, family and peers to help support. In exchange, there are worthy rewards that Third will award for various amounts donated via KickStarter. Sounds like a good deal to me! Please check them out and spread the word!


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