WATCH: The Color Show Nail Art Factory with Erin Wasson x Featuring Vashtie x Polka Dots by Maybelline New York

Check out this cute mini-show by Maybelline that spotlights super hot model Erin Wasson sharing trends that translate into nail trends with her fun friends…like moi! Although, I realize I am so not fun. Peep my reaction when she shows

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FOTOS: More Dumb Late Birthday Photos via DowntownAtDawn.Com

Thanks to Adam Tetzloff from DowntownAtDawn.Com for these great images. Check out his FULL POST HERE for more, including a video of Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era Performing! While I watched Dee and Ricky pouring it up for people in

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LIFE: My Dumb Late Birthday Party x Joey Bada$$, Theophilus London, Q-Tip, Eli Reed, Kilo Kish, Kitty Cash, Illuminati AMS, DJ Brenmar, DJ Huggy Bear, DJ Wonder, Peter Rosenberg & More!

Yes, my “Dumb Late Birthday Party” finally happened last night. It came more than a month after my actual birthday (of April 23rd), but it still felt right. Why was it  a month late, you might ask? Well, I’ve been

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LIFE: A History Of My Birthday Parties & The Infinite Pain They Bandage

One of my very first birthday flyers (by Oscar Sanchez), circa 2004? I always wanted the nickname “Chainsaw” hence “Chainsaws Birthday Massacre”. ++++++++++++++++++++ For those of you who follow me and have been following me, you know all about my

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THROWBACK: Joe – “Stutter”

Thanks to reader, Robin, for sending this link. I couldn’t find it for so long and I do prefer this version better!

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STEELO: Julia Sarr Jamois

Jessica – Vintage Virgin Welcome to my latest addition to Vashtie.Com, titled…eh em…Steelo. It will be a new category spotlighting incredible style icons that I absolutely drool over. Like everything else I love and blog, it will range and expose various kinds

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SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: Vincent Gallo (To Have A Baby By Vincent Gallo You Need To Be A Millionaire)

I first stumbled upon this strange yet beautiful creature in the early 90’s starring in Calvin Klein ads. His striking looks either confused you or intrigued you. As time went on, I started to see him more often. If he

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Budweiser Bow-Tie Shaped Can x Made In America Festival

Special thanks to the folks at PMKBNC for sending me the brand new Budweiser Bow-Tie Can Package. It’s so cute and easy to grip! Can’t wait for the Made In America Festival. I needs to be there!  

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INTERVIEW: Surface To Air x Vashtie x Friday I’m In Love Playlist x Love Songs To Sweeten Your Weekend!

Thanks to my lovely friends Valentina Moreno and Pauline Wormser, over at Surface To Air, for asking me to be apart of their “Friday I’m In Love Feature”…where they asked me to put together 15 of my favorite love songs

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THROWBACK: 3LW – “No More”

3LW pulled onto the scene in the year 2000. During their 8 year music reign, they dropped some epic hits for being just “3 Little Women”. “Now you flipped the script, playa’ please.”

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