NEWS: Happy 55th Birthday Madonna (Mykki Blanco Birthday Song)

Can we all give a little bowing of heads for a moment. Whether you like Madonna or not, she has influenced music and those who followed after. I won’t name any names, but the biggest of them all have spent years being her understudy and have researched her moves only to spew out their water down version of her resume. Here, my friend Mykki Blanco gives thanks by making a cheeky video!

Mykki Blanco on Madonna on

WATCH: “Chi Raq” Dir. By Will Robson-Scott

Protein is very proud to present Chi Raq, a film by London-born photographer/filmmaker Will Robson- Scott.

The first in a series of exclusive commissions for Protein TV, Chi Raq is an intimate video portrait of life in South and West Chicago.

For the past decade, Chicago has been enduring a violence epidemic, with a death toll in the thousands and casualties mirroring the losses experienced by the US army in Iraq war over the same period. Allowing its subjects to take centre stage and tell their stories in their own words, Robson-Scottʼs film is unflinchingly honest in its depiction of life on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America.

Chi Raq by Will Robson-Scott from Protein® TV on Vimeo.

The full film will be released on Protein TV on 13th August 2013:

Film by Will Robson-Scott
Edited by Luca Campanale
Music by Lee Rosevere
Producer: Bridie Woodward
Executive Producer: William Rowe

Presented by Protein
Support from Plus

THROWBACK: Aaliyah – “Hot Like Fire”

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Brooklyn We Go Hard Paris (BWGH) – Thanks David Obadia!

I’ve been hearing great things about a brand named Brooklyn We Go Hard out of Paris. Not sure where the Brooklyn namesake comes from, either way – everything they create is tre magnifique! Luckily, the brands founder reached out to my friend Alex Sossah to gift me with pieces. I was stoked! It’s no wonder I love everything they make, it’s a menswear brand mainly and we all know how much I love to dress like a dude. Anyways, peep this adorable collaboration they made with Ronnie Fieg of Kith…

BWGH.FRspecialdelivery_oldlyme13 specialdelivery_oldlyme14specialdelivery_oldlyme16

photos by ELLE CLAY.


LIFE: Liming In Old Lyme – Dark & Stormy’s, A Thug Bug’s Life & Scott “Past Tense” Williams (2013)

We’ve been going to our friend Laura’s Country House in Old Lyme for the past few years now and every year we look forward to it like rain during a drought. As much as I hate leaving my city because I ended up missing it so, taking a break from New York in the Summer is a gift…no matter where you happen to go. New York residents pride themselves on the “New York Minute”, hustling and making moves faster than Speedy Gonzalez is the name of the game…which is exactly why a break is always needed. Anyways, we are all thankful to Laura and her family extended the invitation to all of us. Here is how the trip went. If you are a long-time reader you already know how we do…grilling, games and swimming.vashtie_oldlyme_201301Elle Clay asleep at the wheel…she lives on the edge.

vashtie_oldlyme_201302Greg Kubie and Rachel Levene with Young Scoozle in the way back…

vashtie_oldlyme_201303Funky feet…

vashtie_oldlyme_201304Funkier feet. 

I should also mention that we all decided that Vladimir The Fraidy Cat should come with us. It would be a couple hours in the car, but then he’d be free to be in nature for the weekend. He was found in the streets of Queens and I’m unsure if he’s ever seen grass in his life – this seemed to be something he should see. You know, experience life in nature…

vashtie_oldlyme_201305Yes thank you Lord…Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Krishna…

vashtie_oldlyme_201306Some heifers…

vashtie_oldlyme_201308Me and Elle…

vashtie_oldlyme_201309Rach and Greggles


While we were on the trip, Young Scoozle aka Scott “Past Tense” Williams was notified that he’d be playing in a big Nike Basketball Game #SummerIsSerious, after a competitive tryout on the court. Check out how he got the news…

vashtie_oldlyme_201310Dark and Stormy’s? Why, yes please.

vashtie_oldlyme_201311Elle getting ready to throw down on the court…

vashtie_oldlyme_201312We had to wait our turn until the boys were done…apparently chivalry IS dead.


Shortly after this shot, we witnessed some strange things in nature…things our human eyes shouldn’t have been forced to see. It was either a murder or a rape or both…it was a violent crime between two giant bugs. Neither of them looked to be the same kind, but one swiftly pummeled the other across the court just as I was in the middle of ball handling and shooting drills (my first time thanks to my jock friends). Then the one bug carried the other bug up the hoop. It was disturbing to say the least so we bounced to get food and hang by the pool.vashtie_oldlyme_201314Scoozle is ready…


vashtie_oldlyme_201316Nice catalog by Brooklyn We Go Hard and some excellent reading thanks to Juxtapoz.

vashtie_oldlyme_201317The corn hole competition was going strong…

vashtie_oldlyme_201318Cate Bell and Jillian…

vashtie_oldlyme_201321vashtie_oldlyme_201322 vashtie_oldlyme_201323 vashtie_oldlyme_201324 vashtie_oldlyme_201325

“That Bitch Sasha”. This little doggy was hilarious.vashtie_oldlyme_201326Elle wanted a macro shot of baby hairs…


vashtie_oldlyme_201328T: Cate Bell, Laura, Jillian, Young Scoozle, Greg Kubie. B:Elle Clay and Sheryl Swoopes

vashtie_oldlyme_201330I made a giant kale dinner salad!

vashtie_oldlyme_201331Scott made flank steak on the grill.

vashtie_oldlyme_201332Meat Plate…

vashtie_oldlyme_201333Vegan Plate…

vashtie_oldlyme_201334For dessert, Elle blessed us with grilled peaches drizzled with mole-asses and some ice cream! It was heaven sent and I made love to it in mind every day since.

vashtie_oldlyme_201335 vashtie_oldlyme_201336 vashtie_oldlyme_201337Kitty was mortified for a lot of the trip, mostly because he’s already a fraidy cat but also he’s never really been anywhere except to the vet and to Brooklyn during our Hurricane Sandy refugee days. I wanted him to see nature and I thought this experience would put some hair on his wussy chest. He was stoked on it when we were in the room with him, but when there was too much noise from other rooms – he bolted. Here he is taking advantage of Elle’s lower half…

vashtie_oldlyme_201338Grilled Squash and Onions.

vashtie_oldlyme_201339Greg had some incredible one liners during the trip: “Shut up, Idiot”.

vashtie_oldlyme_201340 vashtie_oldlyme_201342 vashtie_oldlyme_201341 vashtie_oldlyme_201346vashtie_oldlyme_201350vashtie_oldlyme_201347This frog popped out when I was in the hot tub and out of no where he starting hopping towards it. Suddenly he jumped in and I got so scared he would drown but then Laura scooped him out and we were all relieved that froggy didn’t die.

vashtie_oldlyme_201353The look on kitty’s face is like “I hate you. This nature is for the birds,  take my back to Manhattan”.

vashtie_oldlyme_201354Home sweet home!!!

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