LIFE: Heineken Friends & Family Holiday Dinner x Hosted by Vashtie x #HKNFF (12.19.13)


Special thanks to Heineken and Team Epiphany for giving me a fancy shmancy 50 person dinner at the W Hotel in Union Square. Music was provided by DJ Clark Kent and Photography was taken by Mel D. Cole. It was a true family affair…vashtie_heineken_12191301

Dress by Reformation. Shoes by Surface To Air. Bag by Janvier London.vashtie_heineken_12191302

Sabel Boo & Baby Boo on the rise (sorry Razor Ramon), Amaris, Jasmine Solano and Christelle.


Miles Chamley-Watson, Vashtie & Curtainsvashtie_heineken_12191304

Heron, Ruth and Vashtievashtie_heineken_12191305

Brandee Brown and Anna Sheffield.vashtie_heineken_12191306

When it came down to the menu, they knew they had to make vegan options for moi. I gave them a kale salad recipe that I make all the time and they actually made it! I was impressed! Yay!vashtie_heineken_12191307

Kunle Martins having fun with my Janvier London bag.vashtie_heineken_12191308 vashtie_heineken_12191309

Having fun with Miles Chamley-Watson’s fancy rings…vashtie_heineken_12191310

KK aka Kunle Martins and Me.vashtie_heineken_12191312 vashtie_heineken_12191313

Ferris Bueller, DJ Mirandom and Brad Clarke.

Curtains, Lisa Curtis, Tiffany Archer and Samn!vashtie_heineken_12191315

Tony and Rose Garcia!vashtie_heineken_12191316

Kunle Martins, Oscar Sanchez and Angelo Baque.

These dudes!vashtie_heineken_12191318

We were clearly stoked to be in the same room together!vashtie_heineken_12191319 vashtie_heineken_12191320

Teyana Taylor came through!vashtie_heineken_12191321

A-Trak too…vashtie_heineken_12191322

Wynter Gordon and Chad Easterlingvashtie_heineken_12191323

DJ Kitty Cash, Wynter Gordon and Brandee Brown

Ian Bradley, Ruth Gruca and Heron Prestonvashtie_heineken_12191325

Tiffany and Me.vashtie_heineken_12191326

DJ Clark Kent killed it…his sets are always on smash!vashtie_heineken_12191327

Angelo Baque, Savie Kola and Young Scoozle aka Scott Williamsvashtie_heineken_12191328

Miles Chamley-Watson & Vashtievashtie_heineken_12191329

The gals.vashtie_heineken_12191330

Sis!vashtie_heineken_12191331Wynter and Brandee Brown.


The night was a success and my peeps had a grand ole’ time. 

LIFE: NYC Moet Rose Lounge x Performance by Future x The Box NYC (12.17.13)

Invite - MLR NYC x Future[3][1]

Man, you’d think work would be quieting down as we near the holidays – but, absolutely not. Keep in mind that there are Holiday Dinners and Holiday Parties galore (which is work in itself to get dressed for, etc). But, when I heard about private Moet Rose party happening – there was no way I could turn it down or turn down when I got there.


It was my sister’s birthday, December 17th, and she came to visit me from Albany for the week (which I dubbed her birthday week). We went to a lovely dinner at The Standard Grill (my favorite) and then hopped in a cab through dirty slush to get to The Box for the soiree. It was black tie so we made sure to come correct; I was wearing my friend Yara’s line, Nomia, and my sister donned a seductive Aritzia number. Check it out…


Top and Skirt by Nomia. Jacket by Kenzo. Shoes by Surface To Air. Bag by Janvier Londonvashtie_moetrose_12171302

Savie and Me.vashtie_moetrose_12171303

My special made Vegan plate. Thanks!vashtie_moetrose_12171304

Steak…not mine.vashtie_moetrose_12171305

Happy Birthday Savie!vashtie_moetrose_12171306 vashtie_moetrose_12171307

The bar was ONLY serving Moet Rose and everyone in the place looked like a million bucks! Seriously. There were boy babes and girl babes everywhere, dressed to perfection!vashtie_moetrose_12171308

Acrobatics. Why not, it is The Box!vashtie_moetrose_12171309

Cayla Cousins and Vashtie.


Cayla Cousins, Vashtie & Elle Clay.vashtie_moetrose_12171312 vashtie_moetrose_12171313 vashtie_moetrose_12171314

Dee Twin. Where is Ricky?!vashtie_moetrose_12171315 vashtie_moetrose_12171316

Coltrane Curtis.vashtie_moetrose_12171317 vashtie_moetrose_12171318

Sister Sister…vashtie_moetrose_12171320 vashtie_moetrose_12171321 vashtie_moetrose_12171322 vashtie_moetrose_12171323 vashtie_moetrose_12171324

Curtains, Vashtie Tiffany Archer & Nigel Sylvester

Looking like the black Abba…Black Abba-tha.

LIFE: DJ’ing The Chloe Store x Wynn Las Vegas (12.14.13)


Last weekend was Miami with the Revolt TV family and this previous weekend was Las Vegas with my Chloe Family. So much traveling in such a short time has left me in a whirlwind, but I cannot complain…in fact I’m loving it. Meeting so many incredible people and gaining so many different kinds of experiences has me hungry for more!

My weekend Vegas trip was spent DJ’ing at the Chloe Store in the Wynn Hotel. It was a pre-Celebration to the Chinese New Year…which I learned at the party is, The Year of The Horse (You know how I love horses and feel about Horse Carriages)!

It was a fun trip – spent with my Chloe Friends, Arnaud and Alex. Samantha Jo Alonso came through also, it was nice to see her.

Breakfast at JFK.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141302

I think this is the Grand Canyon? It is unbelievably gorgeous. We Americans forget it, but America is truly beautiful. Hence, “America The Beautiful” – right?!
vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141303 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141304

Yay! My name.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141305

So, if some of you may recall. I did a Birthday Party at The Wynn Hotel in 2008 and I was given free hotel rooms for me and my friends. My room was a massive space, complete with a massage room…because you absolutely need those. It was so big, I was afraid to sleep there alone – you know growing up in the hood and in New York City has left me mortified of space because I’ve never had it. The room I had this time around at the Wynn encore was perfect! vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141306 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141307 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141308 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141309 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141310 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141311 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141312 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141314

Lunch with Arnaud & Alexvashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141313

I don’t think there are enough veggies here.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141315

My Chloe kit for the evening!vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141316


How adorable are these macaroons!vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141318

These fabulous Chinese babes and their midget friend.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141319

Me and my friend Arnaud! He is the sweetest!

Samantha Jo and her babe squad.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141321 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141322 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141323

Girl Talk after the party and before the dinner.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141324 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141325 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141326


Prom Pose at the Wynn Encore. We may never understand the decor of the Wynn Hotels, but we had despite the confusion.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141328

After dinner drinks at Gold Spike (Arnaud)

It was SO nice to get off the strip. Vegas is cool for its casino and club culture, but its not really true Vegas…at least it’s not the local vibe. Gold Spike was full of interesting locals and (analog) games for people to play: Cornhole, Giant Jenga, etc. It was a highlight of the trip and I wish we had something like that here in NYC.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141329Fun times with Friends!

The End <3


LIFE: Directing A Video For Porsche Design Blackberry 9982 x Fellow Artists Baron Von Fancy & More x Performance by Chairlift


A month ago, I was asked by the lovely folks at Karla Otto to direct a video using only the video/editing component of the sleek Porsche Deign Blackberry 9982. The video would be projected at fun event hosted at the Soho Porsche Design store. On deck, they had fellow artists; including my friend Baron Von Fancy making custom art for the event and more. They dressed me in their clothes…which I JUST found out about, that Porsche Design makes clothing and accessories. They have beautiful pieces! Check out the evening…PORSCHE DESIGN BLACKBERRY P'9982 Launch Party porschedesign_blackberry_1121131

Baron Von Fancy Art.porschedesign_blackberry_1121132

Hollywood Holt, Elle Clay, Josh Madden & Ramona Sildo.porschedesign_blackberry_1121133

Scott and Baron Von Fancy.porschedesign_blackberry_1121134 porschedesign_blackberry_1121135

Chairlift, hello?! They are amazing and the lead singer is enchanting, literally.porschedesign_blackberry_1121137Hollywood Holt sipping on champy’ in front of my video that I made for Porsche Design!

Did I mention the phone is incredible? It’s like holding a pair of angel wings that can execute incredibly.


Pictures of the Porsche Design Blackberry P9982 via my Instagram

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 8.59.26 AM Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 8.59.39 AMA clip of my Porsche Design Blackberry P9982 video being projected at the Porsche Design Store in Soho. Morrissey did not text me, I just thought – why not live out my fantasies since it’s a short film. And well…here it is.

PRESS: Vashtie Featured In Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 List x Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014 Issue (On Stands Now)


Whoa. I can’t believe the great love I’ve been getting this year – especially from Ebony. I’m extremely honored and blown away. Thanks to Ebony Magazine for all the support and to you who have supported me over the years…

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 1.24.28 AM

Let’s Connect, Politic, Ditto.

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