INTERVIEW: Vashtie & Vladimir for The Window at Barneys New York


Haha, yes you read that right. Me and this jobless son of mine were asked to be in a feature about fashionable people and their cats. Among some of the other amazing people featured Karen Elson, Harley Viera Newton and MORE!



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LIFE: Hooping with Black Rainbow & Friends – Terminal 23 New York City’s Jordan Gym (May 2014)

vashtie_basketball_520141Back in May – I got asked to hoop with my Parisian Friends from Black Rainbow Agency, Jay & Greg, which was super fun. I never get asked to play with the boys, probably because the ones that live state-side know that I’m a dud when it comes to playing sports. I think my Parisian friends knew that too, but they were down for some fun-filled hooping. I was excited and super nervous, just because I feel like I always end up indirectly getting hurt. Anyways. It was good times. The Jordan Gym, Terminal 23, provides you with a uniform and Jordans – but, since my feets were too small I improvised and brought my own…literally
vashtie_basketball_520142 vashtie_basketball_520143 vashtie_basketball_520144 vashtie_basketball_520145The space is incroyable! These photos are not :(vashtie_basketball_520146

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie for Into The Gloss – The Top Shelf (6.18.14)

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And another interview with your favorite bushy-browed lady boy! This one is even more amazing, because its INTO THE GLOSS which is top notch when it comes to fashion, style and beauty. Needless to say, I am stoked to be featured! Check it out, you can read about me and my organic beauty products as well as my holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Although, my Macadamia Beauty Products went a bit unmentioned because I was out – but, I use their leave-in for my messy locks.

Read the whole thang thang


IMG_1476-408x613 IMG_1492-613x408 IMG_1580-613x408 IMG_1593-408x613

My wardrobe and apartment are a Hypebeast Tween Boy’s Dream. I guess that makes me a Hypebeast Tween Boy…Oy vey!


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INTERVIEW: Vashtie on The Combat Jack Show (Audio)


Note to self…maybe never do an interview after 2 glasses of Rosé. Sometimes the perks of having a bartender friend that never lets your glass empty works against you in an interview. Ha, actually – it’s not that bad…I’m just being overly-critical I think. I got some good feedback from this interview on Twitter and Instagram, mainly from other folks who identified with a lot of what I said. I don’t know, you can be the judge…the judge to hear my annoying voice and more annoying ramblings.

Yikes. For someone who rarely talks that much to people I am not very familiar with…I rambled.

Thanks to Reggie Ossé and Premium Pete for a wonderful opportunity to sit and chat.

(There was also not so great feedback, which is always funny…)

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THROWBACK: “You Better Work” Violette New York Look Book by Amanda Lopez (2012)

After the success of the first VIOLETTE VINTAGE COLLECTION, which focused on Sportswear – we bring to you another batch in the form of 90’s Bustiers. Inspired by 90’s Supermodels and Fashion, here is “YOU BETTER WORK” shot by AMANDA LOPEZ.

Makeup by TAI LOTSON (@TaiLotson) & Hair by GABI CORNEY (@GabiDoesHair).






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