RANDOM: My Birthday Wish List! April 23rd Is The Big Day!

Hey Boo’s & Babes.

My birthday is around the corner and just like I have done for the past few years, I have once again compiled my Birthday Wish List! Consumerism at its best! Okay, here goes and in no order of importance…

(I just realized that some of the same things that are on this list were on previous lists, so pardon the repeats).




My ladyboy style has evolved here and there into grown man steez. I drink whiskey neat from time to time and now I want a Vintage Gold Men’s Rolex. The chances that I might ever buy myself an expensive timepiece is slim to none, but hey – a tomboy can dream, can’t she?



Oh, the woes of being an adult and taking your home’s landscape seriously! I believe in buying affordable items (lord knows I own enough Ikea), but here and there adding in some fancy pieces. Enter, Starck’s Ghost Chairs. Sure, it’s just clear acrylic in the form of a simple chair – but I just love the way they look!


3. Black + Blum’s Thermo Pot: $42.00

I’m all about containers for food and beverages that are finely designed and healthy (BPA Free, etc). This little thermos is excellently put together and sleek, making bringing your lunch a fashion forward move!



Opening Ceremony can do no wrong. Everything they make is amazing and this little makeup bag is the perfect addition to my life.



This little gem has made my list every year. Great Jones is an exceptional spa for a local New York City breather. They have a water lounge that you can hang in with a sauna, hot tub, cold pool and steam room. From the moment I walk in, I forget that I am in the city and my stress melts away.



Hydration is super important, but it’s even more important not to drink from plastic water bottles…especially the ones we all mostly drink out of that has dangerous chemicals in them, just seeping out into our water. Klean Kanteen offers cute bottles made from BPA free stainless steel.



I’ve always wanted one of these bad boys, they are the best in the business. A good blender is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and the more I delve into vegan recipes, raw recipes and smoothies…I find that I definitely could use a Vitamix!



I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten this bad boy, especially being someone obsessed with cameras and Polaroids. I need to get it together!



And for the many cameras I own, having a good strap is necessary once you realize the stock ones that come with most cameras these days are dreadful.



Let’s face it people, it’s hard to stay organized with life throwing fast ones at you left and right. Between work and home, I need a good organizational system and Container Store has some really good products.


You could get me ANYTHING from this place and I would love you forever. One Lucky Duck has all the most delicious food, juices and treats that are RAW! All of my teeth are sweet teeth and eating raw desserts makes me feel less guilty about my inner fat kid.



Candles are just the bomb. They are the perfect gift and can please almost anyone. Diptyqe has long been creating classic candles that spruce up any space with a chic feel.



A good mix CD of music I don’t know, an inspiring second-hand book, a record with a nice design…something…anything fun and inspiring.



My longtime readers know my love for King Krule and his music. Formerly known as Zoo Kid, this young ginger boy stole my heart and then crushed it with his somber music – oh, how I love misery! Anyways, his site finally has fully replenished stock and I need some tees.




I told my readers a while back that I loved handmade cards and on my birthday found an inbox full of the sweetest notes I could ever have asked for…seriously! You can check out all of them HERE. Since we were just on the topic of King Krule, peep one of my favorite cards made by B. Denise.

If you feel like sending me some birthday love, email it to INFO@VASHTIE.COM!

Oh and I have to mention that I share a birthday with William Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, Michael Moore, Taio, Roy Orbinson, Dev Patel, Kal Penn, Jessica Stam, Jaime King! Yay for bull-headed Tauruses!


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SUPPORT: Third. Menswear Line : New York Fashion Week Debut (Kickstarter)

As some of my longtime readers may know – my dear friends Cedric Haughton and Anthony Hendrickson have a line called THIRD, which is “a new menswear line that is based on evolved minimalism through elevated layering.” A couple years ago I did a fashion film for them which was a fun experience. I’ve known them for years and not only are they kind and loving spirits, but they are extremely talented and trend-setting indivduals.

The world of fashion can get overwhelming and many of the brands you know and love have investors backing them. Third has (unfortunately) had to part ways with their investor and is now asking friends, family and peers to help support. In exchange, there are worthy rewards that Third will award for various amounts donated via KickStarter. Sounds like a good deal to me! Please check them out and spread the word!


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NEWS: Photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis Site Relaunch

I love being surrounded by so many creative friends. I’ve been knowing Shaniqwa, affectionately nicknamed Shaq, since 2002! Since then she has always been a beaming ray of light, full of fun and immeasurable laughs. She also happens to be an incredible photographer that has traveled the world to shoot everything from Supreme to Stussy to her own collection of personal bathroom portraiture. Check out her site…


Watch her excitement for her new site captured in a video interpretation…which I love!!!

Jarvis Jam from shaniqwa on Vimeo.

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LIFE: Lamping At Beauty & Essex x Jonny Shipes, Elle Clay & Brock

When my manager Jonny Shipes asked if Elle and I wanted to have dinner on a lazy Sunday night, we were more than ready. After-all, “Boardwalk Empire” isn’t back on and what else do you do on a late Sunday night but clip your nails and wait until the last minutes of your weekend slip from your clutches and back into a manic Monday.

I’m a little feisty. Oh and no my pants are not leather, they are a coated denim. I got them for free and since my other clothes don’t fit because I lost so much weight, I wear these all the time. My friends laugh at me and call me Kanye.

Check out Jonny and I trying to take a picture, which was impossible…

This one was okay, but Elle said let’s take another.

Then Jonny wouldn’t stop talking mid picture and Elle had to yell at him and retake it a few times. Right before this one, she said “You look like a white Santa who doesn’t want to take a picture with a little black kid on your lap”. Hence me laughing…

Then we took this one and Elle yelled at Jonny because his eyes were closed but he retorted that his eyes are always closed! We settled on this even though she also said he looked like “A snowman holding a black twig”. Oh my friends and their love for me.

Pop A Wheelie. Some amped up Kuwaiti Guy (we know he was Kuwaiti because he told Elle) would not stop talk her ear off and he read her hat and said something along the lines of having a handlebar mustache and continued to tell her to ride his mustache. Yikes.


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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Supreme Spring Summer 2013

There was much more to photograph, but I’m cringing at the idea that I’m becoming “that girl…” so I didn’t shoot it all. Ugh. It’s like, what do you do? Readers ask to see pictures, especially product? It makes your skin crawl to do it, but it’s also not that bad and you should do since you blog…but before you know it, you’re “that girl…”. Yuck.

Hahaha. I amuse myself.

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RANDOM: Why Haven’t I Been Properly Blogging Lately?

Hey Guys…

As some of you might have noticed, I haven’t been properly blogging in my usual fashion lately. The reason you ask? Actually, I’m embarrassed to say that there is nothing in particular to take the blame…just life. As most of you know – I was in Paris for the Kenzo Show in March, then I had the flu for 3 weeks and lost about 15lbs from it (it was basically the Black Plague), took a few weeks after that to play catchup and now I’m here. I’m a Taurus and love routine, but after my routine was wiped out due to illness – I’ve been scrambling to get it back.


Me at the height of my flu with just enough energy for a selfie, tugging on my hair that hadn’t been washed in about 2 weeks because I had the chills. Also note: I sweated through about 4-5 shirts a day at a minimum. The moment I took this photo was also the moment that I realized I had lost a TON of weight. I always thought being super skinny would work for me, but when I tried my clothes on I looked like a pre-pubescent boy playing dress-up with his moms clothes. I’ve always stayed in a range of 118-130 since I was in Junior High (I was the same height in 5th grade that I am now, 5’4″) and prior to getting sick I was about 119lbs, but I’m positive I got down to about 105lbs at my sickest. Which means, I haven’t been at that weight since I was in about 3rd or 4th grade. That is so shocking. A few of you have left some concerned comments about my weight loss and I appreciate it. Hahaha, what if I was like “stay out my business” and @’ed the people who left the comments. I’m totally kidding and I really do appreciate the supporters I have that care. I’m gaining the weight back, slowly…but surely.


I will say that I am MUCH busier with a lot of behind the scenes work while juggling many different gigs, but I’d hate to be all “I’m too busy working to blog” blah blah.

I am very busy, as I’m sure you all are – so I won’t make any excuses. I will say that I promise to make time for you guys, because I do love you and appreciate the support. If you guys want to continue reading and seeing my posts, then I will carry on! In the mean-time, I offer you a Mariah Carey Video and some photos of things I haven’t had time to blog…


212 Tuesdays // The Darby (The night before I got the Black Plague)

Angelo Baque & Me

Angelo Baque & Hunter Muraira

Dee Twin, Ricky Powell & Ricky Twin

Bobby Waltzer (Two One Two), Young Scoozle & Sebo


I went to Miami for Winter Music Conference and I was so ready to take many pictures when my camera died after I took this photo…


I also went to Albany to attend a memorial for Jessica, my dear friend Dave’s fiancee. She was an absolute sweetheart who was loved immensely by everyone who knew her. I’m sad I didn’t have the chance to get to know her as well as other people did. Her life was taken too soon, but she won’t be forgotten. #breatheeasysmiley

While I was in Albany, I also found out that my father’s good friend who we affectionately called “Uncle Mike” also passed away. I remember him fondly, he was very loving and kind. I have wonderful memories of him from my childhood. He will be missed.

All in all, my Albany trip was nice but sad. I re-connected with some old chums and realized just how fast time flies and as resilient as life is, it’s also fragile. We must truly spend time with the ones we love…and the ones that you love, but are too busy to spend time with. I’ve spent too much time away from my hometown of Albany. I have my reasons, but…when events like these happen, those reasons don’t add up to much.

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LIFE: Jordan Brand Classic Opening Night x Hosted By Spike Lee x BAM (4.10.13)

Thanks to Kiran Prasher and the Jordan Brand Classic Family for inviting me out for an interesting evening. I didn’t know what to expect. I was told that the high school basketball stars playing in Saturday’s big JBC13 Game at Barclays would be in attendance and that Spike Lee would be also. Needless to say, I was stoked…stoked on Spike and not so much the underage boys, come on people!

Although I knew who would be in attendance, I had no idea what to really expect – or better yet, what to wear!!! I figured, I could always wear something that none of the fellas have – my very own Violette Jordan 2′s.

I greased up my legs real good because ya’ll know I stay ashy. Some people #BEENTRILL and I #BEENASHY.

I took a cab to Brooklyn…

As I walked in, I was approached by a very tall young man who immediately and politely introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and I’m from Philly. I’ll be studying Criminology at Arizona”. He was very sweet and very funny, I should have taken his picture – but, I found one online instead.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

Elle met up with me since I was in her hood. There was a photo booth setup and we took some awkward “Glamour Shots”.

There was also lots of food, candy and ice cream which basically meant – nothing that I could eat (*cries vegan, raw tears).

Datwon Thomas, 13th Witness and Hawaii Mike

I met Spike Lee! It was the second time I’ve met him actually. The first time I met him was at a party during my very first weekend living in New York City (another reason why I love this city). Anyways, of course he didn’t remember me and I didn’t bore him by bringing up the details. He was cool even though I hate meeting idols. It’s just never ever how you picture it. You always concoct some grand fantasy of how awesome it will be and you don’t factor in that (famous or not) people are people, and they have good moments and bad.

Afterwards, Spike and Sway had a live Q&A where Sway asked Spike questions and they screened clips from his greatest works! It was a great night!


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LIFE: Video of Trap Paradise II x WMC 2013 x Mannie Fresh, Vashtie & More!

If you weren’t there, peep the video for the fun we had at TRAP PARADISE!

“The creative female duo known as the 2DopeBitches held their second installment of their Trap Paradise party. If you didn’t get to go, just take a look at the recap video to see at what you missed out on. Hosted by Vashtie and 40 Oz Van, along with Mannie Fresh, who celebrated his birthday that night as well.” -via THE305.COM (http://the305.com/2013/04/08/recap-of-trap-paradise-video/#.UWXWe6tg8yE)

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LIFE: Joe Fresh One Of A Kind x 1 Year Anniversary x Modeled by Vashtie, Dee & Ricky, Kilo Kish & DJ Kitty Cash, Mr. Mickey, Michael Musto and More!

On April 3rd, 2013 Canadian Fast-fashion retailer, Joe Fresh, celebrated their 1 year anniversary in New York style. Select New York City residents were asked to model color-blocked ensembles up and down the Joe Fresh flagship store elevators. Models included; yours truly Me, Dee & Ricky, Michael Musto, Mr. Mickey, Steven Rojas, and more! Peep it!!!

Joe Mimran aka Joe Fresh and Me  (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Me  (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Dee, Brendan Fallis and Ricky (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Michael Musto & Mr. Mickey Me  (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Lynn Yaeger (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Ricky (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

DJ Kitty Cash, Janjay Sherman, Me and Brandee Brown (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

(Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

(Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Photobombed by Dee (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)


Following Photos by Elle Clay

DJ Kitty Cash and Kilo Kish

Rickster pouring up some Champagne

Brandee Brown

Dee photobombing me and Elle’s selfie

Me, Dev Hynes and Tracy Antonopoulos

Me and Peter Davis!


The End!!!

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Kenzo Quilted Blanket via Paris Fall 2013 Show x La Samaritaine

As you guys know, I was just in Paris for Fashion Week to play attend the Kenzo Fall 2013 Runway Show and to play their after-party at The Balajo.

The Runway Show took place at La Samaritaine, which was an incredibly beautiful vacant space originally used as a large department store and built in 1869. The place was decorative and filled with these massive and intricate stairways. The space was phenomenal but bone-chilling cold.

On the benches arranged for the show were these complimentary quilted Kenzo blankets, with buttons so that it could be worn as a poncho. They were printed with a giant Kenzo logo and the name of the space and the date of the show. There were different colors; from yellow to navy to mustard…

I sat on mine and then post show ran to take some footage of the models who had gathered across the staircase to be photographed.

I came back to find that my blanket was gone and I was terribly sad. I told the fine folks at Kenzo and they said they were fresh out…BUT THEN, out of nowhere…they found one and sent it my way!!! I am so happy and I am thanking my little stars for being bestowed this incredible piece!

Special thanks to the lovely folks at Kenzo and Letizia for taking care of me!

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SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: Method Man AKA Clifford Smith

I first got an eyeful of Method Man back in the early 90′s in the Wu-Tang “C.R.E.A.M.” video. As he intro’ed the video shaking crazily over a flaming barrel like a homeless man, it was even there that all my homegirls took notice. He was actually the massive crush of my best friend growing up, La’Kea.

Shirley, Me and La’Kea (circa 1990-something)

Recently, Elle and I were discussing 90′s boy babes and she reminded me about him…how could I forget!

Method Man was so cool and so hood. He was the kind of guy that scared and excited me, like he would snuff a stranger for looking at his girl the wrong way, but could hold an intellectual conversation about the universe with a foreign exchange student. The type of thug dude who wasn’t as weird as me, but was open to my strange interests and eclectic mix of friends.

His Wu roots added even more to his appeal, but it was also his style. He was different. He was down to go outside the box and at that time, no one in Hip Hop was trying to be “different” or “weird”. Take for instance the cataract contacts he first wore in the “Bring The Pain” video and then again in “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need” with the half-braided hair. His top and bottom gold fronts with fangs and that time he wore black contacts, piercings and metal fangs for a video…I mean, no one did anything like that and he’s even inspired rappers today to be a bit bolder (maybe he even inspired Tyler The Creator to wear the black contacts he wears).

Of course, it didn’t hurt that he also made music about love which exposed that he was a thug with a heart…ladies, who could say no to that? Take for example, the song (and video) that changed my life “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need”…what a street love ballad! Years later, he had the incredible track (and video) with D’Angelo “Breakups 2 Makeups” (which stars the incredible Vita).


-He was born on March 2nd 1971, which makes him 42 years old.

-His real name is Clifford Smith.

-He’s a Pisces.

-Is a member of Wu-Tang (I mean, you all must know that…)

-He was born in Hempstead Long Island, and split his time between his dad’s Long Island home and his mom’s place in Park Hill Staten Island (also nicknamed “Killa Hill”. He has 2 sisters named; Terri and Missy.

-In 1996 he won a Grammy for his song “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need” with Mary J. Blige which was based on “You’re All I Need to Get By” recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell  in 1967.

-In 1999 he became engaged to his wife and they married in 2001. He has four children: two sons (born in 1996 and 2001), and two daughters (born in 1997 and 2003 ).

-He can act! He has been featured on shows like; HBO’s “Oz”, The Wire, The Twilight Zone, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He has also acted in films like; Garden State, One Eight Seven, How High, Soul Plane, The Wackness, Meet The Spartans, The Sitter.

-Method Man is the first of the Wu-Tang Clan to produce a series of eponymous graphic novels for Hachette Book Group USA’s imprint Grand Central Publishing (to be followed by GZA and Ghostface Killah). (via Wikipedia)

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INVITE: 2 Dope Bitches Presents Trap Paradise in Miami x Hosted By Vashtie x Featuring Mannie Fresh, 40 Oz. Van & More (3.22.13)

If you’re in town or you live in Miami, come through and say hello!

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SUPPORT: Please Vote For My Friend Edward In PETA’S Sexiest Vegan Next Door Contest!

Eddie, Dave and Me. Denny’s Parking Lot, Guilderland New York circa late 90′s.

I’ve known the boy since I was 12! He (and my other dear friend Dave) was one of the only white people in my neighborhood. I’d see him and Dave skating around and I can’t remember how exactly we met, but once we realized we were neighbors – we hung out all the time! Edward, known affectionately as “Eddie” back then, put me on the the world of Straight-Edge and Veganism. I had already been Vegetarian for a minute before meeting him, but after getting to know him – he taught me so much about animal cruelty and the food industry. Hey, who says kids are always up to no good? He took me to buy all my Vegan groceries at age 14 and although I had relapses here and there, I pretty much haven’t looked back. Come to think of it, he really shaped my outlook on food and diet.

Anyways, I got word that he is entered in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door Contest and I absolutely had to share the word! I haven’t seen this guy in a long time, but according to this photo and his Instagram (and his site EDBAUERFIT.COM) - he looks great and deserves the title. Please, please vote for him – it takes 2 seconds, literally!



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LIFE: MADE for Macy’s Impulse Launch Party at Milk Studios #Made4Impulse (3.11.13)

Vashtie March 2013 at Milk Studios, NYC #Made4Impulse (via My Instagram)

Post-Flu and I’ve lost so much weight! I even got confused for the headlining performer, Angel Haze, who if you don’t know is a slim little thing! Ugh, I’m going to binge on tofu steak dinners and cashew milkshakes tonight.


Vashtie & Yara Flinn (Nomia NYC)

On Monday I ventured out into the cold. I was suffering from the flu for about 5 days and was feeling much better in my delirious mind. I had to attend since the lovely folks at Made had invited me to their event in such a classy way…they sent me clothes and paid my hair and makeup team to jazz me up for the evening. They even gave me a car service to and fro…I felt like I was on the best date of my life.

Elle’s footwear for the evening. I customized her Timbs for her. I went for a Pollack motif. What’cou think?

Galaxy Girls

An old drag queen and Ty

ELLE CLAY was my partner in crime for the night. The event was lots of fun, but after an hour I started to feel sick and woozy all over again. I realized that I may had jumped the flu-gun and decided to hustle home and throw on my jammies while seeking refuge on the couch.

Anyways, you should definitely check out the collection. Basically, MADE is sort of like the CFDA and how they sponsor up and coming designers and help to facilitate their fashion show needs for fashion week. Instead of working with bigger designer and helping them get to Lincoln Center, they help smaller and more avant-garde designers fulfill their fashion dreams…which is super cool if I do say so myself. Some of their designers teamed up with Macy’s for their Impulse Collection to create greatness…affordable greatness, I might add! Find the full collection, HERE

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Discuss: To Blog Or Not To Blog…How Social Media Continues To Confound Me!

This Digital Age of Social Media and Mass Communication is a strange one for many reasons. It’s mostly a strange place to be in because so much information is being thrown at us for process that it’s hard to make sense of it in the moment…like “Is having a Facebook account a good idea?” or “Do people need to know my personal opinion on everything that goes on in the world via Twitter?”. We’re in a difficult space to form a routine around constantly changing digital trends…

Also, because this place is so new and ever-changing…we have no previous existing model to compare it to. It’s not like we can call our Mom’s and ask “Hey Mom, how did you find your voice and form a routine within Social Media when you were my age?”. We all have to figure it out as we go.

But – if you’ve noticed, not all Social Media channels are created equal. Of course they all specialize in different areas, but even the criteria for being popular varies significantly. For example…I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 (5 years) and I have 38,000 Followers and I’ve been on Instagram since 2011 (2 years) and I have 83,000 Followers. I don’t even know how to explain that…

I’m constantly battling which Social Media channels to keep on and which to turn off. Right now, I reluctantly have all of these:

Blog// Vashtie.Com

Instagram// @Vashtie

Twitter// @Vashtie

Facebook// Facebook.Com/Vashtie.Kola


I mean, I love Instagram but do I seriously need Facebook AND Twitter? Does having a Tumblr make any sense? Is Blogging what is used to be? Its hard to answer these questions. Others offer advice, but we all do different things – what works for one person doesn’t work for another.

Anyways. This long rant is coming from Social Media overload. I love blogging and have been doing it since 2007 (6 years), but it feels like Instagram is a quick fix for satisfying the visual share in the actual moment. I love engaging with people who follow me and my work on Twitter, but does that leave Facebook obsolete? I just don’t know ya’ll…BUT I guess I couldn’t really have a conversation like this anywhere else, huh?

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for your well wishes! I hope you all are doing well!!!

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LIFE: A Weekend In Paris x DJ’ing Kenzo’s AfterParty at Balajo x Lady Miss Kier x Fun at Le Pompon & More!!!

Selecting at Le Pompon, Paris 3/2013

It has been so long that I have blogged. I got busy like we all have, but then I got called away to work in Paris (which you are about to read about) and then I got sick when I got returned. I was blindsided with the flu! Today is the first day I’ve felt somewhat normal and so…Vashtie has returned to her .Com. Are you with me?

A couple weeks ago my old friend Nadege Winter from Paris reached out asking if I was available to play music for the Kenzo afterparty during Paris Fashion Week. I was more than down! As some of you may already know, Paris is probably the only other city I could ever live in outside of New York…and I base that solely on the handful of short trips I’ve spent there and my love for French New Wave Cinema (don’t judge me).

via My Instagram

I met Nadege in 2004 and was reunited with her when Oscar and I did 1992 in Paris at the end of 2007. She was one of the guest DJ’s that our friends Pain O Chokolat had booked for our Paris/Amsterdam dates…POC has now gone on to do bigger and better things; Pigalle, Le Pompon. Nadege has also continued making strides and now has her own agency, Nadege Winter Agency, which is adorably nicknamed NWA.

It’s amazing how much has changed in just 6 years. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to revisit Paris…


The Louvre

Shame I’ve never been there. Double shame that it was the first Sunday of the month and admission was free. I had so much to do and only had time to get equipment from the Apple Store. Took a couple picks though…

Wolford Tights.

Ladies, if another lady friend hasn’t told you about these gems then it’s time you know. My friend Cristina Vallecilla put me on years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Basically this lingerie/hosiery company has super soft products that will live for years…run-free. They are pricey, but when you consider how long they will last – it’s worth it. I also wear these Merino tights under jeans during the winter for an extra layer of warmth. These were cheaper to buy in Paris…score!

On our way to the our friends club, Le Pompon. I forget this beauteous things name. Feel free to add below.

We ran into our darling London babe friend Irene!



Some of the clothes that Kenzo let us borrow for the show and the afterparty. I had some decisions to make…

Later that evening I played selector alongside DJ Lucas Tutus at Le Pompon

Lucas Tutus and Deirdre Maloney (Capsule)

Me, Deirdre & Ty

Jay Strut, Natalie Levy and Me.

Best virgin drink I ever did have…look, I can’t drink on the job.

Ben Detrick & Natalie Levy.

Basically everyone I knew in New York was in Paris for Fashion Week.

My dear Charaf Tajer

Stephane Ashpool! He’s a super sweetheart!

…and Stephane and I in 2007 (Patta Store, Amsterdam).

I met a nice young lady who follows my work. When taking a cell phone selfie didn’t work, I offered a blog picture post! Nice meeting you darling!

via My Instagram



My Kenzo head to toe look for the runway show…



After the 10 am morning show, we headed back to our hotel rooms and tried to nap. My jetlag mixed with the guilt of trying to nap while in Paris would not let me rest. My friend Tom Brunet planned on scooping me via scooter. It was a good thing I was so dazed from lack of sleep, otherwise I might not have agreed to the ride. He assured me that it’s the way most Parisians travel and although I was scared for dear life – it turned out to be the best and only way I could have seen Paris the way I did.

There was so much I had never seen of the city before, I fell in love over and over again. Tom took me to meet with our mutual friends Valentina and Alex Sossah in the Marais. It was a really nice time…



via VMAGAZINE: Oscar & Vashtie at the Kenzo Afterparty, Paris 3.3.13

Nadege Winter & Vashtie

Yara Flinn swarmed by Parisian Men, Tom Brunet & Friend

Capsule Crew!

Valerie Von Prisk, Tyann Jackson & O.

Robyn & Me.

I love Robyn and her music so much. She’s the tiniest and sweetest thing in person.

Carol Lim & Me.

Carol and Humberto do so many incredible things! They totally inspire me!

Oscar and Humberto Leon.

I loved my shoes for the evening…although I didn’t dance much in them.


Technically those 2 bottles were mine and I only got one glass. It’s ok, because I don’t think I could have finished all 3 bottles myself. Well, I could have…it just wouldn’t have ended pretty.

Solange Knowles came through after her show, which I heard was amazing.

Mixed-ed Girls…

Lady Miss Kier!!! I could have thrown up upon seeing her. She’s so exciting and incredible! I love her.


Phewwww! That was a lot of blogging after a lot of non-blogging. My head hurts now, are you happy? Just kidding, but it does hurt – it’s just not your fault, pumpkin.


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SUPPORT: Don C. For Jordan “Be Bold Be True x Ebay Auction For Big Brother and Big Sisters of America

Don C. collaborated with Brand Jordan to make 37 exclusive and limited edition pairs of Air Jordan 1′s and a signature BHM Just Don Snapback, as you probably already know! It’s the last day to benefit and extremely worthy cause and get yourself some super exclusive pieces! HURRY!



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NEWS: Violette New York Releases Latest Violette Vintage x Metal & Concert Tees!

My good friend Elle Clay always laughs when an interview or article refers to me along the lines of a “Hip Hop Princess” or anything to that effect. “They don’t know that you’re a dirty white boy underneath it all?!” she always exclaims.

My love for Metal and Rock has deep roots. Although I grew up in the hood (and love Hip Hop), I befriended a lot of young white boys who skated and bmx’ed in my downtown area of Albany. They put me on to a lot of great things; like Hardcore & Metal Music. I was already into Rock Music from my own interest (Metallica & Guns N’ Roses), but I’m sure MTV and my sister helped to influence that.

Anyways, some of the cool local hangouts where I grew up included a venue called the QE2 where most good shows occurred - mostly hardcore and metal shows. Any kid with brains who wanted to be out of the clutches of their parents at home knew to be where all the cool happenings were happening and I was one of them. I got to see a lot of great performances and shows, and I learned a lot about the culture…mainly to stay far away from the pit, but to always have your arms up to shield yourself just in case.

This shoot was fun and exciting. After compiling and editing the shirts we would shoot, the idea of painted faces came quite naturally. Kiss and The Misfits were big on stage dramatics and makeup, so it only seemed right to do the same. Although Pearl Jam, Lollapalooza and Sublime don’t fit the category of Metal whatsoever – I just really liked the shirts and wanted to add them in also.







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NEWS: New Violette Vintage Collection x “Faces Of Death Metal” Releases Wednesday 2/27/13

Violette New York is dropping another collection & lookbook of Vintage pieces on Wednesday February 27th. This time, the collection is based solely around Metal and Concert Tees – something very dear to my heart. We teamed up with super talent Amanda Lopez once more and make up wiz Camille Thompson. It was an all-girl revue and lots of fun! I think you guys might dig the stuff. Stay tuned.


Let’s Connect, Politic. Ditto:

Instagram: @VioletteNewYork

Twitter: @VioletteNewYork

Facebook: /VioletteNewyork

Tumblr: VioletteNewYork.Tumblr.Com


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LIFE: Surprise Birthday Celebration For Steve Nash + Studio Museum In Harlem Gala + I Met Chuck Close!!! (2.4.13)

I got invited to my first gala ever. Do you say it like “GAY-LUH” or “GAH-LUH” or “GAY-LAY?” Hahaha just kidding on the third variation.

Anyways, Elle Clay was my date and we dressed to our personal 9′s. I say “our personal 9′s” because wearing anything other than boots, jeans and chapstick is our personal best. We arrived to find that we were severely underdressed, as the other ladies came in cocktail dresses and formal gowns. Oh well, we were comfortable and that’s all that mattered.

AND…I met Chuck Close!!! The Chuck Close…photographer and painter!!! I got so stoked that I started to get super nervous. Elle looked at me so crazy. I looked like a bird at All-Star Weekend. We went over and I apologized for the disturbance, but let him know I was a fan and that as an artist myself – he inspired me! He was very kind and allowed me to take a photo. YES!!! Here’s just a little something-something of his work.

Drinks and hor d’oeuvres were flowing. I was still fasting then, so I had myself some fun seltzer (*emphasis on the fun…NOT).


Did I mention I was dressed like a toddler? Oh no? Check me out! I’m wearing Pull-Ups underneath.

Marcie Cleary, Yahonnes Cleary & Lisa E. Davis

Marcie was a doll of a Southern Belle, who made her way over to let me know she read my blog.

She introduced herself and was a pleasant encounter. I like meeting nice people!

There was a dinner at Cipriani after the drinks, but Elle and I had to meet Young Scoozle so we could attend the surprise birthday celebration for our friend Steve Nash. We hustled in the freezing cold to hang with our bud, who is the NICEST…seriously one of the most genuinely nice people you could ever meet.

Steve Nash and Me.

Steve Nash, Elle Clay and Young Scoozle aka Scott Williams


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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Surface To Air, Opening Ceremony Forfex & DKNY & B.Wood

Nothing is better than getting goodies and during NYFW I was blessed to get some fun things! Check out the pieces that I got from SURFACE TO AIR, thanks to Valentina! I cannot wait to wear everything! Blog posts coming soon.

Vladimir The Fraidy Cat approves of the new threads!

Cannot wait to wear these bad boys!

Check SURFACETOAIR.COM for more!


Oh yes!!! My boo thang from Opening Ceremony, Jacky, set me up with some sick Forfex Boots and a DKNY tee. I picked up a couple extra pieces (*staring at my nails).

Having a cat means you can’t have anything nice. Hence the Supreme towel all scratched up…tisk tisk.

And you know this…Jacky!

Peep OPENING CEREMONY.US for information on my goodies!


Special thanks to Brian Wood for my B.Wood Valentine!

Check his clothing at BRIANWOODONLINE.COM!

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NEWS: TwoOneTwo.US Site Launch & Collaborations With Vashtie + Scott Williams, Angelo Baque, Baron Von Fancy, Aaron Bondaroff & More – Functional Art Objects & Clothing

Introducing TwoOneTwo.Us. A brand new brand by Bobby Waltzer that specializes in making functional art objects and clothing and collaborate with people whose aesthetic inclinations they admire. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

Young Scoozle aka Scott Williams and I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with them on a Violette Fire Extinguisher. Again, a piece with an artistic and functional aesthetic. Display it as a sculpture and use it in case stuff goes down and flames ensue.

The 212 Fire Extinguisher retails for $438 and was produced in limited quantities.




Peep the site for more incredible collaborations with my homies: Angelo Baque, Baron Von Fancy, Aaron Bondaroff and more! Pieces range from Button Up Shirts to Feather Pens to Risque Door Mats and More! Prices range from 7$ and upwards.


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NEWS: George Zimmerman Apparently Eats His Feelings x “What’s Happened In The Trayvon Martin Case Since You Stopped Paying Attention” via ThinkProgress.Org

Thanks to my friend Suzy for sharing this on Facebook.

It’s a weird and interesting read. I get the point of the articles titles, but I also think we all cared deeply about the terrible death of Trayvon but then got bombarded with so many other things that gets thrown at us in this digital/communication age. I don’t know if we all stopped paying attention, but rather got down about so many other issues; ie: Sandy Hook, Tropical Storm Sandy, Meteors in Russia, etc.

One of the weirdest thing that’s happened is that George Zimmerman has gained 105lbs! He clearly eats his feelings, but what feelings are those? When I’m sad, depressed or feeling…I don’t know…GUILTY…I have a loss of appetite. When I’m happy I eat everything in sight. Let’s hope he’s not like me in that regard.


Here are 8 things that have happened in the Trayvon Martin Case Since…we last checked in (rather)

via ThinkProgress.Com Written By Judd Legum

“It’s been nearly a year since George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old on his way back to his father’s townhouse. In the weeks following the shooting, the story captured the nation’s attention, culminating with Zimmerman being charged with second-degree murder last April.

But as the story has receded from the headlines, the legal case has plodded along and the trial is likely to be completed this summer. Here’s what you may have missed:

1. Zimmerman has spent over $300,000 in donations over the last year and is desperate for more funds to finance his defense.Zimmerman has “spent more than $125,000″ on living expenses — not including security — over the last year. His lawyer acknowledged that “Zimmerman’s personal spending may seem exorbitant.” Zimmerman is considering asking the court to declare him “indigent, meaning the public would have to pay for Zimmerman’s defense.” Zimmerman was also sued by a security company for unpaid bills. [Orlando Sentinel,1/20/2013; Miami Herald, 12/27/12]

2. The trial has been set for June 10. Zimmerman recently asked for a delay of the trial until November but a judge denied his request. Zimmerman’s lawyer says it is “physically impossible for us to be prepared” for trial at that time. A separate proceeding, essentially a mini-trial, to determine whether Zimmerman is immune from prosecution due to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, is scheduled for April 22. [Orlando Sentinel, 2/5/13; Headline News, 2/13/13]

3. New forensic analysis “casts doubt on Zimmerman’s timeline on the night he shot and killed the unarmed teen.” The analysis was done by “Michael Knox, a retired Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective and crime scene investigator.” According to Knox, “based on the times and distances Zimmerman said he covered, Zimmerman would have still been on the phone with Sanford police when he claims he was attacked by Martin.” Knox says that other aspects of Zimmerman’s story, like the claim Martin was leaning over him at the time the shot was fired, are supported by forensic evidence. [News 4 Jacksonville, 2/10/13]

4. Zimmerman has gained 105 pounds. [Orlando Sentinel, 1/20/2013]

Zimmerman in February 2013. AP Images.

5. The defense team acquired Trayvon Martin’s school records.According to Zimmerman’s lawyers “some information in Trayvon Martin’s file could be relevant in the defense of George Zimmerman.” State prosecutors and the Martin family attorney opposed Zimmerman’s efforts to acquire the records arguing “because Zimmerman did not know Trayvon before the Feb. 26 shooting, the teen’s past was not a factor in the case.” [Orlando Sentinel, 1/16/13]

6. Zimmerman is suing NBC News. In the suit, Zimmerman claims NBC unfairly portrayed him as a “racist and predatory villain.” [ABC News,12/6/12]

7. The judged denied Zimmerman’s request to be removed from GPS tracking. [Fox Orlando, 12/11/12]

8. Trayvon Martin would have turned 18 on February 5. [Huffington Post, 2/5/13]“


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LIFE: Luar Zepol FW 2013 Show x “Rayo Esquisito” x Theophilus London, Plain Pat & Mimi Harris, Brenmar, Telfar Clemons & More! (2.13.13)

Luar Zepol was the last show I attended and what a perfect way it was to end NYFW 2013. As you may know, Raul Lopez is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Seeing him flourish and really blossom into his own with his line Luar Zepol has been incredible. He’s immensely talented and a fascinating character that everyone absolutely loves after spending just 2 minutes with him (seriously).



All of our friends came out to support!







Boutique Owner BLAKE SCOTLAND, Singer SHYVONNE, Girl About Town AMARIS & Stylist RADIO ROSE GARCIA




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INVITE: Kwikstep & Rokafella in “Innaviews” x Teatro Pregones Theater x February 14th, 2013

The other night I had the distinct honor of meeting legendary BBoy and BGirl, Kwikstep & Rokafella, at the Video Music Box 30th Anniversary. This married dance duo started a dance collective in 1996 called Full Circle and have done a slew of things including writing and producing their own semi autobiographical play titled “Innaviews”.

The New York Times wrote: “…They (Kwikstep & Rokafella) are also funny and very, very smart. That playful intelligence is one of the points of “Innaviews,” a series of devastatingly on-target interviews in which Rokafella and Kwikstep impersonate characters intent on discovering the heart and history of hip-hop

If you are around, I urge you to see the show. I have yet to see it myself, but it’s imperative we support one of the crucial elements of Hip Hop like BBoying which is unfortunately losing popularity these days.


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LIFE: A Quick History Of Hood By Air + HBA F/W 2013 x Boy Child, Genevieve Jones, Aaron Bondaroff (2.10.13)

Hood By Air Show at Santos 2009

A couple days ago someone asked me if I knew the Hood By Air dudes. I almost retorted as brash as a Valley Girl…”OMG. Um, Hello?! I’ve known Shayne Oliver for the past 10 years. He used to teach me how to vogue in my apartment!”. I’ve been blogging about Hood By Air since I started blogging. It’s incredible to see how much they’ve blown up. To some, it might seem like they came out of nowhere – but, Shayne Oliver (a fellow Trini) has been grinding for the past 10 years that I’ve known him and probably for the years that I didn’t know him.

Raul Lopez (formerly of Hood By Air, now has his own label Luar Zepol), Shayne Oliver (Hood By Air), Anthony Hendrickson (Third New York) and Vashtie (Violette, boo ya) New York City 2006


I even started the very popular Hood By Air TV…starring Shayne Oliver and Raul Lopez (who has started his own avant-garde label, Luar Zepol). The show definitely needs a comeback! Anyways, I’m so so so happy for Shayne and Hood By Air. To see them blowing up and having the world take notice maks me feel all warm inside. They’ve come a long way! Check out the episodes!!!


Genevieve Jones and Crew! She told me to sit on her lap and I was so afraid I’b break her!

Boy Child gave a great performance and walk…

Aaron Bondaroff aka Downtown Don and Oscar 1992



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LIFE: En Noir Fall Winer 2013 Presentation x Milk Made x A$AP Rocky, Mark McNairy, Leo Vazquez,

I feel like everyone who attends NYFW this season should have been given a trophy. It’s such a crazy time, running from show to show…but this time we were cursed with a snow storm and freezing temperatures that made it almost impossible to dress for. Under my jeans in the photo above, I’m wearing Nike Hyperwarm Pants so that I could keep my blood warm. Oy vey.

Josh Madden

Leo Vazquez

After the models walked, we were urged to walk alongside time to take a closer look. It became super packed and hard to walk through…

Oh hello there.

Ran into Rocky during the death trap they had us in. I’m claustrophobic so I was convinced we would all suffocate.

Jon Buscemi, Me and Dennis (Mighty Healthy)

William Yan, Josh Madden and Ricky Twin

Mark McNairy, Deirdre Maloney and Loic Villepontoux


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LIFE: Jill Stuart FW 2013 & Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Fall Winter 2013 x Kim Gordon, Kim Ann Foxman, & More! (2.9.13)

The morning after Blizzard Nemo and the New York City streets were covered in powder white snow and black slush. I arose early since I had been personally invited to attend the Jill Stuart Runway Show and was outfitted in only the finest Jill Stuart threads. I super stoked to say the least. Although I had picked out the suit I would wear, when it arrived to my door I was surprised to find that the suit jacket had no buttons (unlike how I saw it in the look book) – which meant, I would be boobs out with the lace shirt I was to wear underneath. I emailed the lovely ladies of Jill Stuart and asked how they suggested I wear the suit and they simply replied; “a black bra with the jacket open”. “Yowsers”, I thought. Somehow in my half sleep state mixed with the impending anxiety of walking out in the snow with 5 inch platform wedge Jill Stuart shoes, I overlooked my insecurity of wearing a lace shirt with just a black bra.

Front row goodie bag! Always a nice touch!

I’m clearly not a fashion blogger, hence the not so perfect photos. It’s hard to adjust your camera as these gorgeous gazelles are parading swiftly down the runway!

After the show, Jill Stuart came out and let me say – she is a stone cold fox. The photo is terrible, but just google her!


Afterwards, I had to run to the 1:30pm Fall/Winter 2013 Presentation by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Luckily, it was Downtown – which makes everything easier for a Downtown gal like me. I met with Oscar for a green juice right before and we ran into Kim Ann Foxman, super sweetie pie musician who modeled with me in the DKNY for Opening Ceremony Ad.

Let me just say this Presentation was incredible! 5 bands performed in various areas of the St. Marks Church, one at a time. It felt like I was at some Manso/60′s Art show as go-go dancers in the middle of the space danced atop platforms. Models were scattered around the bands wearing the collection, even Chloe stood alongside and participated – as they all stared eerily and blankly into the crowd.

Oscar 1992 & Humberto (Opening Ceremony)

Kim Gordon!!! Yes, yes. I wanted to jump on stage and embrace her – but, I decided it might be better to just watch the show like a normal person.

Mr. Mickey and Me (wearing an Opening Ceremony sweater, Supreme belt and 3×1 Raw Denim)

Sean Risley and Me!

Work, Chloe!!! Yes!!!

Light Asylum performs

Heron Preston & Oscar 1992

Carol Lim (Opening Ceremony) and Me.

Thanks for the goodie bag Chloe and Opening Ceremony!




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LIFE: The New Radicalisms x A Solo Show By Brock Fetch x Jasmine Solano, Roofeeo & More! (2.9.13)

Mister Brock Fetch is the man. I was first introduced to this guy by my friend Josh Madden. We had a super rad vegan dinner and chatted about all things that we face as artists today. I respect this guy and his work incredibly so that I made my way through the Blizzard of Nemo to support!

Read this clip from his 5 Questions Interview by Nylon Guys Magazine:

In the digital era, Brock Fetch’s film photographs are a rarity. The Seattle native lives a good half hour from his closest internet connection, which makes his weekly blog updates that much more cherished to his loyal and growing fan base. Within minutes of meeting Brock it’s pretty obvious that his camera is less of a tool and more of an extension of his right arm. Fetch is known for the array of subjects and candid photos he achieves, but his simple secret is that photography isn’t his career but more of a lifestyle. A strong family devotion carries over into his work as the photos he captures are more moments than pictures. The adventures, cast, and characters of Brock’s world can be seen HERE.

Sally Vitello and Me!

Me and Jasmine Solano

Her photo was my favorite!



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LIFE: Dinner At Cafe Select With Theophilus London, Alex Sossah, Valentina Moreno & More (2.7.13)

Its been too long since I’ve kicked it with international superstar Theophilus London. For those of you who aren’t long-time readers, Theophilus and I have been buds since 2008 and since then he and his music have exploded worldwide. We made time to kick it in the city where we live at Cafe Select, along with some friends!

Jalil Peraza, Theophilus London, Watts, Alex Sossah & LVRS Tracy (Spring Street, New York City)

Valentina Moreno & Alex Sossah

French Babe Crew!

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LIFE: Aaron Young x Surface To Air Presentation x Locals Only x Leo Fitzpatrick, Theophilus London & More x Fashion Week Cray Begins (2.6.13)


My head has literally been spinning. Fashion Week in New York is like picking up a second job that is cute, but a ton of work. I know, it sounds so pretentious – but, it’s exhausting. Now when I see snapshots from fashionable folks who attend shows I give them props! Especially during harsh weather…like the blizzard windy cold of New York. It’s a lot to work for a living then attend all these shows while looking your personal best.

Anyways…NYFW kicked off and I began my week with Surface To Air’s latest collaboration with Aaron Young! It was a great presentation and I got to kick it with some old friends like; Leo Fitzpatrick, Theophilus London and More! Oscar was my date, check out the photos!

Mister Leo Fitzpatrick holding a Violette Lighter!

Models wearing the Aaron Young x Surface To Air collaboration pieces!

Alex Sossah and Theophilus London!

Oscar 1992


Peep the Aaron Young x Surface To Air Collection available online


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INVITE: Wayne Desveaux’s First Exhibit x LoFi Collective x Sydney, Australia (2.14.13)

This dude Wayne Desveaux randomly hit me on Facebook sharing his art show in Australia. I rarely check Facebook because I’m too analog for my own good, but this was one of the few times I was glad I did check my messages. I don’t know Wayne, but I checked out his work and he has good stuff. If my blog post can spread the good word of art then why not?!

If you’re in the Sydney Australia area this month, check it out! Let me know how it is and eat some Fairy Floss for me!



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LIFE: Tagging Along While Huggy Bear DJ’s At The MOMA (2.2.13)

DJ HUGGY BEAR & RODIN (MOMA Februsary 2nd, 2013)


This was the best way to ever sight see a museum. DJ HUGGY BEAR had a gig on a Saturday night to DJ a private event at the MOMA and I had to be there. I took a solo tour of the museum and had a blast! I forgot how nice it was to walk through a museum alone and on your own time. I mean, it’s nice with friends but it’s veen nicer alone! Try it sometime!


Meanwhile, back at the party…DJ HUGGY BEAR had the crowd going buck wild! Good Job Huggy!!!




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LIFE: #Stra8Flexin’ At Westway – Performance by Doe B. – Music By Vashtie, Angelo, DJ Dirrty, Thando! (1.31.13)

ANGELO BAQUE & VASHTIE KOLA (DJ’ing at Westway January, 31st 2013)


It was a painfully cold and windy New York night, but life carries on – especially New York City nightlife. As if it couldn’t be colder, I forgot that Westway was a directly next to the Westside Highway aka The River – which made it near impossible to walk towards as the wind slapped us in the face. Needless to say, we made it in!

Just look, it was so cold – the wind kicked this over. Wind, you so mean!


My set was dedicated to the ladies! Aaliyah, Brandy, Total and even Trina!







DJ HUGGY BEAR jumped on the 1′s and 2′s!

DOE B. performed!

LUKE FLYNN our favorite Aussie came through wearing some #SuperSize #FunBags by Violette New York! I’m wearing the  same shirt in #IttyBitty!

ANGELO & SHAQ (the cutest BFF’s I ever did see)

I watched these two sing and dance to “My Neck/My Back” and it was the funniest and most disturbing rendition I ever did see.


I hope to see you boo’s and babes next time!

xo, va$htie.


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FASHION: DKNY x Opening Ceremony Release ’90s Capsule Collection x Modeled By Vashtie, Cara Delevigne, Kim Ann Foxman & Ian Sharp (Photographed By Anthony Maule)

It was so hard keeping this a secret, but the news is FINALLY out!!!

First of all –  get into this mind-blowing collaboration between two genius brands, DKNY & Opening Ceremony. The thought quite literally took my breath away. Just their names together alone makes my mouth water! And what do they come up with?! They decided to dig into their DKNY archive and re-release 15 hit pieces that they already made in the 90′s. Yeah – that’s right! Not only were they so incredible now as they were then, but it’s also so trend right to be on the 90′s today.

Not only did DKNY totally set the tone for Streetwear Fashion in the 90′s, but they were also mentioned a few times in some major and notable hip hop songs – like, NOTORIOUS B.I.G.’s “HYPNOTIZE”! Yeah, thats just how popular they were – no, Biggie…but really, Biggie!

Now, comes the ultimate lady boner (sorry)…Little ol’ me was asked to be featured in the official campaign. As if!

As if I would say no.

As if I wouldn’t have done it for free.

As if I wouldn’t have paid them to feature me! I mean…

Anyways. The shoot was inspired by the work of Ray Petri and my look was inspired by, non other than, Neneh Cherry…my own fashion muse since I was like 6!

The face of the campaign is it-girl and major model Cara Delevigne; and features Producer and Musician Kim Ann Foxman, Model boy Ian Sharp and Me! There are 15 pieces in total that range from $145 to $665! This capsule will blow your minds, especially if you’re obsessed with the 90′s like me!


Here are some behind the scenes shots that ELLE CLAY captured when she kicked it with me on set!

Going through the looks…

Full Treatment!

KimAnn was so sweet. You might remember that I blogged her video “Creature” a little while back. She’s so talented and so humble!

Me and Kim Ann Foxman


Available at OpeningCeremony.Us on February 1st, 2013

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THROWBACK: 112 feat. Lil’ Zane – “Anything”

You could always count on 112 for some solid freak-nasty jams…

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WATCH: NylonTV x Styled By: Josh Madden Kicks It With Mike Shinoda + Joe Hahn Of Linkin Park x Sebago

Check out the homeslice on NylonTV interviewing Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park from their recent Sebago collaboration!

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INVITE: #STR8FLEXIN’ x Music By Vashtie, Angelo Baque, DJ Dirrty, Thando & Performance by Doe B. x Westway NYC (1.31.13)

Be there or be square.

Come Out This
Thursday 31st


Music By:
DJ Dirrty

All Trapped out in the Big Room…

King Vashtie &
Angelo Baque

Get weird and shit in the lil’ room…

Performance By DOE B.

Brought to you by the good people’s
@ Baller’s Eve & Quartersnacks

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BEAUTY: Vashtie’s 5 Step Organic Beauty Regimen x Luzern Labs, Dr. Alkaitis & Be Natural Organics

I should start off by saying, I am not an expert in this field.

A few short years ago, I was literally using bar soap or whatever was in the shower to wash my face. I’m cringing at my history as we speak. Every now and again I would pick up something dedicated to faces from a pharmacy, like St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Don’t even ask about moisturizer – I can’t remember ever using anything regularly.

I’ve been a no-fuss gal for my entire life, partly because I’ve been very lucky with my skin. No phase of acne, or anything…nothing. So, when I decided to see facialist Mamie McDonald 7 years ago – I expected nothing but an A+ on my skin’s record. I was dead wrong. Mamie basically read my face for filth. She told me my skin was severely dehydrated and that I needed to keep up with a solid regimen.

I was floored, but I can take that kind of criticism. It made me only want to get my skin right and get it tight. I researched all the brands out there and I was definitely interested in buying products that were low in chemicals, paraben free, etc. I stumbled upon Dermalogica which was affordable, fragrance free and free of synthetics. Time went on and I became more committed to my skin care regimen. I started to mix up my system, incorporating products from companies like IS Clinincal which were not only focused on cleansing – but, also focused on preventing pre-mature aging.

As the years have gone, I’ve continued on my path of healthy eating which has led me to eat Raw at least once a day. I’ve also become more aware of the sickening levels of chemicals in everyday products, thanks to CosmeticDatabase.Com. You really need to check it. It’s a database that can tell you how the products you use rate on a scale of 1-10, from the least toxic to the most. For example, take a mainstream Baby Lotion that almost everyone has grown up with and continue to use on their children because it’s a household name that you trust. See what rating it gets…


They even break down each ingredient and explain how each one has an adverse effect. It’s super thorough and scary sometimes.

Trust me, when I found out that the certain lipstick I loved was chemical-laden, I didn’t want to let go of my favorites, but eventually I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. Also, the least chemical-free products will surprise you sometimes. It’s not always something expensive. For instance, the saline solution that rates a 0 on the scale is CVS brand and that’s the one I use! I’m no expert, but there has to be some truth to this. We wonder why we and the ones we love are stricken with disease and while some are genetic and some may be unexplained, we should at least avoid bad products to lessen our odds of getting sick. Right?

Anyways, after trashing all the products that were bad for me I became interested in skincare that was the same. I found a “raw facialist” via Google, which led me to my current facialist who also involves Reiki – Monica Watters at Sacred Touch. She is a like-minded woman who is educated in non-invasive anti-aging techniques and is also a certified Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Raw Food Chef, Crystal Therapist, Bach Flower Practitioner and Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. She put me on to most of the current products I use; Luzern and  Dr. Alkaitis which I absolutely love.

For those of you interested in what my skincare regimen, here it is. This is not a paid post, most of my long-time readers probably know that already. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten paid to blog (*rubs chin and looks upwards wondering how to make that happen). Like I said, I’m no expert, this is just what I currently do for my face.



Dr. Alkaitis Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser – $65.00

Application: Morning & Night

Dr. Alkaitis is a brand with a tagline of “Holistic Organic Skin Food”, which sounds perfect when you think about. If skin is the body’s largest organ (eeek I feel gross whenever I remember that) then it would make sense that whatever you put on it should be edible by the human mouth. I now live and obsess by that very thought, if you can’t eat what you put on your skin then you shouldn’t put it on your skin. It’s also “100% organically grown, raw skin food for all skin types. Gender neutral. Chemical free. Cruelty free. No GMO’s.” It’s also been featured in magazines like Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar and is popular among famous beautiful faces like Karolina Kurkova and Gisele Bundchen.

What’s great about Dr. Alkaitis is that you can try their products in trial size for a fraction of the cost of their full sized products. I absolutely love that feature and the prices range from $3.50 to $8.00. Don’t you just hate when you buy a product to try it out and you hate it?! I sure do. Anyways, the samples are how I fell in love with the Dr. Alkaitis Brand. I highly recommend you try it!



Luzern Labs Vita-o2 Glacial Toner – $38.00

Application: Morning & Night, after Cleansing/before Serum. Spray evenly across face and neck.

I also use Luzern Labs from Switzerland, which is pricier depending on the product – but also involves a scientific approach. “Amidst the pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps, a new concept in luxury skin care is born. One designed to enhance the health and beauty of the skin, from the inside out. Our state of the art pharmaceutical-grade ingredients contain ultra-high levels of peptides, antioxidants and polyphenols, and are processed pure and free from skin damaging additives. From wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity, Luzern Labs takes skin care to new levels of efficacy, without synthetics, preservatives or chemicals.”

via Luzern Labs: “Part toner, part hydrator and pore-refiner. Maximizes benefits from products that follow. This soothing toner helps remove excess residue, tighten pores and provides on-demand moisture. Reduces fatigue and irritation from daily exposure to environmental pollutants. A must have for frequent fliers and post peels! Hypo-allergenic. Non-comedogenic. FORMULATED WITHOUT: – Preservatives – Parabens – Sulfates – Propylene Glycol – Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic Dyes – Petro-Chemicals – GMOs – Phthalates”




Luzern Labs Serum Absolut Rehydrate – $85.00

Application: Morning & Night, after Toner/before Moisturizer. 2 Pumps into palm of hand, pat into face and neck.

Serums are absolutely necessary. They help your skin to absorb your moisturizer helps to create a dewy look. This serum is full of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5 + Bio-Lipid Moisture Enhancing Complex. “This lightweight serum absorbs instantly and leaves skin dewy soft and youngerlooking. Hyaluronic Acid increases skin’s moisture. Vitamin B5 penetrates skin cells to add moisture and a desirable plumping effect. Lipids restore the barrier function of the epidermis to improve long-termhydration andprotect skin from irritants. Excellent for all skin types: Dry and rough skin feels hydrated, softer and healthy all day. Combination and oily skin gets deep, long-lasting moisture without feeling oily.



Be Natural Organics Eye Repair Night Serum – $17.60

Application: Morning & Night, after Toner/before Moisturizer. 1 Pump into palm of hand and applied along orbital bone

I found Be Natural Organics from CosmeticDatabase.Com when I was looking for beauty products ranging in the 0 rating. They are incredible and affordable. This eye serum is a must! There are no functioning oil glands under the eye, which leaves little to no moisture around them – so we must moisturize that area, unless you’d like pre-mature crow’s feet sprouting up!



Luzern Labs Force De Vie Creme Intensive – $155.00

Application: Morning & Night. Applied by dipping 1 q-tip in jar, so not to contaminate product. Dab on face and rub in upwards motion.

I swear by this moisturizer Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme Intensive. I must warn you – retails for $155 (I know, it’s expensive!), but it’s become a necessity in my life! My face always feels plumper and softer after applying it, not sticky or heavy.

OTHER NATURAL THINGS I’VE USED IN THE PAST: Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.


Check out MICHELLE PHAN, beauty blogger’s, video on how to layer your products. Not only is she great at her beauty tutorials, her videos are well-made and her skin is lovely! I watched this one and now I try and apply my products as she does!


I hope this helps anyone who was curious out there. If you have a great skincare regimen, please share!

Especially if it’s a family secret or a natural/homemade concoction. I love those!

xo, va$htie.

PS: Boys need to take care of their skin too! #justsaying

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LIFE: Joey Bada$$ & Kwon P Celebrate Their Swanky 18th Birthday x Brooklyn New York x Smoke DZA, Jonny Shipes & More! (1.26.13)

The Pro Era Fam. Happy Birthday Joey & Kwon!

After a long, yet fun, photoshoot on Saturday with my old pal ANGELO BAQUE – I went home and napped like a toddler. I awoke around 10pm and hustled on out the door to celebrate the birthdays of Pro Era Members; JOEY BADA$$ & KWON It was a terrible, brick New York City night…I mean so brick I was wearing thermals underneath my clothes, but nothing would stop me from celebrating with the homies and our Cinematic crew!

I took a car service and scooped up ELLE. Then we headed to the venue.

We walked in to find a jumping party filled to the brim with barely-legal cool kids. We immediately found Joey swarmed with cute girls literally waiting their turn to take pictures with him.

Then, JONNY SHIPES & SMOKE DZA both found their way to where we were and we took some flicks!




JOEY BADASS & his beautiful Mama KIM

Clearly the old folks were sitting down as the youngin’s were taking the dance floor by a literal storm!

I ran into LEAF! She’s such a doll and she makes music! Check her out!

The Crew!





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