LISTEN: Elle Clay’s Debut Comedy Mixtape #306Live Feat. Jungle Pussy & Vashtie

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Elle Clay on Vashtie Kola. 2008

As you all know. My homie and my ace, Elle Clay, has been by my side for years…providing comic relief in any situation and clowning your girl along the way (see above). She’s also a natural Branding and Marketing wizard who always gives me the best life advice and work suggestions.

Anyways – I am extremely proud of her…especially today. A few years ago when I told her to pursue her natural talents of comedy she went ahead and did it! Taking improve classes, writing, and now CREATING!

Instead of talking about doing something – she did it. Which we all have the capacity and ability to do (we all do!)! She has inspired me to take on my other personal pursuits and I hope she can inspire you to do the same.

Her mixtape, released today is comedic storytelling about her childhood full of good music and funny interludes. Discussing racism in Kindergarten, transitioning from a girl to a pre-teen, death scents on New York City trains and more. Take a listen at your desk or on your commute!


ELLE CLAY 306 LIVE from Hustlevision on Vimeo.


306 LIVE ON AUGUST 5, 2014 

NEW YORK, NY – Universally slept-on funny person, Elle Clay, announces the release of her comedic debut, 306 LIVE, on August 5, 2014.

The Brooklyn artisan previously renown only for her lip-smacking soda recipes cooks up a platter of homegrown laughs by way of some one-of-a-kind anecdotes of her time growing up in the South. 306 LIVE is Clay bearing her soul, her tales spanning topics as personal as childhood bigotry to topics as universal as the awkwardness of young adulthood.

It was just four years ago that Clay recognized a gift for conversational humor, honing her quick wit and spot-on delivery at NYC’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The People’s Improv Theater.

Woven into 306 LIVE are appearances from brash Brooklyn artist Junglepussy and Downtown’s Sweetheart, Va$htie. In it, Clay has concocted an original and unforgettable piece of art sure to leave the listener begging for just one more story.



Gram: @southernelle

Tweet: @drakepursedlips

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RANDOM: My Face On a Random Store in Trinidad

Hahahaha. This is the best thing to happen to me! Maybe just as good as being the first girl to design a Jordan. I swear!10524792_10152327091848432_1839022881_n 10545072_10152327091853432_1946141542_n

LIFE: 24 Hours in Atlanta, Hosting For #RaurFest – Blue Flame with B.o.B. and Love & Hip Hop


Last month I went to Atlanta to hang with emerging artist, Raury. He asked me to host his very first show (which happened right after his 18th Birthday) and I was more than obliged…I was stoked! I took Elle with me, since Atlanta is where she grew up. We had an amazing time…short as it was, we were definitely over exhausted from doing the most…vashtieATL01Uber’ing to the Airport.


Fresh juice? Why yes!vashtieATL03



Elle told me that we could only play music from Atlanta and I was super down. We had lots of fun rapping and dancing in the rental.vashtieATL05



My friend Trinidad James wasn’t in town, but he told me t go to South Dekalb Mall and eat at American Deli…which is where Elle took me to anyways. I don’t know why though. They didn’t have Vegan Wings.vashtieATL07




Stopped by WISH ATL. They always got cute thangs.vashtieATL10

The hotel room that we didn’t even spend the night in. We just took a nap and were on our way!vashtieATL11

Me and the sweet Raury.vashtieATL12




I met these adorable twin babes who have a brand called LUCID FCvashtieATL15

vashtieATL16Brother and Sister.


Bobby Ray and Vashtie May.






Runaway Trains.vashtieATL22

I will never understand Hookahs in the club. Or anywhere other than the countries they came from.vashtieATL23



I went to my first real strip club…Blue Flame. It was exciting and terrifying. B.o.B. handed me a stack of cash and taught me how to break bands. There were no cameras allowed, but I did take some grams and a sweet girl recognized me there and we took a photo together for her Instagram.



vashtieATL25I ran into Erica and Arianne from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the Blue Flame Parking Lot.


Me and Elle never went to bed. Just went to the strip club and got on a plane home. This is what our 9am arrival at my place looked like. #DEAD


INTERVIEW: Tea Hacic’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” With Vashtie (BULLETT TV)

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.34.18 PM
A little while ago, while Mercury was in stupid retrograde – I got asked by miss thing, Tea Hacic, to be interviewed on her amazing show EVERYTHING IS EMBARRASSING for BULLETT TV. You know I said yes, obvs…clearly there is a post for a reason. Check it out. Check her out. The show is hilarious and great!

WATCH THE EPISODE HERE, and make sure to check the site for more of Tea’s shenanigans!

Everything is Embarrassing with Va$htie from BULLETT MEDIA on Vimeo.

Va$htie, AKA Downtown’s Sweetheart tells us how to throw a good party and meet boys IRL this week on Everything is Embarrassing!

Created by advice blogger Tea (Tumblr’s ‘Sugar Tits’) this series aims to solve your awkward dilemmas and fashion issues, so send yours to or tweet at @teahacic
Written, Directed by, Starring Tea Hacic-Vlahovic
Filmed, Edited by Yulia Zinshtein
Drawings by Myles Fairhead
Animations by Corbin Ordel
Guest Appearance by Va$htie

MUSIC: Princess Nokia – “Dragons”

tumblr_n86n20qDXv1qgvybqo1_1280 I couldn’t be more entranced with this song and artist. Wavey Spice, now known as Princess Nokia, has quickly become my new favorite artist. This song is a beautiful love letter to her boo; Wiki of RatKing (another bomb ass group of new artists reaping New York City). I love them! They are my new favorite couple! Get familiar, because neither Princess Nokia or RatKing are going anywhere. Ya heard!!!


Produced By @OWWWLS

Oh, and she is super easy on the eyes! You Go Girl!