WATCH: Fusion TV Interviews Vashtie the “Curator of Cool”

Last week while I was planning a work trip to Miami for a major Target event, I got an email from Omar Michaud – a nice gentleman who, in 2010, invited me on ESPN to talk about my Jordans.


And here he was years later, back in my inbox asking me for an interview on a new network he was working with – FUSION TV, based in Miami. I was so stoked and thankful for the opportunity. I made my way to their state of the art studios and beautiful offices for a great interview by Miss Kimberly Brooks who was a darling, literally! Check the full interview here!

SUPPORT: Rafael Rios – Running in the TCS New York City Marathon for

Hey Boo’s & Babes.

You may know my friend Rafael Rios that frequently stars in my blog posts. He is one of my dearest friends; a fun, sweet and hilarious human being.


On November 2nd he will be running in support of Shoe4Africa, an non-profit organization that works with African communities to better lives through Health & Education.

Your donation will help Shoe4Africa complete construction of the first children’s public hospital in East Africa!

This will be his first full marathon and he has chosen to partner with Shoe4Africa to help give hundreds of thousands of kids, for the first time, access to a Kid’s public teaching hospital.

His fundraising goal by the time the race rolls around is $3,000 and 100% of the funds will go directly to Shoe4Africa.

I hope you can find a few minutes to support this wonderful cause and help my friend reach his fundraising goal for the Shoe4Africa organization :)

I just donated 100$, but you can donate ANYTHING! 5$ or 20$. It goes to an amazing cause and you will feel so amazing for having contributed to a worthwhile cause!

LIFE: #GansevoortVibes in Turks & Caicos – Paradise Found (September 2014)


The chance meeting of Evie Bear proved to be an incredible one. Miss Evie runs all the cool happenings at The Gansevoort in New York and always knows all the same folks I do – so you know a friendship was bound to happen. When she asked me on a trip to their Turks & Caicos property, my routine Taurus self was unsure – hanging out and socializing with strangers isn’t exactly my things despite having a “social” appearance. BUT, she said I could bring a friend and of course my partner in crime and human xanax, Elle Clay,  joined the ranks.


Turks and Caicos is an island that I had never considered going to. Despite being Trinidadian and knowing that the islands are more of roots for me than grand resort get-aways, Turks always seemed to feel like a rich dude’s vacation. My poor kid mentality made me think that I would never go there, because…well…”rich people go there”. Like, Ibiza er something. Stupid and ignorant, I know…but, we are friends so I can be honest. Anyways, this trip opened up my mind in more ways than one. Even though I now travel to Europe and do worldly things, I didn’t realize that I was still closed-minded to certain ideas.  #StupidAmerican

Anyways. Here is our 4 days in heaven. Literal and utter heaven. Everyone we met on our trip, a small group of 8, became our family. In an instant. Every single day I miss this trip and them. We bonded and enjoyed ourselves in paradise!



gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201401 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201402 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201403 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201404

Elle and I kept joking that when we arrived at the hotel, they better have drinks ready…well…they did.gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201405 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201406Our suite was super sweet. Washer and Dryer included. 

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201407 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201408 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201409 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201410Very hospitable! Thanks Gansevoort.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201411 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201412Lady Shark and Dustin Dollin

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201413Elle Clay

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201414 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201415Later that night, we went to “Fish Fry”, a cool local hangout that so happened to be next door to the telly. Me and Elle went for some food and then went back to the room and knocked out!

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201416 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201417 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201418


DAY 2gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201419 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201420 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201421 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201422 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201423 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201424Evie Bear & AJ English

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201425 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201426This towel dark-room proved to be crucial. The sun was too bright to see any photos we took.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201427 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201428Sunset on the beach. Me and AJ posing before we would DJ for the owner and a small group of his friends.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201429 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201430Dustin Dollin and Chima aka “Salt N’ Pepa”

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201431 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201432 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201433


gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201435I DJ’ed a killer set and AJ served as the best emcee for the night.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201436Oh and I made my first s’more…What? I grew up in the hood, people.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201437Dustin got cheeky.





We took a boat ride, which I was ok with not being on…but it would have been anti-social so I went. I snorkeled for the first time also, again…against my will. BUT, Elle said since she was allergic to seafood and she couldn’t get in the water that I should do it for her. I choked on a lot of salt water and that was that.
gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201441The rum punch was flowing…

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201442AJ English and Evie Bear

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201443Turk’s have their own brews

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201444Dustin rocking out

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201445 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201446Samesies!

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201447We went to a private island and chilled their for about an hour, rolling around on the super soft white sand and having an amazing time.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201448 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201449 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201450 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201451A combination of Elle and rum punch had me pose for this. Then I was assured by AJ that it wasn’t bad at all because you can’t see side boob or anything. So. Here it is. When I’m 80 I’ll be proud…I hope!


Later we had dinner at the hotel…gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201453…and lots and lots of wine.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201454…and good food.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201455We ended up at Evies room for a creepy movie.



DAY 4 (LAST DAY)gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201457Pretty Flacko & Trap Lord aka ASAP Rocky & ASAP Ferg


Having a Moët Momentgansevoort_turks_vashtie_201459

Learning Self-Defense by Vincent at Perimeter Security & Investigations LLC
gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201461Burying AJ alive…until he was dead.


gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201463 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201464Dinner at Bugaloo.

gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201465 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201466 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201467Chloe, the about to be Teen Mom Cat.


gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201469 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201470 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201471 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201472 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201473 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201474


FINAL MOMENTS at THE AIRPORTgansevoort_turks_vashtie_201475 gansevoort_turks_vashtie_201476I miss our #CaicosCrew every single day! Too much fun!

If you decide to head to Turks, you have to stay at The Gansevoort! It was top-notch and not crazy busy like some annoying Spring Break spot.

LIFE: Last Night of Mexican Morrissey at Lit Lounge (*NOT CLOSING)

It’s sad when anything comes to a close, but I’m a firm believer that you need to live it up until the wheels fall off in honor of whatever that ending might be – within reason, of course! When I learned that the famed Mexican Morrissey was coming to an end, I shed some of my saved up tears (#sadgirl). It was my therapy. Morrissey Fans would unite under one roof, dancing and singing and maybe crying a little. Anyways, thanks for the memories Mex Moz.

LIT LOUNGE IS NOT CLOSINGmexmoz_92714_vashtie01Angelo and Me, pre-gaming…once again!

mexmoz_92714_vashtie02Ade, Rocky and ASAP Nast came to dine with us.

mexmoz_92714_vashtie03ASAP Nast and Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie04Familia Photo

mexmoz_92714_vashtie05Yury Shats pouring out drama and crazy into glasses.

mexmoz_92714_vashtie06Rafael Rios, Jassine, Soohong

mexmoz_92714_vashtie07Elle Clay and Vashtie

mexmoz_92714_vashtie08Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie09John Paul, King Fool, Elle Clay and Rafael Rios

mexmoz_92714_vashtie10Beau Wollens

mexmoz_92714_vashtie11My frenemy!

mexmoz_92714_vashtie12Tupac sipping

mexmoz_92714_vashtie13 mexmoz_92714_vashtie14Me and my brother, Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie15Evie Bear & Elle 

mexmoz_92714_vashtie16Elle Clay & Dylan Macnamara

mexmoz_92714_vashtie17Vashtie & Lucien Clark

LIFE: Palace x Adidas Launch Party & After-Party (9.26.14)


This past Friday night was the launch party for the Palace Skateboard Crew and their collaboration with Adidas! Me and Angelo met up for a little dinner before venturing out for what ended up being a super fun night!





Lucien Clark, Rafael Rios, Jassine, Angelo, Blondie McCoypalaceskate_92614_vashtie04

palaceskate_92614_vashtie05J. Scott & Friends


Soyoung & Ferris Buellerpalaceskate_92614_vashtie07Neal Santos and Arthur

palaceskate_92614_vashtie08Nugget DJ’ing with real records. Safe for that!

palaceskate_92614_vashtie09Rafael Rios, Arthur, Angelo Baque, Neal Santos and A-Ron

palaceskate_92614_vashtie10Photo by Evie Bear ;)

palaceskate_92614_vashtie11Shawn Powers


palaceskate_92614_vashtie13Kelly, Angelo, Minya and Michael Rappaport.


palaceskate_92614_vashtie15Sage Elsesser and Me.

palaceskate_92614_vashtie16Michael told us he had the perfect arm reach for a selfie and this is what happened. Hahaha. It was a nice attempt.

palaceskate_92614_vashtie17Much better!

palaceskate_92614_vashtie18Shots of Jamesons? Eh, okay…






palaceskate_92614_vashtie24Evie Bear & Lucien



palaceskate_92614_vashtie27Paloma having a good old time.


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