NEWS: Vashtie Featured As a Face for Macadamia Beauty!


I’m so excited to finally announce this! I am featured as one of the faces of MACADAMIA BEAUTY, alongside babes Maria Papathanasiou and Camila Morrone. The brand is amazing and I am honored to be apart of it. They literally cater to all kinds of textures and I love how universal it is…


If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember these posts…which were some shots from behind the scenes of the shoot.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.17 PM

Now that it has been announced, you can follow @MACADAMIABEAUTY on Instagram for…#BTS Images from Macadamia Photo Shoot, Beauty Tips & International Hair Inspiration.


They also sent me the bomb birthday package of products!


Peep the VIDEO from the Photoshoot.

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LIFE: Designing for I Am Other – Launch Party at Uniqlo NYC – Andre Leon Talley, Nigo, Sean Risely, Kristoff Murphy & More (4.28.14)


So, I designed some graphics for I AM OTHER and now they are everywhere! First of all, I was honored to even be asked – but since I am of an “Other” nature it made sense. After my last trip to Paris (April) there was a launch party at Uniqlo NYC Uptown. I stopped by for a minute to hang…


vashtie_IAO_4201401Sean Risely & Vashtie

vashtie_IAO_4201402Andre Leon Talley

vashtie_IAO_4201403Kristoff Murphy

vashtie_IAO_4201404 vashtie_IAO_4201405

T-shirt and hat designed by me
vashtie_IAO_4201406T-shirt designed by me

vashtie_IAO_4201407T-shirt designed by me


T-shirt designed by me

Interview by Shaina for The Source 
vashtie_IAO_4201412Checking out my designs…



Below are the shirts that I designed for the collection, but you can buy that and more here at UNIQLO.COM

goods_00_128042 goods_03_128066 goods_00_128063 goods_00_128069 goods_09_128055 goods_56_128043

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NEWS: #BellesandWhistles / Whistles x Garance Doré feat. Vashtie Debuts at Style.Com (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Bells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (22 of 85)
Elle StraussBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (31 of 85)
Cecile TogniBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (8 of 85)
Jeanann WilliamsBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (51 of 85)
Yasmin SewellBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (29 of 85)
Rebecca DayanBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (77 of 85)Bells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (84 of 85)Bells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (82 of 85)


whistles teams up with Garance Doré for #bellesandwhistles

Whistles, the British contemporary fashion brand, has teamed up with Garance Doré to direct
a short digital video titled #bellesandwhistles. The video—which kicks off the brand’s further expansion into the US and French markets—features an inspiring cast of women living in the US, UK and France that embody the qualities of a Whistles muse—modern, sharp and stylish women who are carving their own path.

Both the title #bellesandwhistles, and the cast, represent the brand’s British roots mingling with American and French influences. The featured women include Yasmin Sewell, a London-based fashion consultant, Elle Strauss, the Fashion Director of Shopbop and Brit living in New York, Vashtie Kola, an American artist and DJ, Jeanann Williams, an American stylist, French actress Rebecca Dayan, and French DJ and creative consultant Cecile Togni.

“I am delighted that we are working with Garance Doré on a digital first for Whistles. We see a great synergy between the aesthetic of both Whistles and Garance, which has been brought to life in the #bellesandwhistles film. To have such inspiring women working on and in the film is representative of the brand’s DNA, it’s like working with friends who understand you.”

Jane Shepherdson, Chief Executive, Whistles

The video will air on the Garance Doré website on May 19th and shorter versions will be posted to Instagram using #bellesandwhistles. Consumers will also have the opportunity to submit their own “whistling” video to Instagram for a chance to win a luxury shopping spree at Whistles. Whistles, which already ships to both the US and France through, recently announced the opening of their first brick-and-mortar presence in the US, with a concession

at the Bloomingdale’s 59th St. flagship in New York. In addition to an already established concession at Le Printemps, the brand lands in Le BHV Marais this month and will roll out a French language website this summer.

The brand is known for seasonal must-have pieces as well as staple items in luxe fabrics such as shearling, cashmere and leather and will debut a men’s collection for autumn/winter 2014. The product offering at Bloomingdale’s and BHV Marais will include a hand selected edit of Limited Edition pieces from Whistles’ London Fashion Week collection.

Film Credits

Creative Direction by Garance Doré. Styled by Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster of La Marque. Hair by Adam Markarian at Bryan Bantry. Make-up by Tatyana Makarov at WSM. Behind the scenes photography by Samantha Goh.

Shopping Credits

Jeanann Williams wears the Louise Vest Top in Coral, Stretch Leather Pants in Black (shop similar), and the Lena Slip On Trainers in Pale Blue. Elle Strauss wears the Split Hem Tee in White and Layla Culottes in Black. Cecile Togni wears the Split Hem Tee in White, the Ivy Stripe Midi Skirt in Blue Multi and the Fee Block Heel Mules in Grey. Rebecca Dayan wears the Lulu All in One Jumpsuit in Black and the Bonnie Block Heel in Nude. Yasmin Sewell wears the Ocelot Print Dress in Grey Multi and the Bonnie Block Heel in Nude. Vashtie Kola wears the Morgana Midi Dress in Pale Pink and the Daria Lace Up Trainers in White.

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LIFE: Behind The Scenes – Shooting with Garance Doré & Whistles UK (5.5.14)


After a long weekend of traveling and DJ’ing in Vancouver and Los Angeles, it was an early Monday shoot with fashion phenom Garance Doré and Whistles UK. I was featured among a handful of incredible other women…

Yasmin Sewell, a London-based fashion consultant, Elle Strauss, the Fashion Director of Shopbop and Brit living in New York, Vashtie Kola, an American artist and DJ, Jeanann Williams, an American stylist, French actress Rebecca Dayan, and French DJ and creative consultant Cecile Togni

It was a fun and easy shoot. All I had to do was whistle, dance and jump around on camera…you know, all the things this camera shy and introvert loves to do. Regardless, I did my best…I may be introverted, but I hate nothing more than to waste other peoples time and playing shy would have ultimately wasted my time too. So, I did what I had to to and enjoyed it in the end!vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201401 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201402 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201403 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201404Garance teaching me a thing or two…

vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201407 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201408I totally sweat my natural deodorant out, it was so not cute.

vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201410 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201411 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201412 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201413 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201414 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201415 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201416 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201417 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201420 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201421 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201422 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201423 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201424 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201425 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201426 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201427 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201428The #bellesandwhistles / Whistles x Garance Doré Video

debuted today on STYLE.COM

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LIFE: Weekend DJ’ing in Vancouver for Republic & LA for Broccoli Fest – Steve Nash, DJ Jay Swing & More! (5.2.14)

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201418Steve Nash & Vashtie – Vancouver, CA May 2014 at Club Republic

May 2nd & 3rd I did double duty. A Friday gig DJ’ing at Republic in Vancouver and then Saturday day DJ’ing in LA. Then it was back to NYC Sunday night for a Monday morning shoot with French Fashion Blogger Garance Doré and UK Brand Whistles. More to come on that today!

As soon as I landed in Vancouver I worked on my set and took a nap. Then it was dinner with the promoter/DJ and my friends, Jay Swing and his boo Bre Wallace (with their adorable little one).

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201401 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201402 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201403The Wallace Family!

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201404Got interviewed with The Screen Girls who were super sweet and lovely. Peep the interview here:

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201405 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201406 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201407 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201408 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201409Well she had a good time!

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201410This DJ booth is so sick. It literally is like a hovering stage on the wall. Amazing.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201411 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201412Van City Babe Squad

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201413DJ Jay Swing & Me.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201414 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201415Bre Wallace

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201417 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201418Later that night, my friend (and Vancouver native) Steve Nash came through. We got to catch up for a little, it was nice!


Later on, we landed in Los Angeles and ad to pick up a Hertz rental which was so surreal. You basically video chat with a representative. So next.
vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201420 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201421

I plugged my phone into the rental for some tunes and this song popped up. I was like, “whoa, am I still in Paris and what station is playing this song?” Then I realized it was my phone because I own this song. So bizarre.vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201422You know I stopped at Cafe Gratitude for some food. It’s my favorite place in LA to eat.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201423My dear friend Karl sent some lovely things. We sipped on it Sunday morning while my friend Casper took some great quick portraits of me.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201424 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201425
vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201427 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201428 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201429The End. I’m super jet lagged.

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