WATCH: “Sunrise, Sunset: King Krule” – Concrete Confessions from the Rising Singer-Songwriter (via NOWNESS.COM)

My heart simultaneously broke and regenerated while watching this. Can he be any more imperfectly perfect? Damn, was I even as close to being as deep as him when I was that age?

Sunrise, Sunset: King Krule on

“He was climbing on rail cars and drinking,” says Yours Truly’s Babak Khoshnoud of South London’s King Krule, who he filmed at the closing of a dusty Los Angeles day for the second installment of NOWNESS’ series Sunrise, Sunset. “As he’s underage, we feared the worst.” The rough-edged croon and soulful Rhodes piano of featured track “Cementality” is a highlight of the 19-year-old artist’s acclaimed debut album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, and its urban essence was repatriated to the now-abandoned Lincoln Heights Jail, LA’s oldest authority building of its kind. Though Krule—aka Archy Marshall—and co were swamped by members of the LAPD mid set, they came away unscathed. “Archy is a cool customer,” says the San Franciscan music film collective’s co-founder Khoshnoud. “He somehow made the beer disappear, gave the fuzz a fake name and escaped with a stern warning. Easy.”

PRESS: FootWear News (Cover Story) – “Kick Starters” featuring Vashtie, DJ Clark Kent, Bobbito, Ronnie Fieg and Jeff Staple – Written by Gerald Flores


Special thanks to Gerald Flores and FootWear News for giving me the honor of gracing their cover with legends; DJ Clark Kent, Bobbito, Ronnie Fieg and Jeff Staple. So far, it’s the top story on WWD.Com…please Margiela or Alexander Wang don’t make any announcements or debuts today – hahaha.

This is my second cover (but, this is the first I’ve shared so far), the first being a solo cover shot on the cover of Maco’s (a Trinidadian magazine) September issue.


Here are some behind the scenes shots of the shoot. It was pretty funny. At first, they staged me on the floor – laying on my side like a Vogue cover. It was a nice idea, but it was so not me…and amongst the guys, it made me look silly.

vashtie_footwearnews_11_20131 vashtie_footwearnews_11_20133


This is me probably voicing my concern that I look like a bird, laying on the ground…DJ Clark Kent totally said the same thing and voiced his opinion for me!vashtie_footwearnews_11_20135 vashtie_footwearnews_11_20136

Finally, the photographer asked me to get to the top of the ladder and voila! Here it is. Shooting with these legends (and also friends) was amazing…and hilarious.


WATCH: VashtieMade x Theophilus London “Flying Overseas” Visual (Circa 2010)

I made this video in April 2010 for my friend Theophilus London’s performance at my birthday party.

I just realized now that I never put this out…

xo, va$htie.

vashtiemade: “FLYING OVE-ROUGE” for THEOPHILUS LONDON from va$htie on Vimeo.

LIFE: Mexican Morrissey Night at Lit Lounge x DJ’ing with Angelo, Jeremiah and Fernando! (11.6.13)


Ever since Sway Lounge ended its long-running and  legendary Morrissey Night, Mexican Morrissey has been the answer to our prayers…specifically us ethnic kids and our prayers! It’s amazing to know that you’re not the only brown or ethnic kid who cries on the inside (and sometimes outside) to a British man’s problems.

For those of you who don’t know, Morrissey and The Smiths have a die hard fan base…and if you don’t know that, then you don’t know me very well…because I am obsessed!

This bi-monthly or monthly party happens at Lit Lounge and is sprinkled with the usual crew, but also gets packed with fans we’ve never met before. It all makes for an amazing night; singing along with strangers and dancing with your best buds. #sadsongs for #sadboys. It’s like Drake, if Drake were British, white, popular in the 80′s, made songs about unrequited love and loneliness instead of being a baller who is sad because he gets girls, makes more money than you’ll ever see and drinks champagne all day.


Angelo and Me.

I played lots of Depeche Mode, The Smiths and some Selena. Hey, it’s Mexican Morrissey!vashtie_mexmoz_1120132

This is the photo Rafael Rios takes of himself when you make the mistake of asking him to take a photo of you and Angelo. #Creepvashtie_mexmoz_1120133

Babes out dancing! Hey Anoma!vashtie_mexmoz_1120134

Rafael and Jassine!vashtie_mexmoz_1120135

Neal Santos and Tyvashtie_mexmoz_1120136


Angelo aka BabyFace, Ty and Me. I promise my hair was cuter than this, but my Beats By Dre Headphones don’t maintain a cute pulled back hairdo.vashtie_mexmoz_1120138

Hey Boo’s!vashtie_mexmoz_1120139

Weirdo Dave and Weirdo Vash.


See you next time at Mexican Morrissey Night! Until then, I’ll save some tears for you!

WATCH: Bevy Smith “Fashion Queens” on Bravo (Because If You’re Not, What Are You Doing With Your Life?!)


For those of you who love fashion and a good kee-kee, you MUST tune into “Fashion Queens“. It is hosted by my lovely and incredibly talented friend Bevy Smith and stars equally charming and quick witted co-hosts, Derek J. and Miss Lawrence.

I love when people are honest and these three keep it really real.

A lot of you reading this have commented on my posts letting me know that I inspire you (thank you, you beautiful babes), but Bevy Smith is someone who has long inspired myself. She is an entrepreneur, a woman about town, a social butterfly who could make intriguing conversation with ANYONE! Some of my long-time readers may know that although I appear to be social, social events mortify me – but, watching Bevy glide effortlessly through a room full of strangers, making them laugh and glow in her presence (no exaggeration)…has inspired me to try (because I have not mastered it) and do the same.

Check this incredible write-up by Ebony on Miss Bevy Smith

WATCH: CASIO Baby-G x Dir. Vashtie x Starring Brandee Brown, Jasmine Solano & Zoe Astr x “Be Strong”

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 1.47.13 PM
DOVER, NJ, October 29, 2013 — Casio Baby-G has teamed up with New York’s downtown sweetheart, Vashtie, for an off-the-rack video snapshot featuring its newest line of BA110 watches. The Baby-G video collaboration zeros in on a day in the life of Vashtie and three of her famous friends – DJ Jasmine Solano, Model/Muse Brandee Brown and Recording Artist Zoe of ASTR – wearing a watch that epitomizes the modern New York woman.

Vashtie Kola, famously known for her creative work as a Director, Filmmaker, Artist, Designer, DJ and Consultant, can now add a new hat to her fashion repertoire as a Casio contributor. With a full cache of fashion credits to her name, including partnerships with top industry leaders – in both the designer and music space – Vashtie lends prestige as a millennial tastemaker and a visionary in unique, standard-making personal style. The video follows Vashtie and three fearless women walking different paths, but all wearing a watch that can help them pilot through the day and take on the night with a fashionable entourage at their side.

“New York is my heart and my home and I wanted to truly represent the varying lifestyles of the New York City Girl – no matter who the female New Yorker is, you better believe that she is on-the-go and ready for whatever comes her way,” said Vashtie. “All of us are leading different lives with that same New York hustle and a different Baby-G on our wrist to complement our individual style.”

“We are so excited to channel the energy of such a creative person as Vashtie,” said Shigenori Itoh, Chairman & CEO of Casio America. “Our watches have been worn on the wrists of so many talented people, and the BA110 was designed with a stylishly strong, modern face like Vashtie in mind. We are looking forward to seeing the model take flight with her followers.”

The BA110 women’s watches is available at select Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Macy’s stores for an MSRP of $120. To get a glimpse of Vashtie and Baby- G at work, view their video collaboration here.

INVITE: Mexican Morrissey x Wednesday 11/6 x Lit Lounge x Music By Vashtie, Angelo, Jeremiah and Fernando


LIFE: DJ’ing For Chloe in LA x Cafe Gratitude Dates with Levi Maestro x Meeting My Blog Reader B.Denise


Vashtie DJ’ing for Chloe’s Rizzoli Book Release in Los Angeles, October 2013

(What is this pose? Peter Pan?)

After DJ’ing for Chloe in Paris for Vogue Paris Fashion Night Out in September of this year, I was also asked to DJ again for them in October in Sunny Los Angeles! First of all, having the opportunity to DJ for such an incredible brand like Chloe is a huge honor…but to do it (not once, not twice) three times?!…well, that is nothing short of amazing. I’m still pinching myself!

Anyways, last week I flew to LA to DJ on Tuesday and Wednesday for Chloe. The first evening was a private fashion event in a gorgeous million dollar estate and the second was a book launch party nestled in the courtyard their two LA stores share. In between, I got me eat on at my favorite place on earth…well, maybe my favorite place in LA…CAFE GRATITUDE of course!!! I also organized a quick meet-up with one of my long-time blog readers…Miss B. Denise!!! I was so excited for that!


Staying at the Mondrian.vashtie_chloe_LA_10201302

My amazing Chloe attire!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201303 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201304

Thanks to Levi Maestro for always offering to give my non-driving ass a ride from the airport. He gladly picked me up and took me to eat at my favorite place, Cafe Gratitude, despite not wanting to really eat there. Thanks friend!!!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201305

Gimme Gimme!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201306


I met Jerry and saw my friend Eddie Cruz eating there also. Great minds…


After I was done eating, I thought I’d have time to meet Reba at my hotel but was asked to be ready earlier than expected. So, we gossiped a bit in my hotel as I hustled to get ready and shaved my legs in the bathrom sink (fellas, it be like that sometimes). Then, my friends Arnaud and the Chloe Babes picked me up as we headed to the very special house!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201308

Aurelie & Marie-Cybelevashtie_chloe_LA_10201309

I was allowed to invite my own guests and had to invite my friends Phillip T. Annand and Kilo Kish, who happen to be LA locals now.vashtie_chloe_LA_10201310


Haim performed their asses off. These babes are so cool. You may remember I blogged about them a while back!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201312


Soko came through and provided lots of wild entertainment!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201314

Thanks to Kilo for always making sure I had a drink when I needed one and for being the only one dancing, reassuring me that I was playing jams!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201315

After the night was over, me and the Chloe folks had a good hang session! There were some incredible laughs and fun times!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201316


DAY 2: Cafe Gratitude (again) with Rebavashtie_chloe_LA_10201317 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201318 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201319

Reba was a breath of fresh air, as per usual. I was going through it…overwhelmed with work and absolutely losing my mind. Her calm and kind energy kept me cool and she provided some creative solutions! Thanks again Reba! vashtie_chloe_LA_10201320 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201321

Kenny Scharf Kar Bomb! So amazing!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201322

After my brief hang session with Reba, she dropped me off to meet my friend Cherub. I feel like such a pre-teen when I’m in LA, waiting to be picked up and dropped off by friends…maybe this is why I don’t like LA. Eh, who knows…vashtie_chloe_LA_10201326

It was great to see Cherub, although I didn’t get to see her beautiful son Hunter. She was as cozy as ever and in a great place! So happy for her!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201323

This was what she ate. I was so excited to watch her eat it. My metabolism would die if I even attempted to have a few bites of this…but maybe I should, I could use the l-b’s.


While I met with Cherub, a special friend met with us also.

The day before, I tweeted that I would be in LA and B.Denise (one of my oldest blog readers and supporters) tweeted back and mentioned maybe she should come down. I immediately responded and said that she should!

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 11.12.02 PM

Well…she did!

She drove in from San Diego! I was so so so excited to meet this little talented gal who has been majorly supporting me and making me special art since 2008! It was weird, because meeting someone you don’t know in real life and only know from the internet seems like it could be strange…but, I felt like I already knew her. I can’t say enough, it was amazing to meet her…I mean you, since you will be reading this B.Denise!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201324

A handmade birthday card made by B.Denise. One of my favorite things to receive!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201325



I didn’t have much time to hang and hustled to the Chloe store to get dressed for the night. I knew the evening would be beautiful, I just had to provide the right sounds. 

vashtie_chloe_LA_10201327 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201328

Beautiful Chloe Team!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201334

The Chloe book is an epic catalog of their exquisite heritage! Seriously a beautiful book, cop it if you have the chance! I got mine signed by Marc Ascoli!
vashtie_chloe_LA_10201335 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201336 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201337 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201338 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201339 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201340 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201341 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201342 vashtie_chloe_LA_10201343

Arnaud and Me! He is the sweetest! Now that he has moved to New York City, we will be hanging a lot!vashtie_chloe_LA_10201344

After the event, I got changed and had my luggage tucked away so that I could be on my way. I hopped in a car service and headed to LAX, back home on the red-eye flight. I landed at 7am and immediately went into hustle mode for the Art/T-Shirt Collaboration Party I did with David Alexander Flinn. Exhausted? Yes. Time to think about that? No. 


Special thanks to The Chloe Team. Seriously, the most hospitable and wonderful team I could have asked for. They went above and beyond to create wonderful events and did the same to make sure myself and their guests were  taken care of. Oh, and they gifted me all the clothes!!! I am overwhelmed and overstoked (yes, I just made that up)!

I love them!


Thanks also to my friends Levi Maestro, Reba, Cherub, Phillip T. Annand and Kilo Kish! Hope to you see you LA peeps next time!

LIFE: Naleye’s Birthday Party at The Box x Illuminati AMS, DJ Huggy Bear, Domo Genesis, Mellow High & More! (10.23.13)

It was my Dutch friend Naleye’s birthday and he asked me to come through to The Box and play some tunes. I was definitely down and honestly had no idea that venue was still around because I haven’t been there since about 2009. Being back there again reminded me of how much I loved it (seedy performance art, weird crowd…all my favorites). It was a nice night to celebrate Naleye’s birthday and I DJ’ed alongside his DJ/Music Producing partner – DJ Jaziah. They are sweethearts and I had a good time. DJ Huggy Bear came with and played some jams also! Check it out!vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201301

DJ Jaziahvashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201302

Party People in the place to be…vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201303

Naleye and Jaziah…but they are missing their third link…Miss Niangavashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201304

Bottle service…vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201305 vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201306

Looky who was there! The Mellow Hype Boys and Domo Genesis! Awww!vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201307

Me and Domo Genesis.vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201308

DJ Huggy Bearvashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201310Some strange performance art of naked angels attacking or worshipping a guy in the crowd.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Kenzo Faux Fur Coat x LaGarconne.Com

In Spring of this year, I went out to Paris to DJ for the official Kenzo afterparty! They dressed me for the their runway show and the big party. One item I wore that I ansolutely adored was their oversized faux fur coat in navy. In my jetlagged haze, I slept on getting it and thought it was lost forever. While I was in Paris this last time I saw my friend Mykki Blanco wearing the coat in powder blue and I thought to myself – I’m going to find it and make it mine. Thanks to LaGarconne.Com I was reunited with my crush and here he is.


vashtie_lagarconne_1 vashtie_lagarconne_2 vashtie_lagarconne1 vashtie_lagarconne2 vashtie_lagarconne3 vashtie_lagarconne4 vashtie_lagarconne5 vashtie_lagarconne6