Q TIP and THE COOL KIDS show and afterparty!!!

this show is a must. THE COOL KIDS rocked it and Q TIP killed it. he is such a legend. please see it if it comes to a city near you!

*THE COOL KIDS put on an entertaining show as always. the HIGHLINE was packed.

*NYC nightlife legend BILL SPECTOR was there. he’s running things at the new GREENHOUSE club.

*RICH MEDINA and DJ SOUL were there also…


afterparty at GREENHOUSE! a sort of eco-friendly club on Varick and Vandam.


*TIP and DIDDY “Take That, Take That” COMBS.

*BUSY BEE on the mic.

*”the look of chaos”. it was really really hot in there and crowded with all sorts of “kind of” models. you know, tall and skinny good looking people that may or may not be in your urban outfitters catalog.



*TIP and CHUCK cooling out.


*MEL without his camera looked so weird. you know when you’re used to seeing someone a certain way, like someone you know behind a counter and then you finally see them outside the counter and you’re like “dude, you have legs?”. okay maybe it’s just me.

*the adorable duo CHUCK INGLISH and MIKEY ROCKS.

*EBONY WILDCAT looking amazing. i was actually going to wear that outfit, but changed my mind last minute.


*THE COOL KIDS and DIDDY. i had to take this picture, its so great.



*OSCAR and I will be partying with these guys in CHICAGO on the 12th! it’s my first time, but i’m hoping to meet OPRAH.

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