Although my long-time readers need no introduction to this little chick pea, some of you new folks might need some facts on who she is – please get familiar.

1. AMAYA is…The daughter of one of my oldest and bestest friends, LUZ, who I attended art school with at SVA.

2. AMAYA is…An amazing artist (just like her Mommy).

3. AMAYA is…A way better singer and dancer than me (and most people I know).

4. AMAYA is…My god-daughter.

5. AMAYA is…One of my top 5 people ever.

6. AMAYA is…A resident of San Francisco, California


Since she lives in California I don’t get to see her that often, but tomorrow she will be live and direct in NEW YORK CITY! I can’t wait to squeeze her sweet cheeks, push her in swings and hear stories about what she’s been up to! I’ll keep you all posted.

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