RANDOM: Anyone Check This Thing Anymore? *Tapping Microphone

elephant in the room


I won’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer!

I know it…

You don’t even have to say it…

My posts have become less abundant.

Fine. There – I said it…now I can exhale.

Other than being busy and working 4-5 jobs (no lie) like a good West Indian – It feels as though this has happened because of 2 reasons (that weirdly coincide).

1. It seemed like more and more people were RAPIDLY following me on INSTAGRAM and less were checking my BLOG.

2. I subconsciously started posting less since on my BLOG and more on INSTAGRAM since it quenched an immediate and mass share in social.

Oy vey.

So – my question to you 3 people who are still reading this. Should I be posting more? Is there a demand? Or should I shut this blog down? Hahaha, just kidding – that won’t happen. I guess I’m just seeing if you guys check this still. If so, how often? Is there something you want to see more of or less of? Is there a way to connect my socials and blog cohesively? I’m thinking about an app, what ya’ll think? Let me know, yo!





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