i’ve been a night owl since i could remember. at 9 years old i could be caught awake at 1 am, re-arranging my bedroom and sketching faces of random saints (i wanted to be a nun in 2nd grade, true story).

my creativity seems to flow better and recently i’ve been discovering great oddities while burning the midnight oil, which is how i stumbled upon BET UNCUT about 6 years ago. while cruising TIME WARNER, i stopped on BET to find an amateur music video featuring a slew of underdressed strippers with haphazardly placed tattoos and strange wigs.

i was mesmerized. you know when something is so bad, it’s actually brilliant? (it’s similar to that notion that when something is so ugly, it’s actually beautiful). this was pre-youtube and i couldn’t share it with my friends unless they had a lucky moment of being up at 3am on a monday night to find this jewel.

(although, there was something special about being able to find things like that. the internet makes everything TOO easy).

anyways, thank goodness for YOUTUBE. now, i can share a couple of my favorites from BET UNCUT. (MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR MINORS)

*BLACK JESUS – “What That Thang Smell Like”

*”No Panties On The Dancefloor” (OSCAR and i found this one together years ago and it still makes us laugh today)

*MIGHTY CASEY – “White Girls” (ELLE put me on to this one. hahaha, “JULIE, BETH…girl i’m just playing i got a white moms”)


you guys have any BET UNCUT VIDEOS videos to share?

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