RANDOM: The Torture & Joy Of Insomniac Habits

It’s 2:48 am as I write this…

Las Vegas 2008, The Wynn Hotel

I’ve been an insomniac since as far back as I can remember. I can recall being around 8 or 9 years old and my Mother barging into my room to only find me re-arranging it…at 2am. It’s been a burden, but the fact that it’s carried on with me for so long makes it nostalgic in some ways.

Solitude spent with yourself as the sleeping world rests is quite exciting and depressing. You can almost feel how limitless the universe is while being the seemingly only person to recognize it. At the same time, you’re contemplating every single issue that is happening or “could” happen. Over-thinking every problem, but imagining solutions. It’s a strange place to be…

What are the habits of an insomniac, you ask? Well, pre-cell phones with internet plans…it was being up late online on a computer. Maybe updating a page here, posting something there, searching for an old friend/bully or crush. On the rare and best of occasions, it would take me to my sketchbook. There I would write stream of consciousness paragraphs or draw the portraits of loved ones, while listening to a song that I was obsessed with at the moment.

Right now at this moment (because it will change), my insomniac habits are (in no specific order):

1. Listening to Gang Gang Dance’s “Adult Goth” on Repeat…like literally!

2. Online Shopping for Home Goods & Furnishings…

3. Searching My Junior High Bullies Online or Checking on My Friend’s Pages that have Kids…I usually go with the latter, I’m not completely a vengeful-maniac.

My Beautiful God-Baby Amaya! She’s getting so big!

What about you guys? Anyone else a night person like me? Don’t leave me hanging friends. If you are a recovering insomniac, share your remedies!

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