random: VLADIMIR aka TOOKIE WILLIAMS be slaying the ladies…

SQUIRT and SUSHI are two fine kitty cats, that i hear keep it real and get into cat-fights if they have to. none of that “talking it out” nonsense.

i was alerted to their blog post at atailoftwokitties.tumblr.com (how adorable is that) on VLADIMIR by YOSHI. seems these older ladies like their men young, half russian and half trinidadian, and lazy…

don’t worry girls. i am NOT one of those weird moms that make their sons “mamas boys”. you know, the boys who “can’t find a woman that compares to mom” type and the moms who think “no girl is good enough for my boy” – weird. get a grip people.

he’s free to date whoever he likes 🙂

Screen shot 2010-03-12 at 2.19.51 PM

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