RANDOM: “Wet My Bed” by Stone Temple Pilots & “Pilot Jones” by Frank Ocean

So, after the highly anticipated Frank Ocean Album “Channel Orange” dropped I couldn’t wait to give it a good listen. But, in fact…I had to wait. I have this weird thing about experiencing certain highly anticipated things alone. So at almost all my get-togethers since the album dropped, people would ask – “want to hear the new Frank Ocean?”…I would always say no and try and explain my odd behavior as much as possible.

Anyways. I finally gave the album a good listen…cried a few times…went to my lonely place…and then came back up a new girl! When I came across “PILOT JONES” I thought my iTunes made a mistake and that I was listening the intro of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists – “Wet My Bed” by Stone Temple Pilots off the “Core” Album.

Give both a listen, each have similar intros. I haven’t read any reviews about the album, nor I have I had the chance to hear Frank’s interviews surrounding the album – but I’m positive he was inspired by Stone Temple Pilot’s track “Wet My Bed.

Stone Temple Pilots…Pilot Jones.

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