RANDOM: Where You At?! 2013

Having a website affords you many rad things (but, I guess since I pay for my site I’m actually just getting what I pay for). One, for example, is finding out who your site visitors are. I especially love seeing the country list to see where the visitors are actually clicking from. As a kid, I was in love with the idea of Pen Pals from around the world, and this sort of fulfills that for me. I assume I am most popular in the United States, which I am – but, knowing that someone in Russia or Finland might be checking out my posts is so amazing to me!

Here is the screen shot of this list (ranging from most hits to least). Although, I have a good sense of who is coming through to good ol’ Vashtie.Com, I like to ask you since it’s more personal. Think of it (for you old people like me) as an updated version of “A/S/L”


Whats your name?

Where are you from?

Where are you living now?

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