READ: Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller’s Incredible Post About Her Mother “Little Mom”

Here’s a big secret about me, if Scarface lives by the sword (or “swode” as he put it) then I live by my horoscope. Yeah, I’m one of those people who will ask you your sign in our first conversation just to get better insight on what kind of person you are. BUT – I am not one of THOSE people who ask you your sign and once you reveal it I say something about your signs worst trait….something that probably isn’t like you at all. I hate when people do that…its so dismissive!

Anyways…I like to read about astrology and gauge my day/week by it’s predictions. Specifically, ASTROLOGYZONE.COM by SUSAN MILLER. I’ve been checking her readings for at least 7 years now and they NEVER let me down. Not only does she give daily readings, she gives you a look at your entire month. Her writing is always compassionate and sincere…you must check it out!

As I readied myself to read my October reading for Taurus, I found something startling. Her site was down. I found a photo of her parents and a note that read…


I was sad for her loss, but was not in the mood to read. But, as I began to scan her post…I was sucked in. The words were written like a short film, so descriptive. She told the story of her Mothers fascinating life and loving charm, her Parents love story and her own tale of a rare illness and her commitment to learning Astrology. Its so good and before I write my own short story about hers, I urge you to read it if you have 10 minutes. You will not be disappointed!!! Please!!!

If you do read it, tell me what you thought!

xo, va$htie.


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