I’m a bit slow with my response to the passing of inventor and innovator STEVE JOBS. I can’t believe it…or, I don’t want to.

For the most part, I’ve been speechless…unsure of how I really feel. I’m overwhelmed with sadness – yes, but I’m also dumbfounded as I’m realizing how much one man changed the landscape of my life and the world at large.

My life, my work, my play…all of it revolves around his vision.

Sure – he made products for consumers, but those products are tools that have improved our way of life and thinking. Tools that have allowed me and countless others construct their dreams into real-time experiences. Those tools also inspired other creators, upping the ante and changing the technology and design game forever. We’ve all been impacted by this man, in some way, shape or form…whether we can identify that or not.

*my mobile office, 2007

No, he isn’t a god and this isn’t worship…it’s just paying respect to a visionary who changed the world and inspired others to do the same with our fleeting time on earth.

Below are some of his most inspiring words Steve Jobs left us with, courtesy of LIFE+TIMES.COM:

*work and play (2011)


I think the best way to honor this man’s life is to take time today for yourself and set your life goals…on paper (it will feel more like a contract this way – trust).

If you already have them, close your eyes and re-access them.

Then, plan out the steps that you need to take that will fulfill your vision…write them down.

After that…start and don’t look back!

Ready, set…


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