In honor of the Labor Day Parade today and all my West Indian friends, dem – I’m reposting this SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH piece that I did back in March 2010 on Supercat because it will forever be relevant!

Screen shot 2010-03-04 at 4.49.59 AM

First of all, his dapper style and West Indian accent murdered it! In hindsight, he kind of looked like one of my uncles (with that “IND-YAN” mix) and attracted/scared me like every old school West Indian man does. He just had that look of crazy in his blood shot eyes – cool as a cucumber, but after one too many rum and cokes and a domino game gone wrong he wouldn’t be afraid to pull out a “cut lass” and cut that ass or break a guinness bottle on someone’s unsuspecting skull. you couldn’t blame him – It’s just the curry in his blood…

His reign was great and proper.

Screen shot 2010-03-04 at 4.50.46 AM





*SUPERCAT – “Ghetto Red Hot”

*SUPERCAT feat. HEAVY D – “Dem No Worry Me”

*SUPERCAT – “Don Da Dada”

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