SPECIAL DELIVERY: Stray Rats, B-Side By Wale & Been Trill

I am very fortunate to have wonderful people sending me awesome thangs.

I was especially stoked to get a package from STRAY RATS (who my friends JOSH MADDEN and EIKNARF frequently tell me about)! This independent brand is the brainchild of JULIAN CONSUEGRA’S.

Not only does this brand have a skate/hardcore/punk aesthetic which is classic and extremely nostalgic for me, there is also an added “personal touch” with every package! For every order placed and eventually shipped, JULIAN gives the customer a one of a kind drawing on the back of the package!!! My brain just exploded. I love that. I miss the old days of mixtapes and snail mail, where someone could really touch you through a drawing or simply by the stroke of their own handwriting (good or bad).

From top L to R: The Black Jesus Tee $28, Unavailable Online, Unavailaible Online,  Yuth Beanie,  The Rodenticide Tee $28

JULIAN!!! You rule!!! I love love love this!!!


The next couple of pieces come from my darling friends overseas, B-SIDE BY WALE!  They just opened a shop in LONDON and if you’re in the area, check them out and give them a hug for me!

Watch a video from their store opening here:


My friends HERON JOHNSON and VIRGIL ABLOH have banded together to make the collective known as BEEN TRILL and  just like MasterCard – they are everywhere you want to be! They happen to be some of the most fun-loving folks who know how to have a sick time! I’m stoked I finally got some tees.

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