SPECIAL DELIVERY: Surface To Air, Opening Ceremony Forfex & DKNY & B.Wood

Nothing is better than getting goodies and during NYFW I was blessed to get some fun things! Check out the pieces that I got from SURFACE TO AIR, thanks to Valentina! I cannot wait to wear everything! Blog posts coming soon.

Vladimir The Fraidy Cat approves of the new threads!

Cannot wait to wear these bad boys!

Check SURFACETOAIR.COM for more!


Oh yes!!! My boo thang from Opening Ceremony, Jacky, set me up with some sick Forfex Boots and a DKNY tee. I picked up a couple extra pieces (*staring at my nails).

Having a cat means you can’t have anything nice. Hence the Supreme towel all scratched up…tisk tisk.

And you know this…Jacky!

Peep OPENING CEREMONY.US for information on my goodies!


Special thanks to Brian Wood for my B.Wood Valentine!

Check his clothing at BRIANWOODONLINE.COM!

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