Syd Shares Deep Cut “Treading Water”

Just when we thought we weren’t going to hear much more solo music from the amazing Syd, she hinted on Twitter at the possibility of having more music that was under wraps. A few days later, she shared a deep cut from her debut album FIN called “Treading Water.” This groovy track is produced by band mate Steve Lacy and writer Flip Colson. Syd mentioned on her Twitter that “Treading Water” was her favorite song until she decided to cut it from the final songs that made it to FIN.

Although the lyrics of this song elude to being on edge with a lover due to Syd’s lack of judgment, this record is one to feel. Very much like the vibe of FIN — mentioned in the breakdown of the Internet’s solo albums — Syd shows her vulnerable side with posing the question of should she “sink or swim?” and begging for her lover to come back. It’s easy to tell Syd had fun making this record and why it would be her favorite. This record sounds like an Internet jam session, which is a different sound from the tracks on FIN. But that doesn’t take away that this is an amazing record. I wonder what else she’s got in the vault?

Check out the deep cut below!

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