Teyana Taylor’s 90s themed nail shop “Junie Bee Nails” is otw to Harlem

When it comes to Teyana Taylor, she can do no wrong. Whether it’s her fits, her Fade 2 Fitness, her sneaker designs,  her voice, catwalk, or dance moves, she knows how to stand out. Another way this songstress often catches our eye is through her style. Most of the time we can catch the Harlem princess serving the world  90s inspired looks, but this time she’s taking that same energy and putting it into a nail salon.

Just days ago, Teyana announced via IG snap that she would be opening a nail shop (in collaboration with visual artist Coca Michelle) in her hometown of Harlem called “Junie Bee Nails.” Amongst her post, she expressed that she planned on capturing the true essence of the 90s from Dapper Dan style Uni’s to having Bamboo earrings to baby hair will all be in full effect. No one has ever done anything like this so to see this is in full effect, this is definitely going to be not only game changing but super innovative. There’s no details of when the nail shop could be opening but she’s currently adding the best of the best nail artists to her roster so the nail shop could be opening to the public soon rather than later.

In addition to the announcement made by both Teyana and Coca, there is also an Instagram for Junie Bee Nails where you can catch photos of our favorite kind of nails that stemmed from the 90s era in which still surface today. From. the money nails (which I was guilty of getting about 2 months ago), legends like Flo Jo, Gail Devers, and SWV rocking the classic and super long curvy nails , and of course Lil Kim of course because she never not had her nails popping especially in the 90s.

This is definitely something  to be excited for and when you visit, make sure you’re rocking some custom bamboos and some slayed baby hairs for the occasion. Will you guys be attendance? Let us know here at Vashtie.com !


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No shows booked at the moment.


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