Things are Heating Up On ‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’

It was expected that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg‘s new VH1 show Potluck Dinner Party would provide some hilarious moments, but it’ll certainly be hard to top the latest episode.

As First We Feast points out, Martha and Snoop were joined by model Ashley Graham and Rick Ross on the latest episode of Potluck Dinner Party, and Martha and Rozay quickly developed a rapport of sorts. After Snoop gave props to Graham for representing plus-sized women in a “real special, elegant, sexy way,” Ross turned his attention to Martha: “I wanna make some noise for Martha, ’cause baby got back!”

That would only mark the beginning of their flirtation, as Ross then tells Stewart that he has a hundred-room mansion in which they can be creative after Martha asks what he needs 100 rooms for. Martha also later asks about the size of Ross’ boat, but the rapper manages to leave things to the imagination, whispering into Martha’s ear, “Which one?” before rubbing her shoulders.

It’s sweet, right? But maybe in a way that makes you feel really uncomfortable? Sure. Watch the clip from the episode above and the full episode below.