THROWBACK: Blondie – “Rapture”

This is quite possibly my favorite white girl rap. The track is a perfect blend of hip hop, pop, new wave and jazz. Blondie not only takes the cake as one of the most influential American New Wave bands, but Debbie Harry was too cold with her blond tresses and punk fashion. I live!

This video is filled with fun facts (according to WIKIPEDIA)…like:

1. The music video debuted in 1981 and was the first rap video ever broadcast on MTV.

2. The location is set in the East Village of Manhattan (My hood, yo).

3. The “Man from Mars” or “voodoo god”, dressed in a white suit and top hat is dancer William Barnes. He also choreographed the piece.

4. “The final shot is a one-take scene of Debbie Harry dancing along the street, passing by graffiti artists, Uncle Sam, a Native American and a goat. Fab Five Freddy and graffiti artists Lee Quinones and Jean-Michel Basquiat make cameo appearances. Basquiat was hired when Grandmaster Flash did not show for the filming…”

I always found it funny that Basquiat played a DJ in the video and not an artist.


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