THROWBACK: CRS – “Us Placers” – Dir. By Va$htie (2007)

Oh man, I can’t believe it’s been about 5 years since I directed this gem. So much can happen in 5 years. This video will never get old to me and the way it all worked out was just perfect fate. I had no idea this little passion project would explode…

The Description of the Video written on December 19th, 2007
“a spec video directed by VA$HTIE for the song “Us Placers” off Kanye’s mixtape “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” (which samples Thom Yorkes song “The Eraser” of his solo album “The Eraser”), using child versions of each artist. appearances by: Jamie, Plain Pat, Stephen SB WEAR Barr and Ruffy.

directed by Va$htie. dp’ed by Kira Kelly. edited by Scenario.

this video was shot for the love of the song on zero budget! ie: all the clothes and props were mine or a friends. thanks to everyone who helped out and worked for free 🙂

special thanks to: the crew, the cast (Jumaane Jr., Nigel, Boogie, Michael and Michaela), Anna Sumilat, Plain Pat, Ruffy (Marcella and Phillip), Elle Clay, Rob Young, JaVon Floyd, Oscar Wild, Erin Lennox, Ben Dickinson, Raul Lopez, Kareem Johnson, Aahmek Richards, Scott Williams, and Stephen Barr.

***please note this was not a commissioned video. none of the artists included on the piece had anything to do with the video***”

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