THROWBACK: KMD – “Peachfuzz”

Oh man, this song can’t get any better…the beat, the flow…fantastico!


Looks like Turbans in Music Videos was happening in the 90’s! Nice!

Some facts about this video and KMD:

-KMD stands for Kausing Much Damage, or A positive Kause in a Much Damaged society.

-KMD formed in 1988 and hail from Long Beach, New York and was made up by ZEV LOVE X, DJ SUBROC & RODAN.

-All three were Black Muslims.

-The original third member RODAN left the group before signing to finish high school. He was replaced by ONYX THE BIRTHSTONE KID.

-Member ZEV LOVE X later became MF DOOM (Daniel Dumile – who I just read is Trinidadian & Rhodesian), his younger brother DJ SUBROC was also a group member.

-Native Far Rockaway 3RD BASS member, MC SERCH, caught wind of them and asked them to make an appearance in his video “Gas Face”.

– The guest appearance caught the attention of A&R Executive DANTE ROSS (the homie!). They were signed to Electra Records.

NICK DIAMOND, DANTE ROSS & ME (My 2011 Birthday Party)

-They released their debut album “Mr. Hood” in 1991 which focused on racism and black empowerment in a light-hearted manner.

-They released their second album “Black Bastards” in 1993.  ZEV LOVE X created the sambo caricature being hanged.

-Shortly before the release of “Black Bastards”, member SUBROC was killed while trying to cross the Long Island Expressway.

-After the death of his brother, ZEV LOVE X retreated from the Hip Hop scene. Years later he would return as MF DOOM.


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