If You Haven’t Listened to Tory Lanez’s Chixtape Series, Here’s Why You Should Start Now

Why do we love Tory Lanez is a question I begin to ask myself. He’s an all-around great artist that’s versatile with his abilities. The Toronto artist shows and proves that he’s not afraid to go bar for bar with any rapper. Although he’s able to piece rhymes together effortlessly, he’s more loved for his sultry R&B records. He’s a great songwriter to say the least. His break out record, “Say It” attracted so many of us in an instant. It’s safe to say he may be one of the precursors of the trap-soul R&B wave, alongside PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bryson Tiller.

What we love the most from the Toronto artist is his Chixtape series. Having 5 installments within series, Tory Lanez takes time to flip classic R&B joints and reinventing them into something refreshing and nostalgic. Songs such as “N.A.M.E” where he samples Alicia Keys’s “You Don’t Know My Name” into a slow and sensuous record that will be great for slow grind sessions with your significant other. Besides sampling these famous R&B joints that we’ve been having on repeat for the past 20 years but he has successfully flip theme songs from our favorite TV shows during our adolescence. On Chixtape 2 he flips Nickelodeon’s “All That” that was originally done by TLC. On Chixtape 4 he turns renovates Disney’s “Proud Family” theme song into banger for the bedroom.

With each Chixtape he focuses on different eras of R&B. So far he’s done the late 80s to 90s.

With Chixtape 5 he does a re-imagination of R&B joints from the 2000s that we know and love. Tory takes us through of realm of nostalgia. Instant flashbacks of skating rinks, and high school (middle school as well) memories. We can all say that the flip phone and ringtone era was unmatched. What’s special about Chixtape 5 is how this time around he goes above and beyond. Not only does Tory Lanez turn this into an album but he makes his way to bring the original artists from these iconic songs on his reworked versions. Just imagine the paperwork and how time-consuming it was to get those samples cleared. However, you have to give Tory’s respect as he does deliver on this project. He taps in T-Pain, Mario, Ashanti, Slim from 112, Chris Brown, Mya and much more. Being able to call Mya says a lot within itself because when was the last time we heard from Mya?!

The effect Tory Lanez has on these renovations is being to bring nostalgia while making something contemporary in the process. Similarly to other sampled works it motivates listeners to revisit those classic. It also brings young listeners back in time to those records as well. Listen to his most recent Chixtape 5 here.

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