Where Are The Vegan Friendly Options?

There is something disappointing and worrisome about going inside of a store looking for something to eat only to realize barely anything fits within your diet. Just imagine wanting a quick snack on your way to work, or the gym and seeing nothing you can eat. What if all you’ve been craving was a cookie or some ice cream only to look in the frozen food aisle and having to walk out the store empty handed. For many of us going all the way to the supermarket can be a tedious time seeking task especially if we’re just trying to grab something quick to eat. Well imagine if you were vegan and had to rely on your local drug store to eat.

Supermarkets such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods cater to vegans, while there is probably a few aisles in your local supermarket of choice, what about your local drug store? You can find cleaning supplies, toiletries, batteries, condoms, pregnancy tests, make up, and who knows what else at a Duane Reade, Walgreens, or CVS. However, what you cannot find is vegan friendly foods. There is gluten free, kosher, low calorie, and even a few vegetarian items in the aisles. The best one can do is grab an on the go salad, granola, nuts, fruits, and hope for the best. In reality it should not be like this, since most of the companies that own these local drug stores want each and every customer to feel valued.

Inclusion and diversity isn’t just an issue for movies, music, television, literature, but possibly for Duane Reade, Walgreens, and CVS it is also an issue for them as well. Of course everyone doesn’t eat the same thing and we all have different eating habits, but we all deserve the right to go inside somewhere that sells food and be able to buy one thing. There is a misconception that vegans/vegetarians just eat salads, beans, and soy all day and that’s not entirely true. There are vegan friendly chips, cookies, cheese, milk, ice cream, and even “meats.” Just as everyone has the opportunity to run into the closest Duane Reade, Walgreens, or CVS and grab something to eat so do vegans.

Looking at it from a business perspective not catering to vegans leaves a market that isn’t being tapped. Just imagine the different varieties of vegan friendly food that could line these aisles and freezers. This also creates the opportunity for customers who are not vegans to get acquainted with vegan products. In a society where more and more people are making diet and lifestyle changes having an alternative helps create better choices and options. Having the option to eat something that falls within your diet or eating restrictions shouldn’t just be limited to new age supermarkets like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and the likes especially since customers are willing to spend their money. Having food that is accessible to you should not be one of privilege or trend but more so a necessity.

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