VIDEO: Krissy Krissy – “Dream” (NEW ARTIST)

Check out this rising star, Krissy Krissy. Just some good old real music…

The 23 year old singer, songwriter, and musician, known as, Krissy Krissy was born in California, raised in Brooklyn. Her experiences have become the paint for her canvas & she has the emotional scars to prove it. Creating beautiful art in the form of Pop/Rock songs, reminiscent of some of your favorite female artists in the genre. Krissy Krissy’s single “Dream” debuted on iTunes March 20, 2012! The single is gaining popularity with its music video “Dream” which has over 5,000 hits on YouTube. Krissy Krissy’s second single “Suspicious” made is debut on iTunes April 18, 2012. Krissy is finishing her first EP set to be released this summer.

For more information please visit:!/KrissyKrissy1

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