WATCH: “NYC, 1981: A Most Violent Year” Short Documentary

As you know, I am obsessed with New York – but even more than New York now, tales of the old New York fascinate me to no end! I just peeped these quick little doc by Austin Peters and it totally inspired me! I love it. It’s only about 6 minutes, check it out…

“With over 120,000 reported robberies, the introduction of crack cocaine, and more than 2,100 murders, 1981 was indeed a violent year for New York City. The bustling metropolis of the mid-20th century had now garnered a reputation for being riddled with crime and false hope. As a companion piece to the recently released J. C. Chandor-directed film A Most Violent Year, Austin Peters’ captivating six-minute documentary examines just how bleak that year was for New Yorkers with testimonies from the Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa, performance artist and former Warhol Factory fixture Penny Arcade, actress Johnnie Mae, and Harlem style legend Dapper Dan among others.” via HypeBeast

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