WORLD: 2 Explosions at Brussels Airport, 1 at Subway Station – 26 Killed


Woke up today to yet another tragic story. This time the news comes from Belgium at the Brussels airport. Since, I normally don’t report WORLD NEWS of this nature because I just don’t think its my place or that I do it that well – I realize that a lot of the online outlets I check don’t also inform me of world stories, so I’m left hearing about things super late or even worse – via Instagram. I know, terrible – but it’s the truth.

Before you read this or skim or skip it – long story short, Belgium & Brussels is dealing with the tragedy of having explosions at their airport – killing 26 people and wounding 130. At their subway station, a similar event happened – killing 15 and wounding 55.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what other people in other places are going through, especially just by hearing it or reading it or seeing low quality video of it. And, it’s sometimes hard to know what and how to feel, I mean – we have so much coming at us 24/7. I think the best thing that we can do (if we can’t donate our time or money to assist) is take a moment and try to understand or identify what someone else might be going through. Then, say a prayer or send your positive thoughts and white light to them. After that, take the time throughout the day tell your loved ones that you love them…better yet, if you can, go and hug them!


Anyways, here is what is happening in Belgium…via CNN.COM


Brussels, Belgium (CNN)Three explosions that ripped through the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday killed at least 26 people and wounded 130 more, according to Belgian media, and raised the reality of terror once again in the heart of Europe.

“We were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened,” Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told reporters.

Belgian federal Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said it was too soon to know exactly how many people died in the bombings. Yet the Brussels Metro Authority reported that 15 died and 55 were wounded in the subway station blast. And Belgian media report at least 11 more people were killed in the two blasts in the Brussels Airport departure hall.

Of the two explosions at the airport, at least one was a suicide bombing, Van Leeuw said. A blast happened there outside the security checkpoints for ticketed passengers and near the airline check-in counters, an airline official briefed on the situation said.

Brussels under attack: Live updates

The subway station blast happened in the Brussels district of Maalbeek, near the European quarter, where much of the European Union is based, according to CNN affiliate RTL.

Richard Medic, who arrived at the station shortly after that explosion, wasn’t surprised by the carnage after all that Europe has gone through recently, including the November’s massacre in Paris that ISIS claimed responsibility for.


“I think, after the Paris attacks, we were assuming like this would happen,” the Brussels resident told CNN. “And it was a matter of time.”

Yet Jeff Versele, who was in the airport’s departure hall when the blasts occurred, said that he thinks Belgians should not hole themselves up and instead should continue to travel “to prove that we’re not afraid of those who have done (the attacks).”

That doesn’t mean being in the middle of it all, though, isn’t frightening.

“You cannot believe it; you cannot believe it,” Versele told CNN. “It was so insane. Not in my backyard.”


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