5 Ted Talks To Watch Going into the New Year

Now that we’re going into New Years, it’s time to revive our “new year, new me” mindsets. We often want to be this new person, but don’t plan out the tactics to actually manifest ourselves into this person we are. With that being said, everyone needs motivation and everyone needs that push that’s going to place them in a positive state of mind coming into the new year. To help with you with that here at Vashtie.com, we want to help you go into 2018 the right way. To help with that narrative, here are 5 Ted Talk videos below to help you ease into improving the person that you already are .


  1. Kid Cudi believes in you, you should too.

    2. Steve Lacy made a successful production come to life without the help of a Mac that he had been longing for . This year, Lacey produced Kendrick Lamar‘s “Pride” all on his iPhone (in addition to him already being nominated for a Grammy with his group The Internet at 17). When you’re passionate about something, you will find a way to make your vision come to life no matter what. Lesson: When your passionate about anything, nothing can stop you.

    3. Author Sarah Knight teaches us that it’s okay to tell people “no” and to utterly not give a f*ck(the “not sorry” method). At the end of the day, you have to make decisions that are going to make you feel okay at the end of the day.  You’ll start living your best life when you stop doing things that you don’t want to and actually go after the things that you actually want to do .

    4. Caroline McHugh’s discusses the art of being yourself. Caroline talks about how seeking for other people’s approval isn’t really living for yourself, you’re living for others. She also talks about the importance of “interiority” which is about believing in your own power and being aware and confident within your own skill without needing to compare yourself to others.

    5.Bill Eckstrom teaches us why being comfortable can ruin your life. The moment you become comfortable is the moment you become accepting of being stagnant and against the very opportunity that can actually aid you in landing a win(becoming successful).


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