Brockhampton releases Saturation II

It seems like Brockhampton (who’s also known as the Internet’s first boyband that was created through the forum, Kanye To The) just doesn’t believe in not working. Even before their actual projects drop, they always seem to announce the title of the very project that will follow up. As young creatives, everyone has been pushing individually for awhile now but for the past year, they have constantly gave us something to look forward to as a collective.

Last March, the band released their album All -American Trash with a follow up consisting of Kevin Abstract(who is the band’s creative lead) releasing his very insightful, honest, and well put together album entitled American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.  Following the release of Kevin’s album, the boy band that consists of Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Joba, Ameer Vann, Bearface, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood, Kiko Merley, Jabari Manwarring Henhock or”HK”, Ashlan Grey, and Romil Hemnani partook on a show on Viceland called “American Boyband” that filmed the band touring alongside Kevin for his first headlining tour across North America . Aside from touring, filming, and capturing the attention of artists like Jaden Smith and Tyler The Creator, the boyband dropped Saturation in June and shortly dropped a load of visuals for tracks that we would come to hear on their follow up project Saturation II that dropped today. With them dropping this anticipated project, there’s two things we can expect. The first is that they will deliver vocally while simultaneously giving us bars, no doubt about it. The second is that they are probably already working on some material for Saturation III as we speak. For now enjoy the boy band’s latest project as well as the visuals  for it below.




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